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Learn how to create PDFs using the popular Python programming language and the ReportLab toolkit
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    1. Missing avatar

      Georges on

      Line numbers for hardcopy and no line for ebook if possible

    2. Missing avatar

      Larry (Larz60+) on

      I hate them, unless you can still copy without picking up the numbers.

    3. Missing avatar

      BoarGules on

      If the text refers to the line numbers, leave them in. If not, not. So typically short examples will not need them. For longer examples, most of us have text editors with column mode selection so getting rid of them isn't all that hard.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mirek on

      I prefer not to copy paste but to write the code down for better understanding and better learning objective. So for me line numbers are great especially when there are explanations of bigger parts of code.
      Best regards

    5. Steve Barnes on

      Line numbers are good when you are explaining what is going on in the code. Links to GitHub remove the need for copy & paste but of course are no use if you have no internet connection, (or just an expensive one). I was wondering if, in the majority of your supported e-book formats, there wasn't a toggle line numbers option.

    6. Emil Geiger on

      Yes, I also think that it's a good idea to use line numbers only for longer code and links to GitHub.

    7. Aleksey on

      I agree with Keven Webb and Kent Tenney. Line numbers are good for big chunks of code. And direct links to files on GitHub would be appreciated.

    8. Keven Webb on

      Assuming there is a public repo with the examples, I tend to agree with Kent -- use line numbers except for short examples.

      If you can have the link to the specific repo file at the bottom of the example, that would be helpful.

    9. Osrosk on

      I like line numbers on complete scripts (as opposed to small code snippets that can't be run on their own) when reading. I don't like line numbers when copy pasting...
      Since you offer the scripts on Github, I vote for line numbers on.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kent Tenney on

      Will there be a repo for example code?
      Y: numbers in the book

      Are the code samples long enough for #s to be a benefit?
      Y: numbers in the book
      short examples: no #s

    11. Ron Ridley on

      I vote for no line numbers

    12. Ethan Furman

      When the ebooks are created is it possible to have line numbers, but leave them out of the selection block so they don't get copied?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Hamilton on

      My vote would be no line numbers.