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The Herb Wheel is a perfect kitchen-companion for chefs of all kinds with a wide array of foods and the herbs that best accompany them.
The Herb Wheel is a perfect kitchen-companion for chefs of all kinds with a wide array of foods and the herbs that best accompany them.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Shane Wintershoven on

      Hi Brian
      Just checking on status of my Australian delivery.
      Thanks in advance, Shane

    2. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Delice,

      I am almost certain yours came back but I will check this weekend.


    3. Missing avatar

      Delice on

      Hi Brian,

      Figuring that the wheels would take a little while to get to me I've waited just in case the got missorted or sent back to you. To date I have not yet recieved my wheels and I submitted my survey as soon as I could. Can you get back to me on what the status on my delivery is, or if you have recieved the wheels back due to some mail error?

      Please let me know as I have also sent you a message previously and have not recieved a response yet.

      Thank you,

    4. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Joely...Sorry you feel that way; particularly given that the last Update was (1) just as much about this first project and Backers as the 2nd and I thought everyone would like to see it (the Mashable article) and (2) the 2nd article is something that just plain makes sense that everyone that purchased an HERB Wheel would be interested in reading (the H&S article). The last thing we want to do is brow-beat or over-advertise.

      The fact is that well over 2/3 of our Backers indicated they are interested in the plastic Wheel and/or Herb Wheel App so, again, it only makes sense that we would reach out to them for a new project. But, we will respond accordingly and re-consider any future updates that are 2nd project focused; keeping updates for...for example exactly like this last one (most recent update about the article on the Herb Wheel and/or articles on the HEALTH BENEFITS of H&S's).

      What we will never do is refrain from connecting to the vast majority of our Backers to appease one (or two). With that said, your comment is duly noted.

      Best of Luck to you in your life and endeavors. (And if anyone else feels this way, do not hesitate to let me know - via comment or, more appropriately, via a direct-private-discreet email.)

      To ALL: May 2013 Be Your Best Year Yet,

    5. Joely Polokoff on

      ok, now I'm getting upset.. a while ago you said you'd have one more update. Please stop re-marketing your products this way. Start another kickstarter program and let people opt into it. This is getting to be harassing now. Your Kickstarter project is over, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP mailing me more updates! I wil report you if this continues.

    6. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Lisa. I am not sure who John is but...) No worries RE the late survey. I understand. Unfortunately it's just bad timing w/ the changes in USPS' rates. Life happens. You should receive your Wheel shortly. I am almost certain it was in the group that wen out late (Friday) of last week. As for the App, BlackBerry's 10.0 should support it. I can't imagine RIM would box themselves further in a corner by not supporting major...then again...if it isn't Android applicable, which it probably is not, then...Hmmm. I will ask my developers. My gut is that Bb will have to be later update-upgrade which will depend directly on how many people have BB 10.0's. After all it would not make financial sense to produce a BB only app at this point. We'll See! BP

    7. Lisa Kelley on

      Hi John, I would be glad to support the app project if it supports BlackBerry 10. :) Otherwise, what are my options? I am sad to not receive the wheel, because I thought this was a good product and I was looking forward to using it. Unfortunately my work life got in the way of personal email for a few weeks.

    8. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Lisa. According to the Backer info, your survey was just submitted on Jan. 20th. I sent out all The Wheels (all those I had information-addresses for) by Jan. 8th. I have not yet decided what to do with late surveys. If you are planning on supporting our 2nd Ks project (Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel 2 App Project) and receive PLASTIC Wheels as Rewards, I will combine your Rewards into one to save on shipping; particularly now that the USPS has increased their rates. Let me know about our Ks2 project and we will go from there. Best, BP

    9. Lisa Kelley on

      Hi B.P., I have also not received my herb wheel. I don't generally have any issue with deliveries. Can I get a tracking number to check on they delivery? Thanks in advance.

    10. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Amon. I found your shipping slip so your Wheels definitely went out and have not come back. So we have a bit of a conundrum. I am going to make a one-time exception and re-send your Wheels. BP

    11. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi John...There have been a few issues as can be expected. In your case, tho, I cannot find you anywhere on my shipping list. I will send your Wheels out on Monday w/ a Confirmation on it. My apologies for whatever reason your address was not included in the conversion from Ks to Excel to my shipping software-vendor. BP

    12. Missing avatar

      John Cowan on

      Hi Amon, I see you have had some trouble with delivery of the herb wheels. It is now 2nd February in New Zealand and they have not turned up. Wondering if you have had any feedback on overseas deliveries? Regards John.

