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Learn wxPython by creating simple applications. You will also learn how to add new features and distribute your applications
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Stretch Goals

Posted by Mike Driscoll (Creator)


I usually post something about stretch goals when we hit the fully funded mark, but I delayed myself a bit on this topic as I wanted to make sure I could get all the currently promised applications working the way I want them to. 

For example, I have the archiving and PDF merging applications that still need to be created. I just put the finishing touches on prototype of the archiving application so that it can create tarballs. 

Anyway, here are a couple of other applications I am considering:

  • MP3 tag editor
  • Music player
  • Text editor

The stretch goal will be $5500 to add two or more applications to the book. Feel free to suggest other simple applications you would like to see or vote on one or more of these suggestions.



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    1. Mike Driscoll 7-time creator on

      @Joe - I can do that

    2. Joe Hein on

      So I see the 'turn your applications into executables for Windows' in the project description, but how about making a Windows installer for our application?

    3. Mike Driscoll 7-time creator on

      @Georges - I am not sure what you mean in your first idea. The second one should be doable though. I will think about it

    4. Mike Driscoll 7-time creator on

      @Ryand and @Andrew - Yes, that does sound interesting. I did a little playing around with the API on Friday and it doesn't appear to be difficult to use with regular Python and requests, so I will look into seeing what I can do with it in wxPython

    5. Kristian Skou Olsen on

      It could also be interesting with an example that uses a Bluetooth Low Energy device.

    6. Missing avatar

      Georges on

      Hello There good to see your new project me i was thinking about a virtual assistant app:
      - where you can store short hotkey and then use some commands or keys combination to bring them back
      - Build a knowledge base to answer specific question

    7. Ryan Jarvis on

      Yeah! Something that show images either randomly or with a search query.

      Both those APIs are free and image based with some metadata. They’re also well documented and stable.

      I figured Auth and API work would be a really great example. That is always what I’m needing a GUI for. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Nelson on

      Yes, that sounds interesting, doing something with REST API integration

    9. Mike Driscoll 7-time creator on

      @Ryan - That sounds interesting. Are you suggesting connecting to NASA's API and downloading photos in the app?

    10. Ryan Jarvis on

      How about something that interacts with a simple REST API? I’m imagining something like NASA’s collection of pictures and facts or Cooper Hewitt’s public api.