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Update #2 - For backers only

Well, the day has finally arrived.


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    The small burst of pleasure one gets from an act of charity and a bootlegged copy of my short films.

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    A Pay to Park DVD, postcard, a gargantuan hug by the director at the occasion of our next encounter and a bag of Grippo's barbecue potato chips. They have MSG in them, but they're damn tasty.

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    A Redlegs DVD, postcard, official movie poster signed by the director, the gargantuan hug previous mentioned and 5 packets of Cincinnati Style chili mix. Add ground beef, water, tomato paste. Mix, saute, boil, serve over spaghetti or hot dogs with copious amounts of cheese. Voila!

  • Pledge $120 or more
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    A Pay to Park DVD, postcard, T-shirt or Trucker Hat (your choice), gargantuan hug and a bottle of Montgomery Inn BBQ Sauce and 2 racks of ribs from a small family farmer in your area of the country.

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    A "Special Thanks" in the credits, A Redlegs signed poster, postcard, DVD, T-shirt or Trucker Hat, plus I will come to your home (wherever you live) sometime during the international festival run of our film and make you a delicious dinner (I'm an outstanding cook) with ingredients you choose that I will procure with my New York State food stamps. So please, if you live in California or Ohio, make sure the ingredients are non perishable! Oh, and we'll get to hang out and watch the movie.

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    A bona fide "Executive Producer" credit, admittance to the World Premiere screening of the film at a major American film festival, a dinner with the director and stars at your discretion and every other item listed at the other pledge levels (postcard, T-shirt, DVD, Hat, Chips, Chili, Sauce, Ribs).

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