    13. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Amon...Your Wheels definitely went out weeks ago. We've had a few shipping issues but that was to be expected. I will re-send yours very soon (w/in 72-hours). Unfortunately the USPS just drastically increased their shipping rates; which is good to know now so we can plan accordingly for our upcoming Ks2 Project: Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel 2 App. Let me know when you get your Wheels! BP

    14. Missing avatar

      Amon Williams on

      Hey Brian, I just was wondering what the status on the wheels were. Are you still sending them out again or were your problems with your shipping vendor resolved? Please let me know, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    15. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Amon...You should have rec'd them by now. I am having more 'fun' issues w/ my shipping vendor which is currently not allowing me to access my shipped accounts. As soon as it is resolved, I will check your order. If nothing is done by Tuesday (Jan. 22nd), I will send your Wheels out again w/ Confirmation this time. BP

    16. Missing avatar

      Amon Williams on

      Hello Brian! I am leaving this message because I still haven't received the wheels. I don't know if they got lost or if maybe I was just missed or whatever, but I thought you should know since it has been over a week since the latest date that you said that we should get the wheels by. I also checked the address that I replied with and that was the correct one so I know that is not the problem. Thanks.

    17. Nicholas Kauter on

      Hey Brian, wheels just arrived. Slightly bent but no damage a few days under the rug wont fix. Thanks a bunch.

    18. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hey geeka! I will replace any defective Wheels. The cardboard idea is good and I have them (they came with The Wheels from the vendor). I will put one or two in with your new Wheels. How many were damaged? BP

    19. geekahedron on

      My wheel arrived today! Sadly, I was another victim of the post office -- despite very clear "Do Not Bend" markings on all sides of the package, my wheel was rather crumpled, punctured in one place, and torn in another. I feel like a simple cardboard backer inside the soft bubble envelope would have gone a long way, but I'm mostly disappointed in the USPS for ruining what has sounded like very careful quality control.

      That said, aesthetic defects don't do anything to the contents, and I'm excited to begin cooking with some of Grandma Storn's suggestions!

    20. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Chris (Hanrahan): Send those pics to me at:

    21. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Shadow! First, THANK YOU for your comments below and we love hearing stories like yours about your grandma! And, of course, we love to hear you will be a backer of our next campaign: Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel 2 APP project here on Ks!

      And yes, we have have several comments from Ks Backers and others requesting a follow-up to Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel involving Wine. In fact, we are already developing a GrandPA Storn's Wine Wheel(s): Wine to Food & Wine to Cheese. We envision these Wheels coming to Kickstarter in the Summer of 2013; probably around July or August.

      May 2013 Be Your Best Year Yet!

    22. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris. Glad to hear you love Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel. Very sorry to hear your Wheel is "mussed" up. The bubble envelopes have done very well for 99% of our shipments. But we want 100% satisfaction so email me pictures of the envelope and The Wheel so we can address the issue w/ the postal service, if necessary.

      And we will send you another Wheel (or Wheels)! We want you completely happy and we hold the responsibility to get them shipped to you in top form.


    23. EndGame - Chris Hanrahan on

      Love my wheel! Wish you had used better envelopes for shipping though :( It came really mussed. Ah well.

    24. Shadow Stalker

      @ B.P. Storn, As this campaign was such a huge success, have you thought about a follow up campaign? One that comes to mind is a Wine Wheel / App. Essentially what type of wine goes best with a particular type of food. It seems like a natural progression for you guys, anyway congratulations on both your campaign and Awesome Herb Wheel. Proud to be a backer : )

    25. Shadow Stalker

      Hi Guys/Girls, received mine today in Australia, One went as a early gift straight away, as my mum was curious about what was in the large package (LOL). Great job guys, but like others I would also back the app (Android) in a heartbeat if another KS campaign is launched. : )

    26. Anne on

      Got mine yesterday. Very happy with them, will be giving away as b-day gifts during the year!

    27. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Thank You Terry and Chris! Thank you for posting your comments! And I am very glad to hear you rec'd them and they are being put to good use. BP

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    29. terry on

      got mine in the post today here in Ireland

      thanks so much


    30. Michael on

      Just got my first four in the mail. They arrived no problem and they are fantastic to use.

