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The Midgard Bestiary provides 150 new, colorful, and carefully playtested creatures fully compatible with 4th Edition D&D.
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Kobold Press

220 backers pledged $10,251 to help bring this project to life.

Sweet, Sweet Player Content

It’s been a little while since our last stretch goal. We blame enthusiastic backers and Paizocon. Enthusiastic backers because you hit the last stretch goal so quickly! Paizocon because we think it may have eaten Wolfgang. We’ve organized the minions into a search party, so don’t worry. 

Final Stretch Goal: Print Defenders

For the Bestiary, we're down to the last 3 full days, and we’re going to push for one last goal. If we hit $10,000 the Defenders of Midgard print run will be extended quite a bit. Previously only available to Cave Dragon backers and above, it will now be part of goals for backers starting at the IRON GHOUL level ($35). In addition, we’ll be commissioning a new piece of fantastic art to grace the cover so even our highest tier backers will benefit from a better all-around product.

Addition to Defenders

Speaking of which, we’re still finalizing the writing on Defenders of Midgard, and we’ve got one CAVE DRAGON and one MITHRAL DRAGON spot left. To sweeten the pot, if we hit our $10,000 stretch goal, each backer at that tier will have the opportunity to pitch either one unique item or background to be included in the Defenders of Midgard book! 

You can either come up with the idea for me to twist into mechanics, or I’ll work with you to perfect it yourself. You’ll be fully credited in the final product. 

Special Guest

One last thing, since we like to go out in style. We’re working on getting a special guest designer to do an introduction or a design article that I know you’ll love. As long as we can manage it, every Dire Weasel ($10) and up backer will get that as well. 

Sorry to tease but we really must get back to work. See you at the finish line on Sunday!

Brian Liberge 

Designer, Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition D&D