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Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
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Manufacturing update

Posted by NUDEcnc (Creator)


I'd like to give you some good news.

So RGB is working, and looks great :) I'll be sending more pictures soon.

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Manufacturing is going well. 



Please be patient, I honestly try to do my best to give you something that I can be proud of :)  

Thank you to all understanding about small :) delay.

Regards Arek

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      Eric blasidell on

      A word of warning to anyone wanting to use this on the 9900k. The silicon as well as the pcb are different thicknesses than the 8th gen chips. Some slight modifications to the existing ncore design would make it work though.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Durkin on

      So excited, they look awesome! And ya, the 9900k can easily be delidded according to der8auer with the same delid kits as before, no heat needed. And they run so warm that direct die cooling it might be super viable! I can't wait.

    3. Missing avatar

      strjan on

      You are back to bussiness with the 9th Gen!…

    4. NUDEcnc Creator on

      I truly apologise that I missed your message for a refund. You will be the second person who wants to do that :)
      Please contact me via mail PM and I definitely will try to help.

      William Darbishire
      You can go to mt website

      You can buy the block over there.

      P.s. This project and up huge challenge for me and my wife, but I do believe that we are close to making this legit business.
      After hiring 6 people who end up a joke my wife decided to learn how to build a website on her own.
      This is still a working project but you can make orders and contact me. - please let me know what you think

      Regards Arek

    5. Missing avatar

      deanpcmad on

      William, you can contact me as I don't want the block anymore and Arek isn't responding to my messages for a refund

    6. Missing avatar

      William Darbishire on

      Does anybody know how to contact Ron? Please tell him I will buy his block if he doesn't want it. I can't DM him on this platform and his profile is private.

    7. Missing avatar

      William Darbishire on

      Arek for the win! We knew you would get there bro! Also, do you have any plans for future projects?

    8. Missing avatar

      Viridjan on

      Good work!

      The hype is growing

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric blasidell on

      Are you making all the blocks at once or are you doing smaller counts of them?

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric blasidell on

      Thank you for the update. Unlike Ron I think most people will stay with the 8th gen chips since the 9th gen will lack hyperthreading unless you fork out for an i9.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alan George on

      So awesome. Can't wait to try these bad boys out!

    12. Missing avatar

      Ron L on

      Progress is great but it's starting to look like I'll be upgrading my cpu before getting my waterblock.