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OpenScope is a multi-function programmable instrument used for capturing, visualizing, and controlling analog and digital signals.
OpenScope is a multi-function programmable instrument used for capturing, visualizing, and controlling analog and digital signals.
OpenScope is a multi-function programmable instrument used for capturing, visualizing, and controlling analog and digital signals.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Garry Page about 7 hours ago

      I have to admit this is the worst Kickstarter experience I have had to endure. Please note that I was a backer of a Kickstarter project that was 2 years late. That project did a much, much better job at communicating which kept the vast majority of backers happy with the slow progress.

    2. Will Elliott on November 16

      Are there any updates on the workbook? However many backers opted to stay with the workbook, many of us will be travelling over the holidays and need to know if we should expect packages in mid/late December. This wasn't a major concern when the last update came out two months ago, but you should at least let us know now.

    3. Dirk Wouters
      on November 10

      No answer, is also an answer. But apparently, this dump doesn't care about the backers. They've got their money...

      Apparently it's too much to write an update after almost 2 months.

      If they write the workbook with this devotion, it can only take a few more years.

      How a company communicates says a lot about its competence. There doesn't seem to be either here.

    4. Pin Shih Wang on November 7

      Hello~ Any update about workbook? I’m still waiting.....

    5. Dirk Wouters
      on November 3

      11 months to October. Maybe a new update will be released in 11 months, when the Learning Edition with book will finally be sent out...

    6. Missing avatar

      Garry Page on November 3

      What is happening with Tshirts and case orders with the physical workbook orders?-

    7. Missing avatar

      A Martin on October 30

      Hello, any update on when Learning Edition with physical workbook will be shipped?

      Also, wondering if the Digital Discovery over on your website is complimentary, or significantly overlapping, with OpenScope?

    8. Missing avatar

      Martha Collaborator on October 16

      @Wissan Mapho

      Hello Wissan! Your welcome email containing the ordering information for the Learning Edition (without the workbook) was sent to your gmail address listed on your account on Oct. 3rd. I will send another copy in case it was filtered in Spam. Please let me know if you have not received this today.

    9. Missing avatar

      Wissan Mapho
      on October 15

      Hi, I’m backer#174 Learning Edition. Already responded a couple weeks ago. I don’t want workbook hard copy. Until now, there have no information from creator. Please say something.

    10. Asbjørn Mikkelsen
      on October 11

      Got my Learning edition without manual today,yiihaa! (Oslo, Norway)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Vandegrift on October 3

      It was my understanding that a manual-less Learning Edition would be shipped shortly after Sept 19 (Arrrgh!). That is the reason I opted out of the hardcopy manual.

    12. lpz91 on October 2

      Hi @creator, I also sent you a message about the invoice I have received with my Openscope.

    13. Missing avatar

      Douglas Stewart on September 26

      I did the survey a week ago and I elected to NOT receive a printed manual with the Learning Edition. I received the "Got It" response from Kickstarter, but no info on when the hardware will ship. How can I find out status?

    14. Missing avatar

      Garry Page on September 20

      The survey didn't include T-Shirt quantity options, their sizes or a printed case option which I included by a higher payment.. Will there be another survey. Just in case (no pun intended) there is not going to be another survey I included the quantity breakdown for these items in the notes but that didn't include sizes for the two T-shirts.

    15. Ulisses Vieira Lopes
      on September 20

      Hi @creator, I sent you a message about receiving an Invoice so I can get my openscope form Fedex services (80€ more !!!!).
      Best regards

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Vandegrift on September 19

      Thanks!!! I'm fine with the PDF only and will opt out of the physical manual momentarily.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Vandegrift on September 19

      I have no reason to assume that if I give up the physical copy of the workbook that I will have access to a online version. If someone with official status states that if I surrender my physical manual I will always have access to an online equivalent.

    18. Digilent Creator on September 19

      @Jeffery Yes, all Learning Edition backers will get a PDF version of the workbook, no matter which choice they select.

    19. Asbjørn Mikkelsen
      on September 19

      @Jeffrey, I don't think that is confusing at all, it says "I'd like a PHYSICAL copy of the workbook and don't mind waiting"

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Vandegrift on September 19

      I'm confused. I've been given the option of not getting the print copy of the workbook for the learning edition in exchange for getting OpenScope (was Learning Edition) NOW. That would be great except that I don't know whether I'd have access to an online version if I opt out of the print version.

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Bracken on September 19

      If you are looking for a 3D printable case for the Openscope, you can find one on Thingverse at the following link:

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Hohne
      on September 19

      Hi Martha, I'm also still waiting for my OpenScope. Could you send me an email with follow up steps as well? Tnx.

    23. Missing avatar

      Thomas Churchill
      on September 19

      My extra reward was shipped to the wrong address and I am still waiting for a replacement. I sent several emails to Larissa but am still waiting.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Reid
      on September 18

      Can anyone point me towards a FAQ or other instructions on how to use the OpenScope MZ with my Android device? No Internet access; no local WiFi network: only an Android device and the OpenScope MZ.

      Not having any luck searching the Digilent website.

      Many thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Vandegrift on September 18

      Please split my delivery into the OpenScope to be sent this week and the Learning Edition stuff to be sent when ready. I am debugging a PWM ADC application right now without a scope and it is not what I signed up for!

