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Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
Ncore is a waterblock designed for Naked Die Cooling with an integrated IHS, unique "in socket" mounting and adjustable waterflow.
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Manufacturing of the Ncore, the date is here! My nervous breakdown, as sad news hit the internet...

Posted by NUDEcnc (Creator)

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of contact. I won’ t make any excuses as I could have written something. I can only say simply yet honestly: I am SORRY. 

Now about the current situation:  

1. I will not be able to deliver on time :( 

But I will get to that later on.  

2. The Ncore V2 is almost ready!!!  

 - a totally new shape!!!

 - more than a double cooling surface (copper- water)

 - an RGB!- Yes, I have been listening

 - As I have learnt many things from the first design I end up redesigning Ncore from the ground up.  

A teaser render.  

But dont get too excitied...see point 8.

3. Where T.F. is machine ??!!!

 I want to be very clear. This is not political propaganda, this is an honest voice of the one small person. My idea was to get enough money to buy a machine and setup it up in my back garden, as my own workshop and make your dreams come true :) Teach my 2 boys what I know and try to make YouTube videos with my wife :D  

I ended up with 14.9K from the Kickstarter (after taxes and fees). It is, let's say, impossible to buy any decent machine for that sort of money. Then I have considered taking a loan. I did visit 2 manufactures and spoke with another 20+ from all around the World. Meanwhile, BREXIT started hitting hard my beloved country EU, state UK :). And this changes a lot in my situation. It would be totally irresponsible to buy a machine in this circumstances. 

As I'm Polish and I know many EU standard companies in Poland I decided to rent a machine in there. At the moment I have appointments with 2 companies. I'll be away from 27.08- 04.09 when I will do machine setup and program optimization. I am planning to manufacture 50+ prototypes. The second appointment is right after, with the same plan. Please understand that I want to have a full control over the project to guarantee the highest quality.  

4. As soon as I will be happy with the results I want to start the production.  

5. I have also a working x299 prototype which still needs a refinement but looks very promising.  

6. I do have ongoing discussions with a few large companies who look genuinely interested in the Ncore’s on-die cooling solution, however, look at point 8 

7. This is the situation at the moment. 

I promised that I will send components before the end of August. Due to my situation, I won't be able to fulfil my promise. Therefore, I wanted to make up for it and offer 50% discount for every Kickstarter backer, but I can't do that.

8. End of the project...

I was worried about this for a while, but it looks like this has been confirmed... 


This makes of the Ncore totally pointless. It's a huge hit for me and my plans as it looked very promising. I invested so much money and time into this project just to fail.

Therefore, I will not make Ncore for the new generation of the Intel CPUs.  I won't also make V2 so I won't be able to offer.

The only offer for backers is a promise that I will contact you in future with the option of an exclusive preorder with discount. 

I want truly apologise for recent lack of contact, but the overall situation is a little overwhelming. Hope you will  understand




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    1. Mark Macheta on

      No worries man, we're happy to wait a little longer

    2. Missing avatar

      Sky Blue Aggett-Reddell on

      take it easy man, you're so down and defeated. Just make dies for the cpu us backers already have, and forget about silly-pants intel i9 solder tim.

      -we'll find a way, and so will you.

    3. NUDEcnc Creator on

      The 50+ hope to be "Early Birds". And I will send it to backers.
      I will contact all backers after 27.08 with details how production going. This will be the good time to predict realistic shipment date.
      Regards Arek

      Regards Arek

    4. Matthew Nowicki on

      Hey Arek,
      Thanks for the update and understand the situation, but do you have an updated delivery date for backers? Are the 50+ prototypes you refer to backer units or just production samples?