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Our film entitled "Electric" is a tale of loneliness, rebirth and electrocution.

Our film entitled "Electric" is a tale of loneliness, rebirth and electrocution. Read More
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Electric is a black comedy about a man who has given up on life. He is merely content to eke out a wearisome existence, stuck in a never-ending rut of boredom and familiarity - until one day an electrical accident turns out to be the shock he needed to awaken from this mundane life. 

While idly twirling his fork in the toaster, he gets a violent electric shock which flicks a switch in his brain, a switch that has long been turned off. He feels joy again. Simple, unadulterated ecstasy. However the feeling of joy is short-lived and he needs to recapture it. To do so, he begins shocking himself repeatedly. The electricity flows through him and he once again revels in life. 

But what of the rest of the world? Shouldn't they too bear witness to the giddy heights of his own personal brand of electric shock treatment? Our hero sets out on a quest to change the world, to open people's eyes, to help his fellow man. The electric messiah, delivering a shocking message to the world. But will he survive long enough to fully spread the word?


Owain Pennington and Owen Watts are two talented directors from New Zealand, currently trying to make their mark in London. We are confident in our ability to create a unique and exciting vision... a world that we have been dreaming about/ obsessing over for a disturbing amount of time. 


I have always been a fan of the surreal, the eccentric and the unusual... essentially the type of film that would struggle to get funding through the regular channels. With the advent of kickstarter we saw an opportunity to get this film made. We just need your support!


We have assembled a cast and crew of talented individuals, all of whom are excited to be involved in this project. We have cast Sam Claflin (Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hunger Games 2) in the lead role. We also managed to secure the use of a RED Epic to shoot on, so we can shoot in incredibly high resolution to create the best quality film possible. 

There are still many challenges we'll be facing in bringing this project to life. But they are not insurmountable. That is why we have assembled an extremely talented and passionate group of filmmakers to bring this project to life. Everyone involved in this project brings a wealth of experience, skills and enthusiasm to the table. We are all waiting excitedly to see if we will get the chance to make this ambitious and exciting film.


We need your help to secure funds to cover: 

Production costs: 

Lighting, Grip, Audio and Location Hire. 

Crew expenses, food. With long days on set it is necessary to feed people... so they don't hate us. 

Green screen studio hire: To shoot the films green screen scenes. 


To create the surreal animation sequences in the film we need to work with talented animators. 

Editing costs: 

We have an in-house editor, however there will be necessary costs such as hard drives associated with working on the RED and managing large media files. 

WHY £9437 ?

When we initially started shooting our Kickstarter promo and set our budget, Kickstarter was only available to residents of the US... so we tailored our promo to that setting our goal at $15 000. However now kickstarter is open to UK Residents as well and we live in London... so we did a quick currency conversion, which told us that $15 000 is equivalent to £9437 - our funding goal (and a nice round number). 


Because you can! We can't do this without you... so let's all make an amazing film!

Risks and challenges

Within the film we are attempting to create a lot of complicated animation and green screen sequences - to create the surreal atmosphere of the film. It will be challenging realising the scenes in the way we have envisioned. However, we have enlisted the help of skilled animators and created a large array of concept art in order to help fully realise the ideas that we believe will make this film entertaining and exciting.
We will spend the time researching and visualising everything properly... This will include doing test shoots to ensure that when we reach the shoot day we will be fully versed in all the necessary technical aspects required to make these scenes work!
We have also given ourselves plenty of time within the filming period (5 days of shooting) so that we don't have to rush the production process.
A final risk is that the editing and animation process will take longer than expected... But our team has worked under time pressure before, and have developed the necessary skill sets to ensure we make the deadlines for this production!

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