Over the past two weeks of this project, we at Quest Chests have made some big discoveries in our journey to help you unlock adventure. An important one being that one-shots, while still a useful tool for any Game Master to have in their arsenal, are not necessarily the most valuable tools we can create for you to wield at the table. That’s why, after a lot of discussion with and encouragement from the ttrpg community, we’re temporarily postponing this project to turn all three of these outstanding one-shots into full-blown, multi-session adventures! By doing so, we’ll be able to offer you and your players the full storytelling experience that you love and appreciate about this game. Not only that, we’ll be able to pack these adventures with even more beautiful artwork as well as more exciting and engaging content.

Looking at our project’s trends and projections, we have every reason to believe it will succeed. However, delivering a product that isn’t the best it possibly could be would be against our mission, and that is why we’re postponing this project. We’ve received a fantastic opportunity; not only can we now improve our existing product to provide all of you with the highest quality adventures possible, but we can also begin developing Quest Chests’ world setting where all of your most epic and memorable adventures can take place!

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for all of you who have chosen to back this project in its current state, and we promise that you will be even more excited with what we create in the next few months. Until then, follow us as we continue to publish other helpful resources and tools on our website as well as all sorts of entertaining content on our social media platforms!

Thank you all for your understanding and, as always, we want to wish you nothing but critical success in all your future endeavors.

"Hey just wanted to say you guys are incredible!!! The quality and sheer amount of detail you put into your adventures is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s inspired me to really up the quality of my own adventures! I’ll be running your Silent Sacrifices adventure this Sunday, and honestly am so thankful that you guys made this available. Can’t wait for the 27th so I can throw some cash at your Kickstarter!"

-Danny F.

 "Just finished my first session as a Quest Master. Their adventure guide was full of helpful role play suggestions, creative descriptions, and unique artwork and music to immerse my adventurers in the quest. I honestly would have struggled without their built in support. Looking forward to trying out the rest of their products!"

-Tanner G.

"Me and my buddies build adventures with your guys' hooks. We are starting a dnd club in our high school, and your hooks are in a lot of starter campaigns we have thought of. Thank you for this! It's people like you that keep dnd alive and bring in new players!"

-Oshi T.

At Quest Chests, we help Game Masters and Players unlock adventure.

By combining unique and exciting stories with cutting-edge software, we’re able to create interactive adventure guides that offer you stress-free, unforgettable sessions that traditional PDFs simply can’t match!

Page-Turning Goodness

We get it. A massive part of what makes owning a physical adventure so great is being able to turn the pages with your own fingers! Thankfully, our interactive adventure guides offer you that same experience without taking up the limited space behind your GM screen!  

Quick-Reference Stat Blocks

Nothing brings combat to a screeching halt like having to flip through page after page of your monster guide to find the various stat blocks for whichever terrifying creatures the party is facing off against. That’s why we got rid of the need to do so. On every page of our interactive adventure guides, you can access the stat block for any monster referenced in the adventure. Now the action never has to stop for your players!  

Rule Reminders

Despite our best attempts, none of us can memorize every single mechanical detail of the game. Your precious brain power should be focused on creating a memorable and engaging experience for your players, not on trying to recall the exact wording of the Poisoned condition. With our Mini Quests, you can instantly access the full rundown for every spell, magic item, piece of equipment, or rule referenced in the adventure. 

Game Master Tips

Tragically, we can’t all be Matt Mercer, but we here at Quest Chests are doing our best to help you get there! We ensure that all of our interactive adventure guides are jam-packed with helpful Game Master tips to help you run combat, exploration, and roleplaying encounters like a seasoned veteran (or at least ensure your players don’t suspect you frantically read the module a half hour before they arrived).     

Fast-Travel Maps

If there’s one thing Game Masters can’t get enough of, it’s maps, but as much as we love them, they don’t always love us back. We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to repeatedly scroll or flip through our module to reference the map as our players progress through the adventure. It’s cumbersome and bogs down the session. With Quest Chests’ adventure guides, you can jump seamlessly back and forth between the main map and the instructional content for any of the marked areas.  

Random Tables

If there’s one thing us Game Masters also can’t get enough of, it’s random tables. They’re what make things interesting and keep our players on their toes! That’s why we include custom random tables for all of our adventures to provide you with spur-of-the-moment encounters and treasures to throw at your players. And did we mention you can access these tables from any page in the module?

