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A powerful vision of the future of space development. Space enthusiasts, this NSS video is for you!
687 backers pledged $57,571 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator John R. Tenopir 4 days ago

      Wow. I'm posting again, and the last person was me. This is sad. I guess that not renewing my membership was a good move by what is happening here. Which is pretty much nothing. This is really sad. I had hoped for something better. I thought that being a member for 38 years had some kind of value. I guess I was wrong.

    2. Creator John R. Tenopir on December 28

      Well, a year has gone by and there is still no DVD on this. Is there any action on this or has this gone bust? Just wondering. I have been a member since June 1976 when this was NSI, but now I thinking about not renewing this membership. Sad.

    3. Creator Joe Strout on October 28

      Hey all, it looks like the video was posted on YouTube just a couple days ago:

      I would like to also point out a new project I'm involved in, which is a space colony simulation game. I think this may go a long way to spreading the idea of living in space to a new generation. Please take a moment to check it out:

    4. Creator Kyle Clifton on September 24, 2014

      Almost a year later and you cant even find the video online unless you have the original link they provided. Not a mention on their website either. It wasn't just me and a couple of others being cranky. Too embarassed to let the public at large see it.

    5. Creator Dan Johnson on June 2, 2014

      it is also very sad that no one involved with video has so far responded.
      @Kyle & Ziad
      I can only echo your words but I am shocked to see so few comments relating to this topic. I guess everyone else is too upset to be bothered to respond.
      I commented about the video on the YouTube page. I said there that this would fail to inspire anyone and that includes us enthusiasts.
      Come on NSS you owe it to us to respond to our dismay

    6. Creator Kyle Clifton on February 14, 2014

      I am going to stop complaining now, but go back and look at your Kickstarter video. It is more interesting and more inspiring by far than the actual project turned out to be.

    7. Creator Kyle Clifton on February 14, 2014

      By the way, on the most basic level after viewing the video, the compelling reason for space exploration was...? You start forgetting the content almost before its over.

    8. Creator Kyle Clifton on February 14, 2014

      I was honestly pretty angry after viewing the video. Without the onscreen reminder to be respectful and considerate I'd be halfway through a fit by now. You have got to be kidding me. Outside of access to some of the interview subjects a high school class could have made a more interesting video. This is going inspire who exactly?
      This is borderline fraud. You aren't going to get another penny out of your backers again. There must be serious advocates for space exploration out there. Sadly you have damaged your credibility with a lot of people on this. Its sad to remember how excited I was for this project.

    9. Creator ziad alnajdi on February 12, 2014

      an example of good space video that attracted a lot of attention about mars is this (Made by JPL):…

    10. Creator ziad alnajdi on February 12, 2014

      As a backer and a space enthusiast, it sadness me to say this. The director has failed this project. I don't believe the film will achieve its purpose raising awareness about the impotence of space.
      The video is boring to the average viewer. It is just short clips of interviews of people talking about space. There is no narrating, no good structure, no emotional hook, no direction. Furthermore, there are several mistakes in editing and sound mixing. I cant actually hear a person talking in the background at one point. Why did this take almost a year to make?
      Again it really sadness me that I have to say these things and I hope you guys try to restructure the whole video.

      PS. the sound track was pretty good in my opinion :)

    11. Creator Herbert Eder on December 30, 2013

      The digital rewards (video, script, ..) have not been sent out yet, right?
      Or did i miss them?

    12. Creator Charlie on November 13, 2013

      Hi, I've emailed but not received a response. Are you sending partial packets by any chance? I only receive a letter, bumper sticker, copy of the magazine, and Polo shirt.



    13. Creator John R. Tenopir on November 13, 2013

      Hi, just wondering when the DVD will be shipping. Is still this November or is delayed?



    14. Creator National Space Society on September 10, 2013

      Well, hurrah! I'm mailing out the gifts for the $15 donors today including all the international. More packing will be done by a small group of volunteers in the Chicago area on 9/21 so we'll be shipping the rest of the articles just after that. If you're in the Chicago suburban area and would like to help, let me know.

      The digital items will be coming digitally sometime in the December time frame. The new producer, Rod Pyle, is creating a stupendous video and script for us to send to you.

      Once again, please let me know if you have a change of address or new email address. Send to



    15. Creator National Space Society on August 19, 2013

      I'm sorry that all of you haven't gotten my messages. I have almost all of the items collected and we should start shipping in September. It took longer than we thought. Rest assured we will be getting your items to you. We appreciate your donation.
      The video is in the works and it's going smoothly. We have a new producer, Rod Pyle, who has been going great guns. We think you'll be happy with the finished product


      P. S. Please let me know at if you have any specific questions.



    16. Creator Dan Johnson on August 5, 2013

      @Karen Mermel

      I was wondering if the 'fulfilments' had been completed yet as I have not heard anything so far and two months have past by.

