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Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
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More News.. good and bad

Posted by NUDEcnc (Creator)
Hi guys  

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the support and kind messages. Your response is truly unbelievable, I did mess up and I messed up badly, you should have your product ages ago. Yet…there was literally none of hate or grudge against me and my work, and it is truly unbelievable in the internet era of hate. This shows only the level of you my friends who are involved in this project. I would like to humbly point that out and thank you for all the support again.  

Production update  

As I have said in the last update there was a big mistake in production which was totally the manufactures fault. I have put lots effort into finding the best possible company to provide machining services, neither the less the common custom is the fact that I had to pay upfront for the ordered work. Luckily, I paid only 50% of the overall production costs. After pointing out the error to the manufacturer the whole world literally collapsed.  

Manufacturer not only did not recognise his error but made any form of the contact impossible. They have stopped responding to my emails or phone calls, apparently, the person who was responsible for the project is not available now. I would love to point the name of the company I cannot do that, because of confidentially law. My only option is going to court and fight for my rights.  

So I blew off the of the half of Kickstarter money ( the manufacturing cost+ materials) and end up with literally nothing… but don’t worry I promised that I will deliver the product and I will do it!  

So what is the plan?  

As many of you have already known I have tried multiple options in regards to buying the machine, but even with your Kickstarter support initially, it wasn’t possible.

After all of those problems I started thinking about it again, I have figured out that building my own machine wouldn’t be that difficult and definitively much cheaper than buying one. As I have many years of experience in CNC aerospace, motorsport industry I was able to put a project together. So, I would like to proudly introduce to you my new machine. “Ncut” or NMill” (I haven't decided on the name yet). 

It will be high performance and high precision CNC machine based on a Granite base, due to costs the best and most expensive (machines like Datron are made from this material). I have already contacted many CNC component suppliers and after introducing myself and the Ncore project and other upcoming designs they offered not only full support but great discounts for the components- so the CNC machine project is fully funded!  

Machine design is finished in 95%, main components like granite base, screws, spindle, and servo motors are already ordered. I have also found unit space for the machine and NUDEcnc company premises. Granite base is in production, I expect it to be ready in the New Year time, so the working system should be ready at the end of January  

Why this is the only reasonable option?  

Because I have used all other options...;)

The Ncore was never a standalone project. I have mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign at some point, this was the first component of the Supercomputer which I am planning to build. But I have never explained what it actually means. My plan is to reinvent all the non-electronic components to improved performance (thermal, noise, weight, size, usability, universalness etc)  

So the project includes:  

1. Cpu lapping system- Nlap- low cost, no hassle lapping tool for CPU-s, personally I love this design as it makes lapping dead easy with superb precision (0.02 mm), tool has been made and tested and works brilliantly, 

2. Nkey series- custom keyboards (you can check them out on my website- link),  

3. Ncore-CPU cooling: Ncore V1 and Ncore V2(for LGA 2066) 

4. Ncoin- unique GPU cooling system- which I am even more proud than Ncore itself (patent application was supplied) 

5. 100 % silent computer case, 

6. Sub-zero everyday use cooling system- I have a working prototype, 

7 .Liquid nitrogen CPU and GPU cooling pots (working prototype developed with Buildzoid), 

8. Peltier cooling system. 

Resuming I hope that future plans show you that the only way to fulfil this and future projects, as well as making, is financially profitable is to have my own production line. 

I am sad that I haven’t done that straight after the Kickstarter…that way I would be able to complete your order much quicker. But our life is a learning curve I cannot undo what I have done already, just learn from my mistakes. And once again apologise for not fulfilling the order on time and thank you again for unbelievable support and kind words.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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    1. Mark Macheta on

      Woooooooo so does this mean you will be able to easily make waterblocks for future Intel CPUs too?

    2. Missing avatar

      axel boström on

      hey if you are colabing with Buildzoid then the pot is probably going to be pretty great, sucks that we wont be getting our stuff for a while but on the other hand i dont think id mind buying your upcomming other products liken the GPU cooler as soon as possible or even the entire sub zero thing unless its mega loud like phase change is today

    3. Missing avatar

      John Lacquey on

      I've been considering doing my own Peltier cooling via a heat exchanger in the loop. If you can do that to subzero and make it safe you'll be the hero of many. I am heavy into Prepar3d flight simulator, all my investment in speed is to make that as smooth as possible, and for VR it needs all the speed I can get to the CPU (CPU Bound). There are MANY more like me out there. if you had a solution you'd be a hero. VR Gaming, in general, is bringing back great demand for high-end hardware, with full FOV headsets like Pimax 8K models and the XTAL on the horizon, they need speed and cooling to drive them.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Lacquey on

      Thanks for the updates. Still looking forward to it. Sorry to hear about the mishaps, but when you're as passionate as you seem to be about something it's hard to find another group that isn't just doing it for a job to keep up with you. So I get it. Keep up the great work! So interesting.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Culverhouse on

      Hi, thanks for keeping us up to date, may I make a suggestion? There is a lot of interest in CNC work on youtube, people like This Old Tony, Abom79, Ave, Clickspring and others have really made the field both interesting and accessible to the public and other makers. You already have exposure as your design and product concepts are amazing and have been reviewed by some of the biggest consumer channels. if you would video some of the build of your CNC, different parts of how you program or mill parts I think you could end up with extra backing via other means. I for one would be very interesting in seeing parts made, how you over came issues, the issues that you had to overcome etc, and as someone who does support other channels I'd happily sponsor the channel via say Patreon.

      I will at some point be building my own CNC mill / router so your efforts will affect how I approach my own projects, and this to me would be incredibly useful.

      Anyway just a thought, I am sure others would love to watch this unfold, and the "how i built the part" video will definitely help with people looking to buy your products and you may even get requests for things you hadn't thought of.

      Anyway, all the best


    6. Missing avatar

      Eric blasidell on

      If my shop had cnc machines I would offer my help but all I have are manual machines. I could still help but some cuts such as radiuses can be very time consuming to do manually. Precision wouldn’t be an issue for me, most of my work is within 0.0001in. While I would love to receive my v1 tomorrow I understand the difficulty of this endeavor and the delays that come with it. Personally I would have started with building my own machine but everyone approaches projects differently and has different desires. Please continue to keep us in the loop and take all the time you need. I doubt there is anything that would make sense for me to help with here in America but if there is just let me know.

    7. Adam D on

      It is a real shame to hear stories like this of a company going dark after making a mistake and leaving people high and dry. Keep on the path and keep taking steps towards the finish line.

    8. Zulle on

      I'd just like to say as someone who donated a few bucks just to stay updated with something I found interesting, despite the delays, your communication and transparency has been so much better than others I've backed on kickstarter. Calyos for example raised 20 times the money you did, had twice the delays, missed shipping windows without saying anything, and appears to have lied or hid problems several times.

      And they are a complete company, what you are able to do on your own, while providing regular updates is very admirable. Keep at it and I look forward to seeing you finish this and succeed with some of those interesting future designs, especially the peltier and sub zero 24/7 cooler.