Immersive Sound Effects

It can be very hard to create an immersive environment for your players when all you’ve got is your voice to work with. That’s why all of our adventures come equipped with sound effects, so your players can literally experience the adventure’s most crucial moments. And yes, you can access those from any page in the interactive adventure guide!

Prebuilt Playlists

As a Game Master, there’s already a tremendous amount of pressure on us to have unique voices for our NPCs, beautifully drawn maps, and flawless storylines for our players to follow (just to name a few). There’s never enough time to put together an atmospheric music playlist to better immerse our players! Each adventure includes a unique playlist filled with tone-setting songs that will captivate your players. 

Let's Recap

With our interactive adventure guides, you’ll have advantage on every turn of the page, because our Mini Quests do what PDFs can’t. They unlock adventure by putting everything you need to run unforgettable sessions just a mouse-click away.

Check out the video below to see for yourself how our interactive adventure guides will change the way you run your sessions forever.

It's not just our interactive adventure guides that you'll love. We're passionate about filling every one of our adventures with more quality content and richer detail than anybody else in the business. Get a sneak peek below at each of the three Mini Quests included in this volume!

 A Final Rest 

Varsheen stumbled up the second sets of stairs and called out for her Eleedia. Her clothes were wet and salt water kept dripping into her eyes, stinging and making everything blurry. She staggered up the steps leading to the manor house proper when the world suddenly turned upside down again, and she found herself back in the wine cellar curled up behind a barrel.

She tucked her knees to her chin, fighting off tears. She wanted her mother. She wanted to go upstairs. She wanted - "Eleedia!” she gasped. She’d had her doll when she came down here earlier. She never went anywhere without her. When she found her, everything would be okay again.

She searched the entire wine cellar but could not find her rag doll. Varsheen’s breath shortened. She clenched her hands into small fists. Frustration overwhelmed her. She stood in the center of the room and screamed as loud as she could. Furniture shattered and fragments of wood ricocheted off the walls, but no sound could be heard. As Varsheen lowered her chin, her eyes glowed the color of crimson and coal. After a few moments, the young girl ran up the stairs once more to find her doll.

A Final Rest is a Mini Quest of hidden treasure, restless souls, and vintage horror which can be played in a single sitting or used as the foundation of an entire adventure! The combat encounters have been designed for a party of three to five level 2 characters, but encounter difficulties can easily be adjusted to meet your party’s needs.

In this adventure, the party will explore the cellars beneath the ruins of Sagasta Manor, all that remains of a once beautiful mansion after it and the coastal city of Anduin were destroyed by a massive tidal wave nearly a century ago. The cellars are said to contain a king’s ransom in rare, valuable wines. What the players do not know is that the ruins are also home to the restless spirit of Varsheen, a young child who drowned in the manor’s destruction and now wanders the ruins. Varsheen exists as a frightful eidolon stuck between the prime material plane and the outer realms, unaware that she has died, yet unable to interact with the world as she once could. As the party descends through the cellars, will they salvage the wine horde and escape alive, or will they perish at the ghostly hands of a young girl seeking her own lost treasure?

The Serpent’s Gamble   

Rilkath snatched up the dice and frantically tossed them. The hallway behind him became shorter as another coil of stone spiraled shut with a thunderous crash. He tried to draw upon his monk training, to slow his pulse and clear his mind, but the voices of his dead companions shouting encouragement in his head weren’t helping.

He tossed the dice again. The hallway answered with another section constricting violently.

“Come on buddy!” Ogesh the half-orc bard screamed. “YOU GOT THIS! YOU REALLY GOT THIS NOW!” she sang in a voice not unlike grinding gravel.

He steadied his breath and tossed the dice again and again until the stone eventually snuffed out his torch and crushed his body.

“Lousy throwing, bud,” the half-orc said, consoling her large friend as the three ethereal forms passed through the mountain and out into the jungle.

“What do we do now?” Rilkath asked.

“Simple. We find a party with better luck,” the dwarf cleric replied as they disappeared under the canopy.

The Serpent’s Gamble is a Mini Quest of deadly traps, animated monstrosities, and a skeletal serpent which can be played in a single sitting or used as the foundation of an entire adventure! The combat encounters have been designed for a party of three to five level 4 characters, but encounter difficulties can easily be adjusted to meet your party’s needs.

