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A quick two payer game of dice, monsters, and a Waffle
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The Dungeon Waffle

A quick two payer game of dice, monsters, and a Waffle.

Dare you face the perils of The Dungeon Waffle?

Are you brave enough to overcome goblin hoards, fierce dragons, terrible curses?

Can you...roll some dice?!!!

In The Dungeon Waffle not only do you have to fight your way through a dark, dangerous dungeon, you have to build it as well. Two players compete to become the most experienced adventurer. Taking turns to draw dungeoneering dice from the bag, a player can roll a map to add to their route, equipment to help them get through, or a spell to aid their quest in other ways. 

The game is played with the Dungeon Waffle: a double-sided board that stands between the players. As you add mapping pieces to your side of the board, so you will also add to the other side. A game finishes when a player has mapped a complete route and has the means to get through it. 

What do people say about The Dungeon Waffle?

  • "Really easy to learn, fun to play" 
  • "Unique concept" 
  • "Nice length" 
  • "Very nice looking and simple design" 
  • "It is my favourite dice game so far" 
  • "I like the two sided Dungeon" 
  • "Gorgeous!!"

What do you get?

Thirty-six dungeoneering dice (six of each of six designs); a cloth bag; a Dungeon Waffle; the rules, and a box to put it all in. 

More about the game.

As a brave adventurer, you hope to win fame and become the most experienced dungeoneer by completing a route through the Dungeon Waffle, defeating monsters and collecting treasure along the way.

Stand the Dungeon Waffle between the two players and put all the dungeoneering dice into the bag. Now take it in turns to draw a die out of the bag and roll it. Each die has two different map faces, on opposite sides:

If you roll one of these you put it into any empty hole in the Dungeon Waffle, in any orientation, so that you can see one of the map faces and your opponent can see the other. The background of each map face is a straight corridor, corner, T-junction, cross-roads or a dead end. As the game progresses you build a route joining one edge of the Waffle to the other – a Dungeon Waffle! The problem is that the person sitting the other side of the Waffle is trying to do the same thing, in the same Waffle!

No adventurer will get far without the right equipment:

Keep hold of any equipment you roll – you’ll need it at the end of the game. You may have noticed there are some critters lurking in those corridors.

This straight corridor is guarded by a lowly orc. You will need one sword to defeat it and get past. 

This T-junction is being terrorised by a pack of goblins. You will need four swords to beat them but you get treasure worth one experience point for your trouble.

A locked door (and they’re always locked) can stop a dungeon explorer in their tracks! The only way to open one is with a key.

You can have all the swords and keys in the world, but what happens if your opponent has blocked you off and there is no way through? Luckily help is at hand because the third type of thing you can roll is a spell.

Some spells affect the dice already in the Waffle: Rotate allows you to rotate a map face you can see; Swivel lets you turn a die in the Waffle to face the other way (so you can see the side which was facing your opponent) and with Disintegrate you can just zap a die out of the Waffle and return it to the bag.

With the Look spell you can peer into the bag as you draw and choose the die you take out.

The neat thing about spells is that you don’t have to use them straight away - you can hold onto them until you want to use them. In fact you can cast as many of your spells as you like on your go. When you use a spell you pop it back into the bag. 

Wondrous item: there are six of each type of dice, so how are you going to get past that dragon when you know that you opponent has rolled the last Vorpal sword? Part spell, part equipment the Wondrous Item is such a beautiful treasure that any adventurer will gladly swap it for anything they have: “You want my key? Here take it!” If you roll a Wondrous Item you may immediately swap it with any spell or item your opponent has in front of them – they have no say in the matter. On the other hand it is so lovely… maybe you’ll want to keep it for yourself. Any Wondrous Items you own are worth one experience point at the end of the game.

Wishes: every die has its own Wish Ring. If you roll this you get to choose which side of the die to use.

You might have noticed that there are a lot of sixes in this game: you play on a six by six grid, there are six, six sided dice in six colours… you get the idea. Also, if you have at least six items or spells, you can trade in one of them (put it back in the bag) to reroll another. It’s a sort of free go.

The game ends in one of two ways: either you run out of dice to draw and neither of you has finished (boo!) though this doesn't happen very often, or one of you has completed their Dungeon Waffle (hooray!) and, very importantly, has all the equipment needed to get through it. In the latter case the other player can have one last go (but they must not affect the first player’s score). Whichever way the game ends, you both count up the experience you have earned. You get points for finishing a route and for any treasure you have found.

There are a few other bits and pieces, like how you can use a Wish-net to save wishes for later, or the magic Vorpal Sword which can defeat anything with a single swipe. There are other monsters to encounter and the dread Cursed Cross-roads. These are all explained in the rules, but the above should give you an idea of how the game is played.

Stretch Goals

When manufacturing a game like The Dungeon Waffle, the more copies I order, the cheaper each unit becomes. I’m not publishing this game with the aim of making lots of money (!) so I’ve worked out that at certain levels of funding I can afford to include some free bonuses. Both of these stretch goals require two copies of the game to play which is why they are currently only available to the Two Copies and Four Copies pledge levels.

If the funding total reaches £25,000...

Three player Triple Waffle. 

This turns one and a half sets of The Dungeon Waffle into a three player game. The Dungeon Waffle mutates to grow an extra arm…

And if the funding total reaches £35,000...

Four player Waffle Cross. 

This turns two sets of the Dungeon Waffle into a four player game. Another Dungeon Waffle metamorphosis!

Big Thanks...

To all the people who have play-tested the game, and suggested improvements, from family members, friends and friends of friends to complete strangers at my local games shop (thank-you Eclectic Games, Reading), and the London Playtest UK meetup group.

Thanks also to Rob Harris and all the play-testers at the Playtest Zone at UK Games Expos 2016 & 2017, some of whom I've quoted at the top of this page (What do people say about The Dungeon Waffle?).

The video music was provided by and

Lastly thank-you Fletch and all at for allowing me to use their wonderful dragon mask in my video!

If you are interested:

How the prototype was made, I’ve always enjoyed time-lapse videos (keep an eye on the clock!)

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

If you want to know more there is an entry for the Dungeon Waffle on BoardGameGeek You can also download the rules here

...and finally

Just to clarify: everything you see above is from the game prototype. In the production version of the game the dice will be made from acrylic, with silk screen printed faces, and the waffle will be made from 1.9mm (1170gsm) cardstock with a linen finish.

Risks and challenges

With any Kickstarter project there are risks, but I hope to keep these to a minimum.

The game itself is complete and ready to go – all rules, artwork and design is finished.

I have extensively researched publishing companies and have settled on one which has a lot of experience with Kickstarter projects and is based in Europe so there will be no communication issues. If necessary this company can also provide fulfilment.

Postage costs have been based on the size and weight of the prototype. If I can reduce these in any way I will, of course pass any savings on to my backers.

The manufacturer has promised a production time of approximately 14 weeks, but, as with any board game, there might be delays, whether during manufacturing, freight, customs clearance or shipping. I have, however, done my best to ensure minimal risk and will continue to do so until the project is finished and all copies of The Dungeon Waffle are delivered.

I will also keep all my backers informed of the progress the project is making with regular updates.

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