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More than 400 new monsters for your 5th Edition game! A whole manual of new demons, dragons, undead, and other horrors, plus their lairs, printed pawns, and Fantasy Grounds support.
More than 400 new monsters for your 5th Edition game! A whole manual of new demons, dragons, undead, and other horrors, plus their lairs, printed pawns, and Fantasy Grounds support.
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Preview: A is for Alseid

Posted by Kobold Press (Creator)

Time for a preview! 

Back in 2010 or so, Jesse Butler was scaring me with deer centaurs, as he first called them. The premise was simple: centaurs with the lower body of a deer and the upper body of an elf. Simple enough. Useful. Logical extension of a fantasy archetype, right?

The alseid arrived as part of the creative work in Tales of the Old Margreve, but in my imagination they’ve grown ever more ominous under their candy-coated, elfy-welfy outer shell. Imagine what might happen if you gave deer bows after millennia of being hunted. Imagine if the deer’s friends had bows. Might they be angry and ready to turn the tables on the hunters? I think they might make friends with dark druid sects, with servants of Herne the Hunter, with the hounds of the Wild Hunt. They might be chaotic neutral, but they certainly aren’t *nice*. They’re more like militant vegans with a weapons fetish.

In my campaign, meeting a group of neutral aligned monsters can turn either way. The ideal time to spring the alseid on a party is when the ranger has just returned from scaring up some fresh game for the evening’s feast. And when the moon is full. And when the woods go silent, and the pack howls for blood. That’s the moment when one of the alseid steps forward and says, “Let’s talk about what you’re sacrificing to the Lord of the Hunt. Let’s talk about all those fine deerskin leggings. Or I can introduce you to some of my friends from the deeper forest….”

The Tome of Beasts will include the alseid and many other forest monsters for 5th Edition. Below you'll find the alseid its current form; the art is by Eva Widermann, who also does art for Hearthstone and other games. Thank you for backing the Tome of Beasts, and making these monsters a reality. 

Comments welcome, and please share this update! The more people who back the Tome, the sooner we unlock the next preview.

Click for PDF (Dropbox link)
Click for PDF (Dropbox link)

PS. We're compiling all the previews on as well.

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    1. RDP

      Wow, I really love this and it's just "A" ! :)

    2. Kobold Press 13-time creator on

      @ Louis Counter: good point as I will mention it to the art director. Text should reflect both male and female alseids have antlers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Louis Counter on

      Really like this. One observation, text says males have antlers but I'm pretty sure that is a female in the artwork.

    4. Shadow Demon on

      One last point on this excellent creature.

      In the second column under Alseid Weapon Training, in parenthesis "including composite shortbows" should be removed since they are nonexistent per 5e PH weapons list.

      Actually, I would rewrite this sentence as the following: "You have proficiency with the spear and shortbow" similar to Woodcraft below.

      Otherwise, thumbs up!

    5. Kobold Press 13-time creator on

      Ah, I tried to be too clever and make the picture a link. Here's the direct URL for the updated PDF with corrected bow numbers.…

    6. Richard Green on

      I can't get the 'Click for PDF' link to work!

    7. Dave Blewer on

      I did say I was being picky ;)

    8. Shadow Demon on

      I think the stat-block is sufficient as is for a thrown versatile weapon. 1d6 for one-handed or thrown or 1d8 for two-handed to make a melee attack.

    9. Dave Blewer on

      Also (being picky now) the spear will have different stats if used in melee or missile combat

    10. Kobold Press 13-time creator on

      @Jesse Pretty neat, eh?

      @Shadow Demon, definitely. We've done the big updates and a lot of streamlining in the conversions, but the final polish stage is still to come. Honestly, it's sometimes easier to do the monsters that are all-new.

    11. Shadow Demon on

      Don't forget the +3 damage bonus on the shortbow as well. You going have to really been on the look out for those 3e/Pf differences.

    12. Dave Blewer on

      I almost sound like I know what I am talking about �

    13. Jesse Butler

      Hey, look at that.

    14. Kobold Press 13-time creator on

      LOL, yeah, it might go the ghoul's way. But at least these guys put up more of a fight than the typical whitetail.

      @Dave Blewer, thanks, the shortbow should equal Dex bonus + 2 if CR 1-4 or + 3 if CR 5-8. So you are correct, and we'll make the fix.

    15. Missing avatar

      Noah McCoy on

      "They’re more like militant vegans with a weapons fetish." I know how that encounter would go in my campaign... the Darakhul (Ghoul) PC wouldn't go hungry that day.

    16. Lee LaFond on

      Neat. Awesome for a Monk. Fear the hooves of fury!

    17. Dave Blewer on

      Cool creature, but shouldn't the shortbow attack be at +5?