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Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
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The RGB modules and some bad news....

Posted by NUDEcnc (Creator)

Hello my very, very patient Kickstarter backers!

I am happy to announce that the RGB modules are here!! 

 Take a look !! 

They were specially designed for the Ncores! 


 And some bad news...( please don't hate least to too much..)

After I have tested the batch of 40 Ncores I have found a mistake in one critical dimension. The problem is with the copper part (most expensive and time-consuming to manufacture) and the white plastic valve. The problem was created by incorrectly preset measuring tool. So all dimensions have a tiny error which was multiplied by the manufacturer. 

So they will have to go back to the production unit to be redone. 

That will, unfortunately, result with more delay. I will keep you update as soon as I will hear back from the production unit.

I honestly try to make this project work and do whatever is in my power to make this happen. But at the moment the only thing I can do is to honestly apologise for another delay. This project is my biggest achievement right after finding my wife and having 2 great boys. 

So I can promise that I will deliver no matter what, and make all of you happy and proud owners of the Ncore. I own this to all of YOU as payment for your support and a good word and patience. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dillon W McGill on

      Happy holidays, thanks for your continued hard work.

    2. NUDEcnc Creator on

      Thank you very much for your kind words guys. I will not let you down. Please keep calm and wait for the next update, I will share information about not only the Ncore project but ideas about new products from NUDEcnc. You will love it!

    3. Missing avatar

      John Lacquey on

      I love this project. I can wait. Kinda. I trust you bro. Keep up the exciting work!

    4. Mark Macheta on

      We appreciate both your honesty and the work you do. Make sure we get perfect Ncores!

    5. Missing avatar

      ZombieS on

      I can only support what Matt and Axel said, just keep up the hard work !

    6. Matt Voigt on

      Definitely disappointing to see it pushed back. I think it's good to see creators on crowdfunding sites be honest and correct their mistake rather than sell a broken or incomplete promise. Keep up the good work

    7. Missing avatar

      axel boström on

      I'd much rather wait longer and receive something awesome, than get something shoddy right now so don't worry about it.

      Sucks it won't be here in time for Christmas probably, as I was planning on rebuilding my loop into a new case during it, but that can wait a bit I guess