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I am a composer/singer-songwriter and I recording my debut album! I'm beyond excited. And I need your help. Read more

Denton, TX Indie Rock
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I am a composer/singer-songwriter and I recording my debut album! I'm beyond excited. And I need your help.

Denton, TX Indie Rock
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"Kaela Bratcher is a musician, composer, and songwriter who will take you to a new level touching on your emotions with her powerful and passionate voice."  - INDABA MUSIC


I have been writing songs since I was five years old. I've been singing for longer. I loved creating music and writing lyrics even as a young child. Through every emotional and musical phase of my life I have written songs. I have always turned to my piano in times of need. From age 5, to age 13, to age 18, my songs have chronicled my life better than any diary I ever attempted to keep. And now, at age 21, it is time for me to document them. Well, I want to do more than just document them. My goal is to build a cohesive, artistic work. My vision for this album is different than any other recording circumstance I've been in. There will be time for creativity and room for artistic freedom. The mission is to transform the songs into worlds of their own, and it will involve many hours of experimentation and the help of some friends. 

The Album:

The album will feature ten of my original songs, all selections from material written in the past year. When I decided in January to make this album, the decision sparked my creativity in a big way, which was a really great surprise. It didn't really leave room for older songs, and that's alright with me because it feels like I'm entering a new musical phase.

The genre is yet to be defined, but it will be something combining the sounds of indie rock, soulful folk, and orchestrated pop, featuring acoustic instruments, electronic sounds, and tons of vocals

With the help of engineer/producer Sean Jones, and musicians like Matt Hornbeck, Brian Ward, and a few others, I think this album could be something to be really proud of, and an album that could identify me as an artist with a unique sound and a serious career. It will be essential for booking shows at bigger and more prestigious venues, touring locally and abroad, and gaining a larger fan base. Because of the style of my songwriting, I will be pitching my songs for placements in TV shows and movies, hopefully landing my little songs in big places. This is the kind of thing that brings real success to an upcoming artist. 

We will be tracking in July and August, and we're aiming to complete and distribute the album in the fall with an accompanying CD release party/concert that you will all be invited to!

Here are a few of the songs that will be on the album, created lovingly in my bedroom. They are simply rough sketches, but they will give you a teeny, tiny glimpse of the album. 

(disclaimer: How She Loves contains one artistically used, moderately explicit, frustrated case of children listening)

Why I Need You:

I'm a practical (almost graduated!) girl who has been working hard to save money for this album. Once I cover rent, car payments, and the rest of the nonsense that modern living requires, I put my money towards this project. I have $3,000 so far. Let me tell you why I need $3,000 more. Take a look into the cost of making an album

  • Studio time/tracking for the entire album (mostly): $200 per song, or $2000.
  • Paying my core musicians: $1000, at least. 

Uh, oh. That's $3000 right there. :/

So here are the rest of the things I need: 

  • A day of tracking with a grand piano 
  • A string quartet 
  • Mixing
  • Mastering 
  • Album art and photography. 
  • Duplication. 

With a little luck, $3000 should just cover these things and complete my album!

How Kickstarter works:

Kickstarter is a place where creative and innovative projects get connected with people; it's modern day patronage. It's a way for you to show support for the music, art, film, or other creative projects that you believe in. Many of these projects are remarkably successful, and this has led to success for some great artists. Here's the deal: Kickstarter projectsmust be fully funded within a specific time frame. If the goal is not met, the project is not funded, the artist receives nothing, and your credit cards will not be charged. 

If we raise beyond our goal:

Trust me when I tell you that there are some really good ways I could use donations beyond the goal. 

  • First, it is possible (likely) that the cost of making the album will exceed $6000, which would come out of pocket unless I raise even more than I'm aiming for!
  • Second, once an album is created, there is still a lot of work to do. A BIG expense for artists is PR. If I raise around $1500 above my current goal, it will go towards publishing, promotion, and press. Essentially, getting it out there. That is, hiring people who will get my album heard, get me booked for shows and opening for big headlining acts. 
  • If I raise substantially more than my current goal, I would probably be able to make a music video. I would say anywhere between $2000 and $5000 could make an amazing music video. That would really be a career launcher. 

I need all the help I can get. Anything helps. Please feel free to donate, even if the project is fully funded. The rewards will still be available, and I would be so grateful for the contribution! This job is not easy, the business is unforgiving, and it takes a LOT to be successful. 

The Rewards:

Speaking of rewards! I have worked really hard to give you guys great rewards that will be memorable and will connect you to the project in a special way. They will be heartfelt, unique, and made with loving care...each and every one! 

If you can't give anything right now, it would still be a meaningful contribution to share this project with your family and friends! You can like my facebook page, follow me on twitter, and be a recipient of my eternal gratitude for your love and support.

Thank you all :) xoxo

Kaela Bratcher

"Bratcher is currently working on a debut album of original music, which is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2012. Wow! I don't know about you, but I'm expecting great things from this young woman. Kaela Bratcher: remember that name."  - Teri Harllee King, All About Jazz (May 24, 2012)


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    A digital download of the full-length album!

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    An autographed hard copy of the album, and a pre-release of the record via digital download!

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    A digital download of handwritten lyrics to all of my songs (including doodles, scribbles, and other art) + autographed copy of album + digital pre-release of album

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    A digital download of the Bedroom Series EP, which is essentially the rough sketches of the songs on the album + handwritten lyrics (doodles included) + autographed copy of album + digital pre-release of album

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    A youtube video just for you! I will cover a song of your choosing, record it, and upload a video to youtube...with a personal (and so heartfelt) thank you, and even a dedication if there is someone special that you'd like to gift this to. + Bedroom Series EP + handwritten lyrics + autographed copy of album + digital pre-release of album

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    I will write and record a song for you! You can choose the topic. You can choose a particular feel or story or mood you are going for. You can make it personal or fun or romantic or silly, or you can leave it all up to me. This would be a really cool gift for someone ( had someone write and record a song for them...) + Bedroom Series EP + handwritten lyrics + autographed copy of album + digital pre-release of album

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    House concert! I will come to your house (or wherever, really) and perform my songs. I'll also perform covers of your choosing. You will also have your name listed in the album liner notes & credits. + Bedroom Series EP + handwritten lyrics + autographed copy of album + digital pre-release of album

    (logistics & expenses TBD if location is 4+ hours away, I'll go anywhere in the world if you'll help me get there!)

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