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5th Edition roleplaying adventures in the deep and menacing forest, for PCs level 1 to 10. Explore the ancient woods & their mysteries!
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We Heard You: PDF Tiers Now Available

Posted by Kobold Press (Creator)

In the end, some experiments are interesting but not successful. For this Kickstarter we'd planned to focus on print and VTT; but the backer support for PDF is too huge to ignore. So as of today, Tales of the Old Margreve includes PDF options!  

In fact, backers now have many new PDF options. Check the chart for a full picture, but here are the highlights:

1) Pure PDF pledges are available for both the Margreve Player’s Guide and the Tales of the Old Margreve, and for a bundle of both.  

2) The Limited package and up now includes PDF as shown in the rewards graphic (note those items are not shown in the pledge listings on the right; Kickstarter does not permit altering that text once people have pledged for it).  

3) Other tiers now offer print+PDF bundles, or Roll20+PDF, and Fantasy Grounds+ PDF—-entirely your call.  

Thanks again to everyone who weighed on on their preferred format, and for your patience as we tried something new.  

Onward we go, deeper into the woods!  

Wolfgang, Marc, Kim, Meagan, and the Kobold Crew

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    1. Will McConnell Simpson on

      Any chance of the tokens being made available in pdf? 😏

    2. Ash Monogue on

      I'm happy the pdf's are an option now!

    3. Mike McKeown on

      Does the $60 pledge NOT include the pdfs?

    4. Karl Schmidt

      Thank you for pdfs - pledged more than a dollar follow now :)

    5. Jaime Matthew on

      And.....I'm back.

      Thanks for listening to your customers on this one.....

    6. Jester on

      And this is why Kobold Press has become one of my favorite companies, you guys are wanting to branch out but also listen to the voice of your fanbase. You guys rock!

    7. Michael Brown on

      You guys are case you didn't know.

    8. Ben Ferguson on

      Excellent news. Couldn't afford the print copy. But followed this in case of a change.... And am now backing! 👍 Woot!

    9. Missing avatar

      W Birchler on

      And now backed at PDF level now that it is available. thank you.

    10. Gaëtan Voyer-Perrault

      TY now to update the pledge :)

    11. Bryan Daly on

      Thank you it was the only reason I had not backed and that has now been remedied!

    12. Missing avatar

      Adrian Martinez Gomez on

      Thank you very much KoboldPress. Excited about this one too, now that I'm a backer :-)

    13. Matt Corley Collaborator

      Thank you all for the tremendous show of support. Now it's time to start knocking out those Stretch Goals!!

    14. Missing avatar

      The Rangdo of Arg


    15. David Abbott

      Thank you‼️

    16. Missing avatar

      aikar on

      Aaaand backed.

    17. Tim Baker

      Thanks! $150 pledge incoming.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hurd on

      Super glad I went with the $150 now! Thanks!

    19. Marc Radle Collaborator on

      Welcome PDF fans!!

    20. Lou Anders on

      Many many thanks.

    21. Sheepy on

      I had already decided not to back this one, purely because of the lack of pdfs. Now I'm a backer.

    22. Justin Sinks on

      Yesssss!!! Thank you!

    23. Victor Serrano

      Yay! Thank you!

    24. Guoccamolé

      Bazinga! TY Kobold Press!

    25. DM Andy on


    26. Clayton Thomson on

      Whoo hoooo!!! Thank you!

    27. Patrick P.

      Thank you!

    28. Mike Shea on

      Thank you!! I just upped my order to the print + pdf bundle.

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Welham

      Huzzah, and thank you so much for opening up PDF options!