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Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
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Long-time no see….

Posted by NUDEcnc (Creator)

Hi everyone

I think by now with no updates for such a long time, you all think that I have ceased to exist, packed up all the Kickstarter money and have some amazing time on the Maldives or Bahamas.

I wish 😉… but that’s not true...

Firstly, I couldn't do that with the money from Kickstarter, as it would probably only last for a week.

Secondary- i would never do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still here, working day and night to complete the  CNC machine, as well as the Ncore project.

So what has happened so far…

In regard to the machine

All the main components like: lead screws; linear rails or spindle motor have already arrived (are  in the house).

Custom parts of the machine which must be manufactured on the CNC, are made by me. That’s my plan for the next 2 weeks…

After that I have to make a quick trip to Poland to meet with my sub-contractor, who will be cutting  the machine chassis from the GRANITE stone :).  

 They are great company to work with, as they specialize in manufacturing extremely precise granite precision tables for industry. This will guarantee that the main granite chassis for my machine will be incredibly precise. 

 The finished chassis will be measured with a tool called interferometer . The measuring precision of this is  100 pm (picometer) = 0,0000000001 meter

As soon as chassis will be ready I will start assembling machine together and finally start the production. I am planning to have everything ready, so as soon as the Ncores will be assembled, they will be packed and send to you.

Good news about the design

The slack community is already aware of this, but please check out how the improved surface of the Ncore looks like.

An updated version of the Ncore- will have double the cooling surface! This is great news for the design. It should improve performance by a big margine.  But it doesn’t mean that your temperature will go down by 50% :).

jhanschu on Slack has commented it correctly

“we're chasing the last bit of performance gains with a project like this”.

Truth is that the main problem is not the cooling surface area or copper conductivity, but the CPU die itself. Between heat source (trillions of transistors) and heat exchanger (the Ncore), we have a thick thermal isolator made of SAND!!! (silicon dioxide - SiO2)

Thermal conductivity

Silicon Dioxide - 1.1W/m-K - 1.4W/m-K


         copper - ~385 W/m-K


The main problem is thickness of the CPU die itself :(


May I just remind everyone about our official SLACK channel

It is much easier for me to reply to you over there, plus discussion is still ongoing, If I disappear from Kickstarter for a while this is where you can find me

New member of the team

I would like to welcome a new member to our team Chris. Who will be dealing with the marketing side of my company, at the moment he is preparing whole new shop website, which I hope will be up and running in March. He will be also available on our Slack channel, to discuss with you future of this project and NUDEcnc itself :) 


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    1. Mark Macheta on

      Keep up the great work! Thanks for the progress update!

    2. Missing avatar

      Dillon W McGill on

      Glad to see everything finally coming together.