    17. Creator Midnight Flyer on June 23, 2013

      Just checking in to make sure I hadn't missed anything - looking forward to rereading "high frontier" - but then i've been waiting over 30 years for humanity to get into space permanently (I joined the L-5 society when i went to college in 1981 after reading high frontier/3rd industrial revolution/etc in the late 70's) so a few more weeks isn't a problem. Thanks for the update and all the work - flyer

      let me sing you the song of my people -

      oh give me a locus
      where the gravitons focus
      where the three body problem is solved
      where microwaves play
      down at 3 degrees K
      and the cold virus never evolved....

    18. Creator National Space Society on June 4, 2013

      Just a quick update - I'm going to be doing the fulfillment for all the items we owe you all. Things are running a little late but I'll keep in touch. We are gathering all the items and should have most of them within the next few weeks. I'm going to try to create one shipment with all the necessary items for you.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


      Karen Mermel
      VP of Fundraising

    19. Creator Alexa Smith on April 6, 2013

      Ah..never mind...all is good...sorry for false alarm! Thanks Alexa

    20. Creator Alexa Smith on April 6, 2013

      Received survey but need to confirm which level you have me listed as the survey responses were for a lower level. Can you email me? Thanks! Alexa

    21. Creator National Space Society on March 8, 2013

      James: We have not finalized timing on the survey, but are currently planning to send the survey out around March 25th. Have a great weekend!

    22. Creator James Chandler on March 7, 2013

      I am curious on when the surveys will be sent out. Is there any estimate on when they will be sent out?

    23. Creator James Chandler on March 7, 2013

      I am curious about when the backer surveys will be available. Is there an ETA for them?

    24. Creator National Space Society on February 22, 2013

      Andrew: Sorry about the delay in responding to your question, we've spent the last several days recovering from our Kickstarter adventure. Anyone wishing to make additional contributions toward our project can do so by mailing a check to NSS headquarters. Be sure to indicate on the envelope and on the check itself that it is for the Kickstarter project.

      Mail to:
      Tenisha Fortson
      National Space Society
      1155 15th St. NW Suite 500
      Washington, DC 20005

      Thanks for your interest & support!

    25. Creator Andrew Rakowski on February 16, 2013

      A quick question - can people still donate after the end of the Kickstarter campaign?

      I donated in the last hours, but if donations are still possible, I'd make sure others knew of the project. If donations are now closed, not worth getting people excited for no good reason.

    26. Creator Polaris Penguin on February 16, 2013

      Awesome, get the word to the government level reached! :)

    27. Creator Barbara Wheatley on February 16, 2013

      OK ... gratz to all ... but here I am waking up on a Saturday morning ... perhaps just catching up with this first NSS kickstarter campaign ... just getting clued in ... where does one make any donations now? ... definitely I want to see the IMAX full cinema version ... I best go get my morning coffee/tea and hopefully do not regret this eternal post to the Universe ... Take care and miles of smiles all the way to the stars :)

    28. Creator RedRum on February 15, 2013

      Where's Elon Musk? I hope he kicked some money down.

    29. Creator RedRum on February 15, 2013

      Hooray! $55k

    30. Creator David Filmer on February 15, 2013

      Magnificent pledges in the last few days following Michael Laine's update number 4 referring to President Obama's reference to Space, and we have now reached the $55,000 stretch point that we all wanted. Let's hope that when he and his Senators etc. see the Video, NASA and related space enterprises will get adequate funding

      I am pleased to be a part of the NSS Kickstater initiative

    31. Creator Karen Mermel on February 15, 2013

      I'm so excited. Let's hit the $60K mark at least in the next 20 hours.

    32. Creator RedRum on February 14, 2013

      $45,000 – Teaser Versions for Viral Marketing
      When we hit $45,000 we’ll be able to prepare additional shorter versions of our video from the original content. These versions will be very useful in many instances where the original video is simply too long for the occasion or a particular media. Having a short teaser version and a ‘movie trailer’ will help get our message across. We would distribute these shorter versions on the internet with links to the longer version.

      $55,000 – Get the Word to the Government
      This is one of our favorite stretch goals! With a few exceptions, most Congressmen and their staffers are not very well informed about why space is so important. Being able to give them this video would provide them with a more memorable experience, and would be a tremendous advantage in helping us to make our case. When we hit $55,000 we’ll send DVDs of our video to President Obama, the Vice President, all members of the Cabinet, all members of Congress, and all State Governors. We’ll then follow up with them to see if they’ve actually watched it (yeah, we’re persistent like that).

