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Kiddoki is a news site for kids 9-12 yrs old. Its goals: improve reading & comprehension, and prepare kids to be informed citizens.

What we want to do

Kiddoki is the first online daily news site in English for kids 9-12 in the world. Our mission is to help improve literacy using multi-media tools, and to increase awareness of the world. In short, to prepare kids to be global, informed, and active citizens.

Here are some of our initial designs: - Home page - Article page - Feature article page - Section page - Section with map - Kids/Teachers article page - Graphic aggregation page

Core Features and Functionality: * ~15 daily stories: 1 feature story illustrated by either photo, video and / or graphic * Stories are written at the age range level and based on kids' centers of interests * 1 graphic or animated graphic linking the feature story to a school’s curriculum * All articles are linked to a Google map * Highlighted difficult words linked to a dictionary (all words are clickable to show their definition and pronunciation) * Audio read-alouds * Recording of voice while reading the story; ability to send to teacher or parent * Challenge of the Day: Questions and answers for each story * Capability to save articles in account profile * Ability to comment and share articles * Print-friendly version of each article, and each day

Additional Content and Services: * Suggestions to teachers and / or parents on topics to discuss with their kids * Selected lesson plans for the feature story * Topic pages: aggregation of content on specific topics (e.g. dinosaurs, climate, solar system, etc.) * Access to graphic archives and maps specifically created for kids * Search article archives

Other cool stuff: * Access to hundreds of online educational activities by grade and subject * Teachers and their students will be able to submit stories for publishing consideration * Kids can earn points through usage of the service, which will be redeemable * Kids can be the editor of the day

The site will be free of charge for basic access. Beyond that, users can sign up to be member of Kiddoki to access the entire site with all features and functionality. Members will also access to Kiddoki select partner content and services, as well as special discounts. There are membership packages for individuals (family and teacher) and groups (classroom and school).

For each membership, we will offer a free membership to a kid in need. Selection will be based on a partnership with a non-profit organization.

We are also planning on giving away at least 25% of our profit each year to an educational cause. We really want to do our part!

What's our plan

We’re in the midst of creating Kiddoki as you read this… We are planning to launch an alpha version by the end of March/ early April, with a beta version ready for prime-time testing in July.

What will we do with the money

There are 3 things we would like to do with your generous donation: 1- Finish development 2- Hire a journalist to write the articles starting in March 3- Buy a press agency subscription (we already have negotiated a very good deal with one of them)

Where you can learn more... We’re starting to create a buzz around Kiddoki so that people know about the project. Please go to our Facebook page and Twitter to learn even more about what we’re learning on a daily basis around education, reading, etc.

Thanks for visiting our Kickstarter page! Hopefully we’ve convinced you to help support us in this important endeavor! Any amount is extremely appreciated…


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