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The Midgard Tales hardcover collects 13 fantasy adventures with an original spin. Visit the 7 Cities, Trollheim, and the realms beyond!
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Progress to Date, and a Promotion for Ben

Hail, Travelers! 

We’re off to a good start on traversing Midgard, my friends. We’ve got two rounds of pitching under our belts, and are heading into our third pitching round on the 20th. The four chosen writers/adventures so far include: Matt Hewson for the “Tattered Unicorn,” Chris Lozaga for “Bloodmarked of the White Mountain Marches,” Michael Lane for “Dawnsong Tragedy,” and Ted Reed for “On the Fourth Day, We Kill Them All.” 

Nine to go! 

Because we still have a vast territory to cover in this project, I’ve invited Ben McFarland to co-lead Midgard Tales with me. Ben has been working very hard on this project and deserves to be one of its lead designers. 

So, we’re splitting up some duties, but you won’t really experience any change in the forums. Ben will essentially be doing what he’s already doing: covering the pitching rounds, helping on the boards, and developing the adventure book. I’ll be responding on the boards, handling the editing side of the adventure book, and I’ll be developing (with Brian Suskind) and editing the Legends book; and, of course, I’ll be writing Freeing Nethus. 

So, thanks, Ben, for all your hard work to date, and welcome aboard the caravan! Let’s keep these folks moving. We’ve got lots more of Midgard to experience.


Christina Stiles
Co-Leader, Midgard Tales