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The Herb Wheel is a perfect kitchen-companion for chefs of all kinds with a wide array of foods and the herbs that best accompany them.
The Herb Wheel is a perfect kitchen-companion for chefs of all kinds with a wide array of foods and the herbs that best accompany them.
857 backers pledged $14,515 to help bring this project to life.

The App has Arrived!


Hello Fellow Kickstarters & Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel Backers!

Just a quick note to let you all know that Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel The Apple App has ARRIVED!!!

Here is the link to download and share: .

Please share with your iPhone/Pad/Mac friends.  

If this is successful we will follow-up with an Android app, updates = more food items, and, potentially, grocery and recipe apps.

Thank You for your support as it was each one of you on this campaign that breathed new life into Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel!!!

Forever Grateful and Appreciative,

BP and the Team

Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel Thank You & APP


Hello Fellow Kickstarters!

It's been awhile but we found a local app-development company right here in Cincinnati that is very excited about developing Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel into an App!

We expect to go LIVE in March of 2014 (just a few short months away)!

1st up is iOS so all of you iPhone users will get first chance to have Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel App on your device.  God willing, we will roll-out an Android Herb Wheel App in Summer (2014).

Thank you again to ALL our Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel Backers!  

I know it is almost a year away but every single one of you really did Kickstart this project back into life!!  And for that we Thank You with every ounce of gratitude and appreciation!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  And may your 2013 Christmas be a very Merry one indeed!


Mashable Takes Notice of Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel-App-Ks Project(s)

Hello Kickstarter Family,

We were going to wait to send out another Update-Reminder but something incredible happened that we just wanted to share with you.

For those that are familiar with you will immediately appreciate this event.  For those that are not please allow me to briefly set the stage.  Mashable is, apparently and unbeknownst to me, one of the hottest sites out there and particularly hot with techies.  And our 2nd project on Ks was not going well at all as of yesterday.  We still have a long, long way to go and, frankly, I am not sure if we will get there.

Regardless, this article and video-report on Mashable is just wild: .  (Or go to and Search (Magnifying Glass on the right) "Herb Wheel".)  And I would not be one bit offended if they changed the screen-shot to a pic of Lauren.  In fact, I recommended it to them.

Congratulations.  You and your pledges made that happen.  You are why Mashable and many others have taken notice of Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel-App-Ks Project(s)!

As for our Ks2 project...Well, let's just say to those that indicated in the surveys that you would like to see us convert The Wheel into an App and/or transition to a v2.0 Plastic Wheel:  We could really use your those pledges.  And the sooner the better.

Check-out the $35 Reward as it is the best value.  We, of course, have Rewards for Everyone including new high-end rewards for anyone that has the means and inclination and really, really wants to see us make The Wheel into an App.

So cruise on over as soon as you can: .

And as always we Thank You and really appreciate your Pledge(s) and Backing!


Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel 2 APP Project is LIVE

Hello Grandma Storn's and Kickstarter Family,

We just launched our 2nd Kickstarter project in response to you, our Backers' requests to convert Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel into an App.  And we want you to be the first to know.

If you have an idea for a Reward that you will back, that we do not already have, let us know.  And we will do our best to create it.

We try our best to walk that line between giving you the best Reward(s) possible and still raising the funds to create the App(s).  As many of you are well aware, projects like these always cost way more than expected with packaging, shipping (which just went up - particulary international shipping), project (Ks) costs, financing (Az) costs, production, time-value of money, etc...etc...etc...

But you are well worth it.

While writing the story for the new project, I recalled a few noteworthy and quotable comments I wanted to include in this project.  When I went back to find them, though, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find a bunch more great and very appreciated comments.  You can find them in BACKERS COMMENTS section of the story.

Please share the link below with your friends and family.  You never know who will appreciate it.  They may not cook themselves but we all know someone that does.

And we have a unique competition, too.  This competition will be of particular interest to all those that are in the IT - Tech world.  We are putting Apple in the ring with Android to see which will win.  So forward the link to your IT friends, too.  The winning platform will be the first Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel App developed and the first launched.

Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel 2 App Project on Kickstarter:

May 2013 Be Your Best Year Yet,


Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel 2 APP

Hello Folks,

We are preparing for our next Kickstarter project and are in search of a really good group of people that can help us turn Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel into an App for both ip and Android markets including help with the whole process from beginning to end.

If you know of good people and/or a good firm in this field, please either send their contact name, information, etc... to me or ask them to contact me.  The closer to Cincinnati the better but, of course, the most important thing is knowledge, experience, and abilities to make a GREAT APP for you and get it out in the marketplace(s) are the most important criteria.

(One person mentioned such a group in St. Louis, I believe, but I could not find that email.)

As for The Wheels Ks Project #1:  I really, really wish I had thought to take a picture of my local post office when I dropped off three boxes of Wheels in the bubble envelopes last week.  I didn't think of it until I was writing the Last Update but it would have been a great last picture of the project.  Someone remind me at the end of our Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel 2 APP Project and I will take and send out the picture of the post-office with your Wheels lined up and ready to go.

I did want to show you a picture of an onion and garlic bulb that started to grow around the beginning of our Ks project.  The onion was just a regular Red Onion, my preference of onions for most situations that call for an onion.  They both just started to grow on their own, particularly the onion, so I stuck them in a glass of water and check out what happened below.  I will be starting my own designed herb and vegetable garden this Spring with these two as the centerpiece.  My old herb garden was haphazard and will be converted to a newer, better Herb garden.

Thank you in advance for your help and support with finding a great design App firm!


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