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The Herb Wheel is a perfect kitchen-companion for chefs of all kinds with a wide array of foods and the herbs that best accompany them.
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B.P. Storn

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Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel Thank You & APP


Hello Fellow Kickstarters!

It's been awhile but we found a local app-development company right here in Cincinnati that is very excited about developing Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel into an App!

We expect to go LIVE in March of 2014 (just a few short months away)!

1st up is iOS so all of you iPhone users will get first chance to have Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel App on your device.  God willing, we will roll-out an Android Herb Wheel App in Summer (2014).

Thank you again to ALL our Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel Backers!  

I know it is almost a year away but every single one of you really did Kickstart this project back into life!!  And for that we Thank You with every ounce of gratitude and appreciation!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  And may your 2013 Christmas be a very Merry one indeed!


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    1. Creator B.P. Storn on November 27, 2013

      Great idea, Riff! Not sure it I can get it in for the initial launch but this is perfect for an updated version. And I also like the cross-referencing concept as that is one of the advantages of going digital.

      I will definitely be sharing your ideas w/ our developer!

    2. Creator Riff Conner on November 27, 2013

      Neat. If it's not too late to make suggestions for the app, I'd like to have info on, not just what spices to use for particular foods, but what styles of cuisine. E.g., what spices should I use for Thai food? Or Indian, or Cajun... and (as a bonus idea) if it could cross-index, like say I could mark that I'm cooking beef and want Cantonese flavor, that would be pretty great.