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Waterproof, Packable, Lightweight and Durable - The Sea to Sky Pack by PNW is the ultimate travel backpack that fits in your pocket.
Waterproof, Packable, Lightweight and Durable - The Sea to Sky Pack by PNW is the ultimate travel backpack that fits in your pocket.
Waterproof, Packable, Lightweight and Durable - The Sea to Sky Pack by PNW is the ultimate travel backpack that fits in your pocket.
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    1. Sal
      1 day ago

      Not durable. Took backpacking and waste steal is falling apart and the bag has holes.

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      Jae Hee Kim on

      My friend took it on her London trip and loved it! I have taken it since Then to Korea and NYC! Pretty sturdy for what it looks so far! And packs so much. I was only allowed to bring one personal item on the plane for my NYC trip and we’ll everything fit for 4 days AND a bit more from my small shopping trip!

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      I've used the pack over a dozen times now. Today I used it on a 5 mile hike. Love this pack.

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      Aydin Hassan on

      Very bad quality rucksack. I've had two now including a replacement and both have ripped, lost straps and broken zips. I have been refused a refund and offered another useless low-quality pack that I don't want.

    5. Caroline Marie

      I also lost my sternum strap...and this bag is used as a diaper bag! So it's not as if it was used under rough conditions... How do I get another sternum strap? Thanks :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Tony Allen on

      I never received my reward, what do I do.

    7. Rashid Naim on

      My zipper has already broken.

    8. Missing avatar

      Salvador Cabral on

      I've had a few issues with one of my backpacks. Like others, we had the sternum strap issue, but once I realized that it kept coming off, I just knotted it up and it's held fine since then. However, two other issues that we can't resolve have popped up. The zipper on the small pocket keeps jamming and getting stuck. It's really stubborn and makes the bag a chore to use. Secondly, the white reflective material around the zipper has begun to crack and fall off. Lastly, and not as big of a deal, one of the seams in a side pocket has begun to come undone.

      I contacted and unfortunately, this is the response I received:
      "Hi Salvador,

      Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend's pack.
      Unfortunately, the company's replacement policy only applies to bags that are unused and bags in brand new condition --
      Our bag is made of Cordura material which when stressed and used rigorously can also, like the other bags, would wear and tear. This also applies to the zipper and the reflective material along with it.
      We can only offer you a special discount code CART10 which will give you 10% off of any future orders.
      Thank you for understanding.

      Best regards,

      To claim that your product is durable and made for rugged adventures and then hang your customers out to dry when they experience durability issues and/or malfunctioning product after just a few months of light use is short-sighted and definitely doesn't inspire confidence.

    9. Tan, Sher Li

      Lost the sternum strap on my backpack without realizing until I needed to use it during a sudden heavy downpour, when I wanted to secure the bag tighter and running towards shelter which was about 10-15min run can I get the replacement?

    10. Missing avatar

      BocaNY on

      I see that others are also having issues with getting problems with the bags fixed properly. I used my bag 2 and the chest buckle fell off without me noticing and their response was that I would have to pay $5 for a replacement and that they were out of stock. I have never had a buckle fall of a pack before after just very light 2 uses for only a couple of hours. Not to mention the mesh side pocket stretched out the first time I put a small water bottle in it so now that pocket is not useable as everything falls out of it. Proper manufacturing.

    11. Antron

      It states under regular use in their T&C’s.. let’s see!

    12. Aimee W on

      My Sea to Sky pack is hanging by a thread at the waist strap and has started to rip at the shoulder (which supports the majority of weight). I contacted PNW on facebook with photos, suggesting this is a manufacturing issue since I have used this product limitedly for less than six months (only carrying water, shoes, and small-lightweight items inside) for hiking. I was told this is an issue of normal wear and doesn't fall under warranty: "Our warranty doesn't cover normal usage wear so I'd be unable to repair it for you on this end." Six months of limited use hardly constitutes as "normal use" for a company's product which claims durability (at a rather high price point, I might add).

      I am disappointed to report that I was only offered a coupon code to purchase another bag in the future. It's upsetting because I like the design of this product in theory, but I cannot say I am thrilled with the overall quality and my experience.

    13. Antron

      I posted in their facebook page with regards to the 2 years warranty and they shared that it still stands.. hmmm.....

    14. Missing avatar

      Matej Kesan on

      Hello, I was wondering what my Sea to Sky pack can handle in terms of weight capacity? How many kg can I carry in the main compartment?

    15. Valerie Sizemore

      Nevermind, I found the video on YouTube on which pocket/how to do it.

    16. Valerie Sizemore

      I thought I saw in a comment somewhere how we could use as a hydration pack.. could somebody tell me/explain how to do that? I'm looking into purchasing one (a bladder and bag) and would prefer to not have to purchase another bag, if I don't have to do so.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Krantz on

      Packing bag too small for easy use

    18. Bérenger Lieber [bel57] on

      Uh okay really descent bag and useful on roadtrip, but the attach of the carry pouch just broke as I was taking it out of the pocket of my backpack. Gonna contact customer service...

    19. Antron

      @PNW Is that true that the warranty no longer covers regular wear and tear within 2 years? This is disheartening.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexander Samuel on

      Guys please be careful when using this bags. I got durability issue and they warranty policy just a kidding. They not commit to what they say.