In this adventure, the party must destroy Shokoth, the cursed bone naga, before he completes his 200-year ordeal and returns to his true form as a spirit naga. Determined to endure his sentence, Shokoth has hidden away within a secret lair protected by stone guardians and filled with bone-crushing traps. Aided by the ghosts of three adventurers who died a hundred years prior trying to destroy this very same bone naga, the party must do what they could not. Will they meet the same fate as their spectral guides, or will they find a way to navigate a nightmare of living stone and defeat an undead serpent king?

The Scorpion Circle 

In the catacombs beneath the Silent Citadel, the undead and the damned plotted against the Scorpion Circle.

“I don’t like this arrangement any more than you,” the dragonborn ghost whispered to the vile face protruding glossy and black from the bronze door. As it spoke, the specter’s head, long since severed by the executioner’s stoke, rolled backward and tumbled to the sandstone floor, the ancient cut glowing like fluorescent sea foam. Rolling away, the head called out, “But what other option do we have?”

“I’m as ready t’leave this curs’d place as you are, lizard knight.” the devil face responded. “But I ain’t committin’ unless the sacrifices survive the ceremony. They live, then we help them. They die, well, we wait for the next funeral. Bein’ patient ain’t something you should lose yer head over.”

The dragonborn ghost pushed its head back into place. “I hate you,” it said flatly as the face in the door laughed and faded away.

The Scorpion Circle is a Mini Quest of conflicted loyalty, fiendish rituals, and desperate alliances which can be played in a single sitting or used as the foundation of an entire adventure! The combat encounters have been designed for a party of three to five level 6 characters, but encounter difficulties can easily be adjusted to meet your party’s needs.

In this adventure, the party will infiltrate and investigate the Order of the White Lance’s most elite warriors, a sub-order of knights known as the Scorpion Circle. None are more brave, more loyal, and more bloodthirsty than those who bare the symbol of the black hook, yet political barriers and time-honored traditions have kept their methods secret for decades. Desperate for answers, city leaders have tasked the adventurers with infiltrating the sandstone walls of the Scorpion Circle’s temple fortress during an upcoming ritual to find out what they’re keeping so secret. Will they perish within its desecrated walls, never to be seen or heard from again, or are they willing to make a deal with the devil to uncover the truth?

Quest Chests has already published three one-shots which are available for free on our website. Click any of the Mini Quests' links below to enjoy the quality of our products and experience firsthand the benefits of our interactive adventure guides! 

 Click here to access Silent Sacrifices

 Click here to access Clucks of Despair 

 Click here to access The Rose's Spawn

Quest Chests is a third-party publisher and content producer for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game. 

However, we believe that our patrons deserve more than just another module. That’s why we’ve multi-classed to offer the most value to anyone that loves the game, whether they purchase from us or not. Our three roles are:


Memorable storytelling is the core of everything that we are. Our adventures are created in a way to best help Game Masters and their players feel like they’ve truly entered a world of monsters and magic. We’ve achieved this by offering features such as interactive adventure guides, thorough NPC profiles, and pre-crafted music playlists.


Just as sages spend years acquiring knowledge and lore within the world, our writers have dungeon-crawled through the dragon-filled game itself. With their first-hand experience and helpful wisdom-modifiers, we put out articles every month to address topics and questions for both Game Masters and Players.


By hammering out the raw components that make up storytelling, roleplaying, and character building, we are able to hand our patrons the tools and weapons they need to get the most out of their tabletop roleplaying game experience. This is achieved through our various worksheets which walk Game Masters and Players through these concepts, so they can bring their very best to the table.

Check out our website and see how Quest Chests can help you unlock adventure.

If you'll indulge us...

The sounds of silverware clinking against plates and students loathing their classwork create a constant drone throughout the university dining hall. The line for chicken alfredo is moving slowly like usual, and the grill area is advertising their new “Hawaiian island sandwich,” which, based off a quick glance of the hall, shows very few takers. However, while scanning the room, you notice two students sitting in a corner booth cluttered with papers, laptops, and half-empty glasses of Diet Mountain Dew. Though you can’t hear what they’re talking about from this distance, they seem rather excited about something.

That is how we got started and it’s as close to your typical “you meet in a tavern” adventure hook as you can get in Utah, where taverns are… uncommon. The two students sitting at the corner booth were my good friend, Edward Borenstein, and me, Landon Guss. It was our senior year attending Utah State University’s business school and I had just finished pitching my new business idea to Ed.

