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Create a book exploring the meaning of peace through the portraits and personal stories of 52 inspiring individuals.
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john noltner

92 backers pledged $6,813 to help bring this project to life.

It's official!

Today is a great day...

As you probably already heard from Kickstarter, our campaign has been successful.  92 backers generously offered up 113% of the funding we needed to produce our books.

I am deeply grateful for everyone who supported this process, whether with pledges, words of encouragement or creative ideas for how to get the word out.  It's quite clear to me that I never could have done this alone...and now more than ever, when I talk about A Peace of My Mind, I will talk about "our" project and what "we" are doing.

So...the campaign is it's time to produce the book...and we'll be on a tight deadline.  I have some speaking engagements this fall, and it will be important to have books in hand for those events.  Over the next few weeks we expect to finalize layouts, edit the proofs and get the presses rolling.

Another bit of housekeeping will be the delivery of rewards for those of you who pledged to the campaign.  To that end, if you pledged and chose a reward, we will be sending out queries shortly to gather a little info...your mailing address so we can send out your reward, a decision about how you want your name to appear in the book's acknowledgement page  if you pledged $100 or more.  Please try to respond will help us move the process along, and help you get your reward as soon as possible.

Congratulate proud of what you have done...and look forward to the books this fall!

Thank you, thank you, thank you...