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The most compact and affordable, virtual reality motion simulator. Small, lightweight, silent, with 3DoF and high dynamic range
The most compact and affordable, virtual reality motion simulator. Small, lightweight, silent, with 3DoF and high dynamic range
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UPDATE #13 - New design, SDK

Posted by Industrial Cybernetics (Creator)

Hi Backers,

we have lots of things done recently. First of all, thanks for your patience. We are working hard to start the delivery and getting closer to it from day to day.

We have received most of the plastic parts

 The coloring has been started as well and we have finished the production of the new bottom part

We have started to assemble the metallic parts

 And maybe the most important result, we have assembled the first device with the final desing.
There will be some minor changes (e.g. led lighting placement), but it is 99% final.
So our expectation is to assemble the first real, final product in 1-2 weeks.

Also an important step that we have released the SDK for Unity (Unreal coming soon) and an emulator for PC, MacOS and Android (iOS coming soon)

 You can download all the tools and docs from our website:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Flyboy2000 on

      @jurrian: yes, i saw that update.. i know they changed the design of the base! im glad development had a stress test out there.

    2. Jurriaan Wittenberg on

      @flyboy: they wrote in an update that actually in China they noted people stepping on the base wrongly so they changed the design after China.

    3. Missing avatar

      Flyboy2000 on

      i just watch the time-lapse video of your visit to china, i dont see the wheel capsules.. so i guess the new design was tested, an you shared that new design was successful... i am excited for yawVR <3 ...only oculus rift V2 is the only thing that can supercede my excitement for VR... :p

    4. Missing avatar

      Flyboy2000 on

      i am just curious about new design... the old design had 3 wheel capsules that i thought would keep the sphere from tipping out of the base along with providing movement... new design, all mechanical is under the sphere.. i guess that allows for increase tilt.. but i also worry that too much can send the sphere off the base?

    5. Missing avatar

      Arne on

      Nice greetinhs from backer #125! (I saw you on a Dutch news website in Feb).

      Great to see you have the first production line going :)

      Congratulations on the great progress.

      Nice to think that my YawVr might be in that batch already. Would it be an idea to put a few signatures on them maybe?

    6. Jurriaan Wittenberg on

      @flyboy I once a a programmer and I would like to give it a try if I can create something by my own yes. It'll probably be very crude.

      Good thing is... I have this one idea💡.
      Nope... Not telling! 😉

    7. Missing avatar

      Flyboy2000 on

      wow..the emulator... i wondering if i can start playing now, and play with simtools and my desired supported games...

      @oren.. i will join the discord!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Flyboy2000 on

      @Jurriaan: why do you want to understand unity? do you plan to develop games?

      if i am mis-understanding, the SDK is for game developers. I plan to use yawVR for game titles that are supported by simtools (dirt rally, DCS world, elite dangerous). i dont know how does simtools interface with yawVR, but there is already information about how simtools connects with supported games. As far as the SDK, i dont think that applies to me because im not making any games?

      have a great weekend everyone!

    9. Missing avatar

      Phyrun Heng on

      Any update on other features during Kickstarter, such as Vibration? I really want vibration as that's important to make it realistic.

    10. oren ben jacob on

      Hey Flyboy2000 you should join our discord, we are more then 20+ people already [backers] here's a link:

    11. Jurriaan Wittenberg on

      "Fear effort" duh... GREAT EFFORT!!

      Any chance on a currently planned schedule you're trying to achieve? Also for us poor old pro users 🤣😉


    12. Jurriaan Wittenberg on

      I agree with Flyboy on all accounts. This is starting to look very good! I'll also have to wait for the pro edition. But now we have the sdk at least we can pretend that we have our sim 😉👍
      I'm on holiday right now but when I return I'm gonna put some effort into understanding unity and the emulator.

      Fear effort guys! Seems to be well worth the wait.

    13. Missing avatar

      Flyboy2000 on

      you guys have outdone yourselves. that machine loooks SEXYYYYYYYY. this is the only hadware i am looking forward to before the next version of the oculus rift. i am jealous about the standard editions backs who will touch yawVR first.. i will patiently wait for my Pro Version :) :) :) i cant wait!! i look forward to playing around with settings and share between yawVR owners and give feeback to get the best experience out of the product...