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pledged of €195,000pledged of €195,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, December 31 2018 11:17 AM UTC +00:00


 This is what we are planning to make?

We are fundraising to build and launch ‘The WishingWell’. An online WishingWell platform for people, groups or businesses with all sorts of wishes. 

Online we can already LIKE – SHARE – TWEET – PIN – CHAT – SHOW and with my WishingWell we can – WISH

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What is ‘The Wishing Well’?

An online social media platform, a WishingWell for all your wishes to make a wish, share and get or help others getting their wish fulfilled. 

 WishingWell mission statement: to offer people and businesses the opportunity to make, share and connect any wish to others who can help realise these wishes. To fulfil wishes as an act of generosity, to promote the welfare of others, to global share wealth and resources, to stop waist and help wishes come true. Your own and others. 

About the Wishing Well The WishingWell offers a global platform, the opportunity to make, share and fulfil wishes and desires. You can share your wishes with the people you know, but you can also share them with the world. It offers hope, inspiration and feeling good about yourself to make a difference by fulfilling someones wish. 

How does it work First you make a list of all the things you want or desire. You can then share wishes from that wish list into the WishingWell. Other people or businesses can see your wish and if they can and have the means to fulfill your wish, you get your wish fulfilled. In the WishingWell you can see all the other wishes from everyone who shares his wish in the WishingWell. You can help others to get their wish fulfilled or you can offer a solution that brings that wish within reach of fulfilment.

System of rewards in the WishingWell Non-Monetary rewards. The WishingWell basis is a profit-sharing system in which WishingWell users receive a direct share of each others profits. So not only profit sharing referring to incentive plans introduced by businesses regarding employees, but everyone who makes and shares a wish in the WishingWell can profit from businesses, groups or individuals who have the means to fulfil wishes.

What does the WishingWell offer It offers everyone an opportunity to make a wish list. To share wishes from that list into the WishingWell. Businesses can fulfil wishes as a part of their 'business - giving - strategy'. Groups can work together to fulfil a wish from one individual and feel good about it. Businesses can work together to help each other to realise their challenges. 

What inspired this project? 

 1) We all make them. Wishes 

 2) We all have them. Human needs 

 We all make them. Wishes At Christmastime we make a list of things we wish for. When we see a falling star we make a wish. When we blow out the candles on our birthday cake we make a wish. We throw coins in a well and make a wish. In other Cultures people put pieces of fabric on a pole and make a wish for the ones they love. So we all make them.

 We all have them. Human needs Our behaviour is based on the desire to make ourselves or others like the image we have of ourselves. Most people want to be immortal, irresistibly charming and / or have an almighty influence and power. 

 Through the power of love (libido a creation) of hatred (mortality a destruction) these wishes are converted into impulses and actions. 

 People are driven by pleasant experiences and avoid unpleasant ones. On the basis of this we make decisions and come into action. Making decisions means surrendering. We want to meet our desires. But we try to make it as easy as possible for us to do so. 

 Defence mechanisms lead to actions more unconsciously. We must think of oppression or misguided reasoning. In short, each behaviour is based on a consciously or unconsciously formulated objective derived from a need. An unsatisfied need is the starting point for our motivation process. An objective is formulated based on the need and an action is chosen to realise our objective. Once we have achieved it a new conscious or unconscious need arises. 

 Wishes and needs lie close together A motivation theory states that a need / desire is a general underlying human characteristic and a goal is the motivating endpoint. Goals and wishes are the essential drivers of our behaviour. 

 By wishing you start thinking about things you want to make better. You draw hope from your wishes. A person always hopes for a miracle or some extra luck. The human characteristic to connect different concepts with each other even if there is no connection. People continue to do this. There is a need to continue doing this. In all cultures in different forms. Regardless. 

Why it matters – Why do we care? 

  • The ever-increasing difference in welfare between rich and poor 
  • The fact that there are not enough jobs for everyone in our modern society 
  • Money is not the reward you should look for 
  • Stop mass production and mass consumption 

 These matters create the need to develop new concepts in social evolution in our current society. We need to develop new concepts that take us to not only share our lives online, with nice pictures. But to start sharing on a global scale in real life. To inspire businesses when they produce too much that to give is better than to waist. We all need to act more on the value of pleasing, honour, good reputation and giving. 

 Prosperity Planet Profit 


 The WishingWell wants to contribute on these matters by making, sharing and fulfilling wishes in the WishingWell. The rich can help the poor by giving. Profit-sharing is not only for the people who have jobs and who’s businesses are doing well. Money is not a reward, it is a means to get things done. 

 To get things done for the WishingWell we need funding. Let the WishingWell help you and help us in realising the WishingWell as a global network. 

We need support 

Why do we need funding and where do we use these funds for? We need funding to set up the WishingWell as a global platform. Think big. To do so we need to build smart and implement on a large scale. In order to make a wish and to get a wish fulfilled, a large number of users and businesses need to be reached and need to participate in the WishingWell from the start and going life of the WishingWell platform. Size does matter also in spreading the word and using the platform. 

Funding and fulfilment

The WishingWell is a new business model of the 'giving - strategy' in the current digital world. The added value is offering hope, global sharing of profit. This in addition to some business models that have emerged in recent years, like: LEND – SHARE – EXCHANGE – CREATE – SAVE – RE USE. 