The idea was simple- I enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I was too busy to prepare my own adventures. The modules available at the local game store were exciting, but sitting around 200 pages each; they were intimidating and overwhelming to run. I aspired to start a business that published 5e adventures in monthly installments that maintained a consistent narrative but were also easy to digest and didn’t throw an archmage’s personal library worth of pages at you all at once.

When we sat down for lunch, I had no intention of recruiting a Chief Marketing Officer. I simply wanted to get Ed’s input, but Edward believed so strongly in the idea that he offered to join the team right then and there. Together we created Quest Chests and began working on it in our spare time, going so far as to compete in a Human Resource Case Study competition and win $500 to put towards our initial capital funds. Those were desperate times.

You smell the eggs and bacon before even arriving at the reception hall where the rest of the business school’s honors program students are gathering to celebrate their upcoming graduation. Halfway through your meal, the dean stands and asks each student to share what they will be doing after graduation. The answers are inspiring. It seems that everyone is heading off for some incredible opportunity in San Francisco, New York City, or Washington D.C. This continues for some time until you see two familiar faces stand up. One of them says with a big smile on his face, “We’ll be moving into my parent’s basement so that we can continue working on our startup business.” Some uncomfortable laughter followed by a handful of nervous claps fill the room, before the next student is up and talking about their job opportunity in South Korea. As the two young men sit back down, they appear entirely unfazed by what has occurred.

This breakfast took place a few months after our mess hall meeting. By that point, nearly everyone in our program was aware of what kind of business we were aiming to start. Now quite frankly, we get it. Living in your parents’ basement spending countless hours starting a tabletop role-playing business is, in the eyes of most people, literally one step up from living in your parents’ basement spending countless hours playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s crazy and nerdy, but we love the game and we know that there are millions of people out there all over the world who love it as well.

For those of us who’ve had the wonderful experience of playing Dungeons and Dragons, we know it’s a lot more than a simple game. It’s a community that encourages people to express themselves however they’d like without being judged or criticized. It’s a support group that helps many people deal with mental health issues or get through challenging times in their lives. It’s a social experience that allows one to have genuine connections with others in a world of screens and anonymous profiles. But yes, it’s also a game that plays well when paired with snacks, goofy voices, and close friends.

Because of that, Ed and I aren’t bothered when people question or doubt what we’re trying to create. We see how Dungeons and Dragons is becoming socially recognized as more than a “board game played by weird people in basements.” People everywhere are seeing what this game has to offer and want to be a part of it. That’s why Quest Chests works to help everyone do one simple thing: unlock adventure.

Quest Master

Landon looked about the fire at his fellow adventurers and silently thanked the gods for surrounding him with such exceptionally gifted individuals. He would not let them down.

As the Quest Master, Landon draws upon his years of training and experience to lead his party of wizards, warlocks, and scribes on their epic quest to build the Quest Chests kingdom.​

Marketing Wizard

Cheers of joy went up throughout the tavern as Edward snapped his fingers, snuffing out the candles, and began recounting the tales of Quest Chests with figures made of shimmering light.

As the Marketing Wizard, Edward has mastered the many schools of magic and uses his abilities to spread the name of Quest Chests to every corner of the world.   

Knightly Scribe

Matt looked up at the thug who had knocked his book from the table and spilled his drink. “They say the quill is mightier than the sword. Unfortunately for you, I am well versed with both.”

As the Knightly Scribe, Matt spends his evenings beside a crackling fire, drawing inspiration from his decades of adventuring experience to write Quest Chests’ fantastic tales. 

Ink Warlock

Dominik sat in his workshop and stared at the blank canvas before him, pondering what type of world he would create and place amongst the infinite planes this afternoon.

As the Ink Warlock, Dominik channels the strange and mystical powers of his otherworldly patrons to the canvas in order to bring Quest Chests’ creations to life.

Risks and challenges

We want to be as transparent as possible with our backers regarding the risks and challenges of this project. While it is our desire and plan to release this volume of MIni Quests to all backers on December 24th, the chance that they are released on a later date does exist. We are currently in the process of formatting the interactive adventure guide and creating the final pieces of artwork, but we do not anticipate this to result in any delays of the release of these Mini Quests. We are working tirelessly to ensure that you will receive these one-shots in time to give it as a gift this holiday season or start the new year off right by enjoying them with your home group!

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