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The Midgard Bestiary provides 150 new, colorful, and carefully playtested creatures fully compatible with 4th Edition D&D.
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Kobold Press

220 backers pledged $10,251 to help bring this project to life.

Design Diary, and a New Reward

Thanks to everyone who has backed the project so far! We now have 106 backers and are just under $400 away from our first stretch goal.

As an added incentive to get there, all backers at the Isonade level and above will receive an extra mini-adventure in PDF when we reach the $4,500 goal. Written by Teos Abadia (@alphastream on Twitter), The Fury of the Lord of the Sea is features the dread Isonade and other monsters from the Midgard Bestiary. This adventure is short and sweet, with two detailed encounters, tactical maps, and illustrations, and suitable for characters of levels 16-20. Fury features a cult of Mharoti dragonkin and their dark ritual to call forth the great beast. 

We also have a design diary from Brian Liberge live on the blog today, with more previews and design diaries to follow shortly. Please keep tweeting and telling your gaming friends about the project if you can. Thanks for all your support, and let's hit that stretch goal! Richard Green Co-Designer


    1. Creator Paramo on June 25, 2012

      Hats off to both of these gentleman for providing quality 4e support.