Key resources 

  • Intellectual resources: Brand, idea protection. 
  • Physical resources: global platform and application for wishes and fulfilment 
  • Human resources: knowledge on social media, social networks, to market the concept, management and maintenance of platform and app.
  • Financial resources: funding, partners and participating businesses.  

Breakdown of costs We’ve further broken down the project costs into individual components to provide a reasonable basis for determining a ceiling on our funding. Cost effective factors to account. 


WishingWell Cooperative

From development to optimisation, this project needs special collaborators and partners. 

 Collaborators & partners

Loek Weijts Infographics A young and talented designer, who helps us to develop the WishingWell language, look and feel of the images used.          

Ivengi Ivengi is a very experienced agency for developing websites and smart digital solutions, think big as a business motto. The right motto and expertise for this project.

SPEKK Innovation Experienced in Graphic Design, Communication, Brand design, Marketing management. I started SPEKK Innovation as a think-tank for ideas and practices. For truly sustainable solutions. Solutions for a better life, a better world and a better future. 

Who am I? and what is my wish

 My name is Pascalle Thomassen. I am an innovator, always want to make things better, smarter, sustainable, life changing. I have worked for more than twenty years for all sorts of businesses, done different projects big and small. I produced brands, websites, books, magazines, brochures and organised events in various sizes. Helped to build businesses. For example I have successfully helped building a hotel business with an average of 1,500 guests per month, up to 10,000 participants per event. It developed from a local business to an international operating hotel with visitors from all over the world, Europe, US, United Arab Emirates. The standard was exclusive and unique.         

My wish I have set a new goal to startup one of my ideas and build it into a successful business. My first achievement is to build the WishingWell platform and implement it in the Netherlands.

 Some of my early projects 

 Some of my previous clients

 Our reputation and a clear plan for completing 

 To bring creative ventures to fruition I always rely on a product-based planning. Planning a project for me is a repeatable process. Planning provides all partners involved in the project with information, tools and resources that will be used for completing the project. 

 Project set up I put together a project team (board) in which design, development, marketing and communications disciplines, work together. This helps directing the project in stages. I am the initiator and owner of the WishingWell platform. I provide all collaborators and partners with work packages and deliverables. We share the same goal, building a new social network and application and making it successful. 

 Product Breakdown Structure In order to manage the products required for realisation of this project and to keep its timeline transparent, I have made a global Product Breakdown Structure, top-down. 

 As an initiator, designer and owner of the project I manage all aspects such as funding, planning, organisation, information and quality levels. Together with the expertise of my collaborators and partners I can oversee the hole project in general and in detail. 

 Managing Stages The working method that will be used is project-based. The characteristic ‘think first and then act’ is an obvious choice because the emphasis in the project is on funds/money, organisation, time, information and quality. In order to manage the project well, I opted for a linear phasing. 

Image source: Wijnen, G. en R. Kor: 50 Checklists for project and programme management, Kluwer (2001) Phasing a project.  

Managing aspects To ensure that all activities are properly connected and that cost, time, organisation, information and quality levels are manageable I schedule the products per stage with actual delivery dates of the product in its various levels of development. This product checklist provides an effective overall picture of the progress and forms the basis of an effective planning and control. All information on cost of resources can be extracted from this schedule. 

 Disclose information We will disclose information and everything about the project that we reasonably can, which includes financial information, manufacturer invoices and stage reports. 

 Risks and Challenges

The WishingWell connects wishes all over the world. So that we can share our wealth and resources and change the way we think about money as the only reward. It is important that businesses experience the benefits in giving. It is better to give overproduction away instead of wasting or destroying it. The WishingWell needs to become a part of their marketing strategy. Use the intrinsic motivation of people’s inherent desire to do good.  

Our risks and challenges are:

  • The WishingWell needs to grow big and fast with large numbers of users and participating businesses at the start. Spreading the word is very important. 
  • Businesses need to be confident to participate in fulfulling wishes as part of their marketing strategy and rely on people’s intrinsic motivation.
  • To do so we need to initiate the project smart and efficient on a global scale.
  • Future extra funds may be needed for further global development.

Other ways you can help

If you can’t make a donation now, here are some other ways you can help:  

  • Ask your friends, co-workers, family members with an interest in Wishes to consider donating.
  • Introduce us to your business contacts who may be interested in donating or sponsoring the project. We can give them a charitable tax receipt if the donation is over € 1,000 Euro.
  • Spread the word! Share this page on social media and talk to your friends and business partners about our project. 
  • You can also support our project with your expertise and business insights. 

Your Reward for supporting

All our backers who donated via our Kickstarter project launch get an exclusive profile in the WishingWell. This lets everybody know you’re a co-founder of this great initiative. With that profile you let the world know that you backed us just by feeling good about it.

Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges
The WishingWell connects wishes from individuals and businesses all over the world. So that we can share our wealth and resources and change the way we think about money as the only reward. People bloom by fulfilling wishes from others.

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    All our backers who donated via our Kickstarter project launch get an exclusive Aladin wish list profile in the WishingWell. This lets everybody know you're a co-founder of this great initiative. With that wish list profile you let the world know that you backed us, just by feeling good about it. It is a limited profile.

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