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You can literally be in this new light gun type shooter by submitting video to the project!

I started letting my daughter, Terra, play with my cell phone a few months ago. I was going through looking for different games she might be interested in when it dawned on me that I started a game back in 99’ that never really took off and it might be a good fit today for smart phones and tablets.

I found the old project and decided to do this kickstarter to gauge whether there are people out there who would be interested in it. It’s a paintball game modeled on the light gun shooter genre. I originally intended to partner with paintball shops or any of the major manufacturers to publish it as a shockwave browser game on their sites, but couldn’t find anyone that was interested at the time. I started working and slowly forgot about the project.

Now instead of paintball shops or manufacturers, I’d like to partner with you to bring this game to fruition. The cool thing about doing a Kickstarter for this project is I can really open up the project for your input, and because of the art style allow you to actually be in the finished game. 

There will be a community forum where together we can hash out the design, pacing, additional game play features, etc... I really would like your constant feedback through the development process to make the best game possible. I will release builds to the forum throughout the project to close the loop. You try it out the latest build, give feedback, make changes, rinse repeat. 

I also think it's sweet that more people will get the opportunity to be in the game. It makes it more fun when you're literally in the project. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as my friends and brother that are in the original footage. 

The initial goal is to get the original content polished and released with the addition of anyone that wants to be in the game. However If there are enough people who want to be in the game, the older content will just be a bonus and the whole game will be redone in HD using your submitted videos. 

So if you're in to paintball, the light gun shooter genre, or just want to be part of a fun project, join me in creating Lethal Paintballers. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

You might not like the finished game. I'm hoping that even if the game doesn't meet your expectations you will still enjoy being part of the process. The other risk is constraints on my time. No matter what the project will get done, but it's possible that it's finish date could slip. I did my best to be realistic with the time frame.


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    Finished Game + Name in Credits. Game will be available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

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    Access to Development Community. You will have direct influence over the design process and give valuable feedback as we try to make the best game possible. Includes previous reward.

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    Access to Builds. This will allow to try the game out along every step of the process. The initial test build will be available to download from day one. Your hands on experience with the game will help inform the community discussion. Available for Android, Windows, and Mac. Includes previous rewards.

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    Be in the game as Paintballer. Lets you submit a video to literally be in the game. Requires paintball equipment. Direction/instruction for this reward will be on the forum. Includes previous rewards.

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    Be in the game as bystander. This reward is the same as the above, but you are free to be yourself. Or if want to do something off the wall say pop in as a Yeti etc. For the most part I envision this content as being bystanders you are penalized for shooting to add more depth to the game play. We can discuss other possibilities when the community gets going. Includes first three rewards.

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