    33. Creator Barbara Wheatley on February 14, 2013

      Can anyone update goal beyond $35k? ... like to $55k? ... or $75k???? ... I know initial goal is $35k but if I were just tuning into this and did not read all of the script I might possibly conclude no additional $ support is needed especially to get those absolutely stellar creative media types into production

    34. Creator Aaron Labertew on February 13, 2013

      Would totally double my pledge, but cash is tight. Well definitely repost to Facebook though :D

    35. Creator Karen Mermel on February 13, 2013

      I'm going to double mine, too. Good idea.

    36. Creator National Space Society on February 13, 2013

      James: That's fantastic that you doubled your pledge! If everybody did that we'd instantly achieve 3 stretch goals. We'd get trailers for the video, send our message to Washington, and produce two supplemental videos. Lets make the last 68 hours as exciting as the first!

    37. Creator James R Callens on February 13, 2013

      After hearing the Presdent's speech last night I decided to double my pledge and I challenge everyone else to follow suit. This is our time, this is our opportunity don't waste it. We need to be heard in congress I want to leave a future for my children. Thanks....

    38. Creator Karen Mermel on February 12, 2013

      Only 3 days left to go. Let's end on a really successful end note. Getting the message out to the public is the biggest thing we can do to make our vision real.

    39. Creator Karen Mermel on February 11, 2013

      581 backers. Most excellent. Let's keep it going.
      Way to go, NSS backers.

    40. Creator David Filmer on February 6, 2013

      It is very interesting and informative to follow the daily progress of this NSS campaign.

      You can do so be following this link

      I did and as a result I incresed my pledge!

    41. Creator RedRum on February 6, 2013

      When you spread the word in the USA, this donation should be tax deductible.

    42. Creator Karen Mermel on February 6, 2013

      I really have to thank all the far thinkers who have supported this so far. Tell all your friends. I want to see this become an IMAX movie.


    43. Creator RedRum on February 5, 2013


    44. Creator Gary Bickford on February 5, 2013

      Rasmus, you make some good points (as do several others). I have some interest in cruising sailboats, and have learned that even that idea - sailing out of the sight of land! - is terrifying for many people. There are really two or three 'demographics' for lack of a better word - those who would go to space themselves given a chance, those who like the idea and support others going, and those who don't care, don't like the idea and/or don't pay attention. The objective of all space enthusiasts is, of course, to expand the first two groups at the expense of that third! And I certainly hope this video, or set of videos if we are that successful, will help make that happen.

    45. Creator David Filmer on February 5, 2013

      Good to see we reached $35,000 + with 449 backers

    46. Creator RedRum on February 5, 2013

      Almost there....I'm glad to find this Kickstarter. I was going to do my regular donation on Was this in the magazine or mail sent out about this Kickstarter? Anyway, good luck.

      To Infinity and Beyond!

    47. Creator Marilyn T. Wittner on February 5, 2013

      This is an exciting day for the NSS and for everyone who believes in what it stands for. I agree with the comment that encourages the video makers to include KIDS in the making of it. The spark must ignite them most of all.

      Ad Astra!

    48. Creator craigp on February 5, 2013

      Will the video be publicly available - for example, on Youtube or Vimeo? The lowest backer level ($10) implies that receiving a digital copy of the video is a part of their reward.

      I would hope that everyone on the planet would receive as many digital copies as they want.

      I backed it either way, but it'd annoy me to find out I've backed a video nobody is going to be able to watch.

    49. Creator Aaron Labertew on February 4, 2013

      This is definitely a sorely needed video and I'm happy that I can help with the funding! Raising the general public's awareness of what we can achieve with even just current technology will go a long way to getting more people both interested and involved with the new space industries.

    50. Creator Rasmus Kiehl on February 1, 2013


      In the making of this documentary I would pay very close attention to the psychological factors that currently keep the general public from supporting space exploration of colonization. The space community often fails at that. Space is *dark*, and we are programmed from our days in the jungle to find dark SCA-RY. So when a documentary is showing space habitats, I would like to see bright blue skies and sunlight. The public also falsely believes that living in space means crammed habitats, which is not surprising given the counter-productive example of the International Space Station (i.e. living in a tin can labeled "canned monkeys from Earth"). So please emphasize the fact that that there is lots of light and lots of room for everyone in space.

      One of the two ancestral organizations of the NSS, the L5 society, rose to prominence in the 1970s in the wake of the Apollo moonlandings. Some people actually started to think that there are some distinct advantages of living in space, such as being out of the gravity well of Earth, access to phenomenal amounts of resources and energy, ease of exploration. It is now time to re-energize and update the vision of L5. So I would like to see the topic of very large space colonies featured in this documentary.

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