Midgard Tales: 13 Pathfinder Adventures

by Kobold Press

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    1. Machpants on

      Well, I'll be cancelling my pledge, I have received neither apology for no product or refund of the the pre-payment on his two previous projects (GMs cookbook & Razor Coast). I refuse to further support any projects that I know he is involved in, once bitten - twice shy.
      A shame as I have every other Midgard product (and Logue's pre the product no-show)
      GL the rest of you though..

    2. Kobold Press 13-time creator on

      He's definitely a high-risk, high-reward sort of designer. I have faith he'll come through for this book, and if he doesn't, I have every confidence that Christina and the backers will have another designer for that adventure.

      Right now, he's committed to a pitch. I have high hopes for where that goes, of course.

    3. acollins46805 on


      please check out this thread over on Paizo.com for info on how you can request refunds:



    4. Missing avatar

      MIke Franke on

      Hey, lets not over react. Although I appreciate that Nick Logue is a controversial figure in RPG's its not like it was just anounced that he is taking over the project. He is pitching 1 adventure. I for one look forward to seeing some twisted goodness from Logue included in the Midgard setting.

    5. Heine Stick on

      This update is what sold the project to me, to be honest. Very excited to see Nick Logue back in the industry.

    6. Missing avatar

      Doomedpaladin on

      Come and go, come and go...

    7. Machpants on

      Thank you very much "acollins46805" that link had what I was after, and feel I deserved, after all these years: N Logue "I deeply apologize" and there it is, I am back on board and more than happy Nick is involved, his work rocks and these things happen. Coming onto the interwebs and apologising (and Louis Agresta sorting it out- what a hero!) takes a bit of gumption and he must be ready for the mud slinging.
      So yeah ROCK ON.