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The Midgard Bestiary provides 150 new, colorful, and carefully playtested creatures fully compatible with 4th Edition D&D.

Bring the monsters of Midgard to your 4th Edition campaign!

All DMs need memorable, fearsome monsters to populate their dungeons and challenge their PCs, and the Midgard Bestiary is designed and tested to provide you with the very best.

The Midgard Bestiary features over 150 imaginative, playtested, and deadly monsters to use as adversaries in any 4th Edition D&D game, either in Midgard or in your home campaign world. 

The creatures included have been hand-picked from classic Open Design adventures and sourcebooks to give you the very best monsters from Midgard's six-year history. All monsters have been fully playtested to work right the first time! 

New Monsters

The Bestiary includes more than 100 classic Midgard monsters, and designers Richard Green and Brian Liberge have added more than 30 brand-new monsters to confound and terrify your PCs. 

  • Monsters cover the full range of levels from 1 through 33, allowing you to use the Bestiary throughout your campaign.
  • All monsters are fully compatible with 4th Edition. All statisticsare given in the latest format.
  • Each monster entry is illustrated with fantastic art, and includes useful background information to help you decide how to use the creatures in your adventures.
  • A wealth of Midgard lore gives you a glimpse into this rich and storied campaign setting, inspired by the legends of Central and Eastern Europe.

This Kickstarter is just to cover final production and printing costs, because the Bestiary is already written, edited, and illustrated.  With your help, we'll unleash 150 new monsters for 4th Edition this September!

Stretch Goals

If this project exceeds the minimum, the Bestiary will get extra pages with additional monsters, more color art, and an adventure using monsters from the book.

If the Bestiary Reaches $4,500 --- ACHIEVED!

The Bestiary adds 8 pages to every backer's version of the final project, adding more monsters and art at the same pledge levels. Yes, you just get more! 

Since these additional pages are monsters taken from the Bonus Bestiary, backers at the Iron Ghoul level get Bonus Bestiary 3 instead of Bonus Bestiary 1. Backers at the Fellforged level and up also get a collection of monster art from the book, formatted to easily print out and use as paper minis.

If the Bestiary Reaches $5,500 --- ACHIEVED!

All backers get the Iron Secret adventure using monsters from the book--AND a set of newly-commissioned, full-color PDF battle maps for the adventure! Suitable for online play or printing out to slap down on the table, your choice!

If the Bestiary Reaches $6,500 --- ACHIEVED!

Defenders of Midgard is a small, roughly 20-page companion volume for the  Bestiary, meant to showcase what makes Midgard unique and fun for players, granting them options they can immediately use to make their characters stand out. It includes:

  • 6 New Themes: Covering the gamut of Midgard cultures, they are designed to appeal to a broad range of characters. Will you be a deceptive Emissary, showing one face to your allies and another to the king? Perhaps you’re more comfortable on the deck of a ship, fighting with the constant motion of the Corsair? 
  • New Gearforged Options: An update to the original gearforged mechanics in Kobold Quarterly #16, we present new racial utility powers like the mysterious Rava’s Vision and the dreaded Wraith Form! 
  • Schools of Magic: The Clockwork and Ink schools give mages the tools they need to conjure gears and write your own destiny. 
  • Backgrounds: Sampling the most common areas of Midgard that a hero might hail from. 
  • Equipment: It may be mundane to some folk of Midgard, but you won’t find this stuff in the markets of other settings. 
  • Defenders of Midgard will have the same professional editing and layout as the Midgard Bestiary.

Backers at the Fellforged Level and above will receive the Defenders of Midgard PDF if we reach this stretch goal, and all backers will receive a PDF of Kobold Quarterly #16. 

If the Bestiary Reaches $10,000

We’re going to push for one last goal. If we hit $10,000 in pledges, the Defenders of Midgard print run will be extended quite a bit. Previously only available to Cave Dragon backers and above, it will now be part of goals for backers starting at the IRON GHOUL level ($35). 

In addition, we’ll be commissioning a new piece of fantastic art to grace the cover so even our highest tier backers will benefit from a better all-around product, we'll ask our biggest backers for a few items to include in it--and we'll struggle mightily to secure a special introduction or essay on design from a former Wizards designer.


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    SUTUREFLY - You’re part of the team that made the 4e Bestiary a reality, and you have shown the world that people still want new 4e products. You have our appreciation, and your name listed as a backer in the final product.

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    DIRE WEASEL - You get a PDF copy of the final book, packed with more than 100 pages of new monsters to surprise your players with! The entire book has been playtested, edited, illustrated, and laid out to the Open Design standard. Your name will be listed as a backer in the credits!

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    INK DEVIL - You get all the prior rewards and a softcover copy of the final book is yours! FREE SHIPPING to any address in the US. If you live outside the US please include an additional $10 postage.

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    DIGITAL BEAST: Skip the print edition entirely, just pick up the PDFs! The Midgard Bestiary, Iron Secret adventure and maps, extra monsters, and (if we reach the goal) Defenders of Midgard are all included.

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    IRON GHOUL - You get the print+PDF of the Bestiary, plus a PDF of Bonus Bestiary 1! This collection features the Andrenjinyi, Dopplerat, Salt Golem, and Oculo Swarm. You are in credits for both the book and the Bonus Bestiary 1. Free Shipping in the US. If you live outside the US please include an additional $10 postage.

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    FELLFORGED - You get the book, plus a PDF of the Bonus Bestiary 1 and Bestiary 2, featuring the Witchlight, Bagiennik, Star Drake, and Chort Devil. Free shipping in the United States. If you live outside the US please include an additional $10 postage.

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    ASPECT OF MAMMON - A special package intended for retailers, you get five copies of the softcover book including US shipping via Media Mail. Bonus Bestiaries are not included. Meant for retailers who want enough early copies for their store--you will be asked to confirm your retail address. International locations please add $20 for shipping.

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    THE ISONADE - You get all the Fellforged reward items and a Kickstarter exclusive adventure, The Iron Secret, a new PDF adventure for PCs levels 1-3. This adventure is exclusive to this Kickstarter and will not be offered anywhere else. Free shipping to the US or internationally.

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    STEAM GOLEM - You get all the rewards from the Isonade tier, plus the Bonus Bestiary 3, featuring the Dragonleaf Tree, Strangling Watcher, Stuhac, and Kikimora. Free shipping to the US or internationally.

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    CAVE DRAGON: You get one of the very rare, limited edition, hardcover copies of the Midgard Bestiary book, plus all three Bonus Bestiaries, and The Iron Secret adventure. Brian Liberge will run a 4e Midgard game for you and your friends at your choice of Gen Con 2012 or PAX East 2013, or a mutually-agreeable venue.

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    MITHRAL DRAGON: You get all the Cave Dragon rewards including the limited edition hardcover--but in a leather-bound, autographed edition with gilded title. All the pages from the three Bonus Bestiaries are bound in, and a separate print edition of the Iron Secret adventure is also included.

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