      I can't wait to hand these out as gifts. Thank you!

    31. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Joely...They are going USPS. And yours went out last week so you should receive them soon. BP

    32. Joely Polokoff on

      Are they going us postal or FedEx / ups? If the FedEx / ups, I'll need a tracking number for mine... I live on a snowy mountain and it may not be delivered. Thanks!

    33. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Steve...What is your last name? If it is Knight, I will deliver them in person or we can meet-up in Cincinnati (we had better before you head South). If not Knight, you should receive them by Jan. 3rd. If not, let me know.

      Hi Tanya...They are a thicker stock Paper with a coating on them to help them resist water spills but I definitely and highly suggest keeping them up off the counters away from liquids. Best kept w/ magnets on the back-side of your refrigerator or on the inside of kitchen cabinet door; maybe the one that you keep your herbs and spices in makes the most sense.


    34. Missing avatar

      tanya on

      So are the wheels made of paper or plastic?

    35. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      I never received by 10 Herb Wheels. How do I get them?

    36. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Nicholas. The $100/$60/$50 Rewards will go out in the mail today. The $30/$25 and $18/$15 tomorrow and Friday, respectively. Then the $12/$10's/$8/$7 Rewards will all go out on Saturday and/or Monday.

      So at the $18 Pledge Level you should receive your Wheel(s) either within a week of January 1st, 2013.

      Then again, one Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel Backers from Australia told me shipments sometimes get caught up en route and it takes...longer. So let's assume that doesn't happen.)

      Thank You, Nicholas, for backing our 1st Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel project!

    37. Nicholas Kauter on

      Hey B.P, as an international backer I am curious as to whether or not the estimated delivery time is still January 2013?

    38. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      That is music to my ears, Stockton! Thank so much for sharing it. Merry Christmas to you and yours! BP

    39. Stockton Kinsey on

      Thanks so much for getting these out before Christmas. My wife really loved it and I am sure my mom will love it too. Thanks again...and great project!!

    40. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi Jelle. I love it. You are a modern day Do-It-Yourselfer! And we just might need your help w/ the Android side of the Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel App as the developer I thought we were going to use has disappeared on us. Be Well, My Friend, BP

    41. Jelle Veraa on

      I've answered no to the 'will you support the app' because if the wheel is as simple as it seems, I'll make my own Android app for it - of course not to sell it, just for my personal reference :)

      Should you be looking for someone that can build this small (Android, no experience on iPhone or Windows 8) app for you I might be of assistance too.

    42. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Lance!

    43. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Thank You, Helios! And to you, too, for 2013 and beyond. BP

    44. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Congratulations on being successfully funded! All the best for 2013 and onwards :)

    45. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Chris! This has been one wild, wild ride through December.

      One thing is for certain, you folks really did breathe new life into Grandma Storn's Herb Wheel! Thank You!
      And here's big "Hurrah!" for the folks at KickStarter!!!!! Without this site, our friends at Ks, none of this is possible.

    46. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      congrats :D

    47. B.P. Storn 2-time creator on

      Hi K. You are more than welcome! Glad they got to you in-time for Christmas and your NYE party favor! Let anyone that doesn't win it, they will be able to get one on b/n our Ks projects. BP

    48. Missing avatar

      K. Landry on

      B.P. - Just wanted to let you know that I received my wheels today. Awesome! Thanks again for getting them out in time for Christmas.

    49. terry on

      Revolution did not go to plan,,,a bit of a fail,,on the part of me and everybody around me,,,the bank people hate me,,,

      so any way white wine sauce for sea bass

      what you need:

      white wine
      ground white pepper
      fish sauce or fish stock

      1. take the parsley leaves of the stalks===set leaves aside
      2.put stalks on cutting board a lightly bash ( to open them up a bit not too much)
      3.put stalks , wine iin a pan and on a slow cook for 20 minutes,,then strain the wine ( do not boil)
      3. put the wine , parsley leaves, fish stock and cream in the pan and heat up ( do not boil)
      4. when hot add butter and stir fast,,when the butter has melted add pepper to taste,,,

      now i dont use salt in mine because butte,r cream and the fish stock are salty,,but you can if you want

      i dont use flour to thicken,,but you can if you want,,,i think flour and fish do not mix well

      enjoy,,,,,,,2 hour left...yea....happy everything,.................,im going here tomorrow for the end of time..........

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