      They new policy, replacement just for item that come with defective condition.

    21. Missing avatar

      Viraal Rajan on

      Descent product but there is room for improvement

    22. The PNW Creator on

      @Jen Mckenna
      We are so sorry about that. We are glad to announce that we have improved our customer support since the campaign. Can you please send photos of your bag to and we can try to resolve your issue? Thank you so much for understanding :)

    23. Jen McKenna

      I've long since lost my chest strap with whistle, tried emailing to inquire about a replacement but never got a response. It's mostly fine, I guess I don't need the extra buckle, but the lack of response bothers me. I recently noticed a small tear in the front pocket and I'm hoping it won't grow. The tear also makes the front pocket not waterproof anymore, which I am less okay with since I tend to put papers and electronics in the front easy access pocket. I really like the bag, but I envisioned the quality and customer service being better.

    24. The PNW Creator on

      Thanks for your support and patience! Can you send us a message in our inbox and we can locate your order for you. Thanks again :)

    25. The PNW Creator on

      We are very sorry about this. Can you please send us a message in our inbox and we can make sure to look into your case further.

    26. The PNW Creator on

      We apologize for the slow response. Can you send us a message in our inbox and we'll be sure to locate your missing bag. Thanks!

    27. The PNW Creator on

      We are currently trying to find a fix and looking into why the buckles on the chest straps are coming off. We will let you know once we find better replacement straps. We apologize for this. As for folding the bag back into the pouch. It would be the easiest to flip the bag inside out (straps all tucked in) and stuff it back into the pouch. Hopefully, that helps!

    28. The PNW Creator on

      Can you send us a message in our inbox and we'll make sure to locate your order for you. Thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Anthony Mavigliano on

      Still haven’t received anything. No email letting me know of updates on shipping. Looking for help here. Thank you.

    30. Annie on

      Do not support this company! I bought two bags and one is defective. I have only been using it for a few months, and all the seams have ripped apart. Contacted support and they will not do anything, even though the website says warranty is provided for up to 2 years. I was told it was not fixable and they can give me $15 to buy a new one. I was also told the warranty on the website is an “old policy”. False advertising and horrible customer service!! Matador has the same bag, and I would recommend their company over The PNW!

    31. Missing avatar

      Nicole LeDrew on

      I ordered 3 bags and received 2. Tried contacting via email and got no response at all.

    32. Annie on

      I have contacted the support email about a defective bag that I purchased, and was told that it was beyond repair so all you could do was offer me $15 to buy a new one. I backed this project and supported it by purchasing 2 bags back in the summer. I received them in November and have only been using them since February (2 months). One of the bags is in perfect condition, while the other has seams that are falling apart, and all of the waterproof seams have come loose. It is clearly a defective bag, as both I purchased have been used in the same manner. The support to replace or fix the bag was abysmal. Can you please inform me on the exact policy for defective bags?

    33. Sal

      Pro Tip: I used a zip tie to hold the chest strap in place. It adds tension to the strap so it doesn’t have wiggle room to come off by accident. Plus when I want to remove it, I simply have to cut the zip tie. Cheers.

    34. Missing avatar

      BocaNY on

      Like others the chest strip clip has come off. How can I get a replacement?

      Also would it be possible for you guys to show how to fold the bag correctly to get it back in it's pouch? I can't get it to fit in after taking it out the first time.

    35. Rumpelrüpel

      Same here, have not received anything.

    36. The PNW Creator on

      @Filip @Mark @Alex @Sujinsu
      Loving the feedback!! We would love to see some photos of your adventures :) tag us at #mypnwgear :) we would love to share it with the rest of the community.

    37. The PNW Creator on

      Unfortunately, that company took our video to advertise a bag their bag that is different :(

    38. The PNW Creator on

      We apologize about that! Your package was sent a while back but it seems that the tracking has stopped on route to the Philippines. Can you send us a message in our inbox and we can sort a new shipment? Thanks for your patience and support!

    39. The PNW Creator on

      We are so sorry about that! Can you leave us a message in our inbox and we can send you a replacement.

    40. The PNW Creator on

      It seems that you have yet to answer your survey. You can access that here : Thanks!

    41. The PNW Creator on

      It seems that you haven't answered your survey yet. You can access your survey with this link:


    42. William Wu on

      I still haven't received mine. Not even an email for my tracking number. Survey link doesn't work for me either? Please advise?

    43. Missing avatar

      Filip Hansson on

      Very happy with my/our two bags. Maybe the colours are not really as expected, but as far as functionality goes, 10 out of 10!

    44. Missing avatar

      Vicente Alonso on

      I haven't received anything :( not even a e mail

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Yap on

      I still haven't received mine. Not even an email for my tracking number.

    46. Missing avatar

      jennifer mathisen on

      On a trip. This bag is worthless to me. The top “waterproof “ large section of my bag has 2 male clips. They don’t work together at all. Gees!!!!

    47. Mark Romero

      +1 Love this pack! It survived a 4 day beach, boating and snorkeling trip. It even proved useful in escaping a near-excess baggage incident. I’d love to purchase more of these bags hopefully at lower price points though.

    48. Sujinsu Walkabout Jeong on

      I love this backpack! Gonna get another colour! The orange one is now my swimming bag but the blue one is for adventure!

    49. Missing avatar

      alex on

      Love your product. Need another one in black!

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