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Join us as we reimagine exciting arrangements of chamber jazz from the 1930s. Pre-order the album, bonus tracks, and more!
Join us as we reimagine exciting arrangements of chamber jazz from the 1930s. Pre-order the album, bonus tracks, and more!
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Behind The Scenes with the Ghost Train Orchestra

Hi friends,

We passed the 40% mark! Thanks to all who have contributed so far. Please help us spread the word by sharing this link!

I mentioned before that we recently recorded the "basics". What this means is we recorded just the fundamentals of the band (horns, strings, and rhythm section) without all of the remaining overdubs (choir, percussion, harmonica, voice, etc), and mixing we need to do in order to finish the recording. Here is a short video and some photos from that session at Brooklyn Recording Studio taken by me and violist Tanya Kalmanovitch. I'll be posting more just for the backers as we get closer to the finish line...

Danny Blume and I listening back. I guess this is what happens to your hair when you wear headphones all day...

The very talented Danny Blume, our man behind the curtain. Danny and I also worked together on our last album Hothouse Stomp and the first Beat Circus album. He won a Grammy a few years back for his work on the Klezmatics record Wonder Wheel. I love working with Danny...and he's a great guitarist!

Petr Cancura taking a break on one of the studio guitars. He and Dennis both play the mandolin as well. I swear on one of these albums I'm going to have dueling mandolins.

Mazz taking it all in at the end of the last night.

Listening back...with Avi Bortnick and Andy Laster

Petr taking another break on acoustic this a recording session or what?

Mazz listening back and looking glamorous as usual!

Petr Cancura doubles on clarinet and tenor saxophone. This must have been on the early side of the session before we all started getting grumpy. (Actually on second thought, I was probably the only one who got grumpy...oh well...)

Avi Bortnick finding the right amp. Avi has one of my favorite sounds on guitar. He and I go way back to college days. In 1994 I played in a funk band he led in Gainesville, Florida called What It Is! Avi's one of the world's great rhythm guitarists. He played in John Scofield's band for many years. Ironically he plays almost no rhythm guitar on this record. He really knocked it out of the park on this record. I can't wait for people to hear it.

Dennis Lichtman and Petr Cancura

Panoramic shot by Avi Bortnick from where he was seated

Petr and Andy Laster working at the end of the night on a particularly difficult passage from Raymond Scott's composition "Celebration on the Planet Mars". Scott formulated his melodic ideas on the piano and instructed his members to play the lines. According to those who played with him, he "didn't give a damn if it was possible to play on the clarinet or not."

Andy declares victory!!!

A quick scene getting the reed sounds on the piece "Charlie's Prelude"...


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