    26. Will Elliott on September 18

      I know the last statement said that early September was a more realistic ship date for the Learning Editions than August, but we're more than halfway through September and all of us backers still waiting for our orders would certainly appreciate it.

    27. Dirk Wouters
      on September 17

      Where is the update? How arrogant do you have to be to collect the money and not even keep the sponsors informed?

    28. Asbjørn Mikkelsen
      on September 13

      Did anyone create an case that we can 3dprint for the unit?

    29. Asbjørn Mikkelsen
      on September 13

      So, we are still waiting for the openscope learning edition to ship, which was supposed to ship in August, and it's now mid-September
      Was the workbook supposed to be printed paper?, can't it just be PDF, so you can ship the kit, and then we can get the pdf as it gets finished?
      Typically I want to copy&paste anyway if there is code examples and such.

    30. Missing avatar

      Martha Collaborator on September 5

      @Michael Savage

      I've sent an email including the instructions on obtaining your OpenScope!

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Savage on September 5

      I'm still waiting for my OpenScope kit? It's been some time and no shipment has occured. I wanted
      to purchase additional units but I'm afraid to do so because of the huge delays. Any idea when I will receive my OpenScope? Take care.

    32. Larissa Swanland Collaborator on August 31

      Hello again Dirk. I'm sorry we keep interacting this way.

      The workbook is taking more time than I had hoped, but it is in progress. Many of the exercises needed to be adjusted for the bandwidth of the scope + I didn't fully understand how long layout and assembly would take. Having said that, we won't be too late in delivering the Learning Editions.

      Since this is not your first time of displeasure, I'd like to offer the option to request a refund. I personally feel that the wait , with perhaps a month over the promise date is worth it, but since I'm the one doing the "worthless booklet", I am clearly biased.

      I will message you.

    33. Dirk Wouters
      on August 31

      No answer, is also an answer....

      Well, Digilent's got the money now. And they sell a lot through the shop. They don't seem to give a shit about the few donors for the Learning Edition.

      At least now I know where I'm guaranteed never to order again.

    34. Dirk Wouters
      on August 27

      How many months will it take to create a ridiculous little booklet? Maybe you'll send out the rest of the Learning edition at least once. It can't be really that we have to wait forever, because the time to finish is missing...

    35. Missing avatar

      Tony Kao on August 25

      I'm baker 134 still didn't receive my OpenScope

    36. Vladimir on August 18

      It looks like we cannot ship to Russia directly and will need to refund you your money.

      Since Digilent has proved in his helplessness to deliver "anywhere in the world", I guess it will be fair to compensate me the expence of shipping intermediary from New Jersey to Moscow in amount of $ 20.
      I am ready to provide all the necessary documents.

    37. Dirk Wouters
      on August 10

      What is now with the promised update? (Kickstarter OpenScope Learning Edition)

    38. Missing avatar

      Sam Kristoff Collaborator on August 10

      Hey Paul,

      You can find all the specs at

      The oscilloscope input range is ±20V.


    39. Paul Kline on August 10

      What's the max voltage input for the oscilloscope?

    40. Andrew Moore on August 8

      @Martha, thank you, found email and Openscope ordered.

    41. Missing avatar

      Martha Collaborator on August 7

      @Andrew Moore

      I've sent another welcome email to you (coupon is in red text towards the bottom)! Please check your Spam folder if it doesn't show up in your inbox soon.

    42. Andrew Moore on August 7

      @Diligent - i have logged into my account, but i have not recieved an email with coupon code, can you confirm if mine has been sent out.

    43. Dirk Wouters
      on August 7

      Since the last update was a few months ago, I wanted to ask how it looks with the "Learning Edition". Would be nice to get a status.

    44. Missing avatar

      Thomas Churchill
      on August 5

      I was promised accessories which I paid for. They were shown as delivered on July 24th. They were delivered to the wrong address. They were sent to Longmont, CO instead of Warrenville, IL. The FedEx tracking number was 787282280065. Please correct this problem. I attempted emailing you twice. I received no reply the first time and the email was rejected the second time because your mailbox was full

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Vandegrift on August 4

      Never received the survey... how do I get my reward?

    46. Missing avatar

      Mike West on August 4

      Signed up and paid for First Production Run, waiting for OpenScope to arrive - what is current ETA?

    47. Digilent Creator on August 1


      The email that you should have used is the one you supplied in your survey response. This may not be the same as your old Digilent account years ago.
      I will have your email instructions resent. Inside of that email is your instructions + your code.
      Please follow the directions.

    48. Vladimir on August 1

      "This happens if you do not log in with the account that was set up for you."
      What account do you mean? I used my ordinary digilent account created years ago.
      And I do not have any special account from you.

    49. Vladimir on August 1

      1. The instructions I receved by mail were with empty pictures.
      2. I followed the instructioms character by character, including idiotic reset password requirement.
      3. All results were absolutely similar to instruction, excluding the final score=$79

      Is it possible to reset all this shit and start from the very beginning?

    50. Digilent Creator on August 1

      When we set up the Kickstarter rewards, we had limited options on how we could choose. However, I apologize that this wasn't found out until afterwards.

      The $79 price-- did you follow our instructions mailed to you? Would you like us to re-send them? This happens if you do not log in with the account that was set up for you. If you are logged in and you use the provided code, everything should come out to $0.

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