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The most compact and affordable, virtual reality motion simulator. Small, lightweight, silent, with 3DoF and high dynamic range
The most compact and affordable, virtual reality motion simulator. Small, lightweight, silent, with 3DoF and high dynamic range
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UPDATE #15 - Production status - Potential Investor

Posted by Industrial Cybernetics (Creator)

Hi Guys,

as I promised, here is a short update about the status of  production. 

As you know we have finished the first assembly of the new design. This week we had a 3 days stress test on Budapest Automotive Expo. The result is great, the new design works well.

There are three issues that are keeping us away from starting the production and delivery.

1; We have to finish the led strip mounting on the bottom edge, which is not a complicated task, will be done on next week.

2; Yaw VR has an IMU (position tracker) with low power bluetooth connection to the simulator. The data transfer, bluetooth connection, battery charging are great, but we are still working on to fix some bugs on the postition data processing. We can get the breakthrough on any day.

3; The motors unfortunately are still on its way, we have about 30 motors inhouse so we can produce about 10 units, but the rest 280 motors for standard version is not arrived yet. I will update you when we know the exact date of arrival.

Regarding PRO version. After we start the Standard's delivery, it will take about 2-3 weeks to finish the bacrest, all the other extras (stronger motors -not arrived yet-, stronger structure, vibration, programmable leds) are ready to go. 

We had an Investor meeting last week and we have received the confirmation to move forward and work on the Investment Term Sheet. Basically it doesn't effect the manufacturing, but if we can close the investment process until January, we will be able to work with a much larger team and speed up the business and product development.

We are still working hard to deliver you Guys as soon as possible, thank you for your patience and support!

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    1. Industrial Cybernetics 2-time creator on

      @Stephen Brown we will contact all the backers one by one before we manufacture their device and will clarify the final setup (color, extras etc.)

    2. Stephen Brown on

      @Industrial Cybernetics 2-Time Creator: Great to know the Pro model is still aiming for 2018 :) Will there be a new survey out for the Pro to choose the design and confirm the additional parts?

    3. Industrial Cybernetics 2-time creator on

      Jurriaan: I hope we can start PRO delivery before Yanuary. I also hope we can solve the bluetooth issue still this week.

    4. Missing avatar

      上田和久 on

      I want to watch more videos

    5. Jurriaan Wittenberg on

      Sounds good! Tnx for the update.
      It's a bit unclear to me what you can and can't do until January. Do you have a schedule for the planning that you can share? Obviously with the caveat that things can change.

    6. Missing avatar

      Flyboy2000 on

      yawVR is looking solid.. wow, just wow. i am telling you, yawVR will be in movie theater VR booths, and VR arcades.. everywhere!

    7. Missing avatar

      Hasan on

      Will it have holding part on the side? Can you guys mount joystick kinda holders?