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Want to write The Next Big MOG? This book will help you to learn the ropes. Vol.1 covers topics from GDD to Load Balancing.
Want to write The Next Big MOG? This book will help you to learn the ropes. Vol.1 covers topics from GDD to Load Balancing.
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Vol.1 Has Been Split Into Vol.I-III

Posted by 'No Bugs' Hare (Creator)


Recently, in addition to preparing Vol. 1 into ready-to-print shape – I was researching printing options in more detail. The results of my research can be summarised as follows: with the increased page count of the book volumes, there is a risk that being 800-1000 pages thick, paperbacks will just start falling apart too soon. 

As a result (and taking into account a few other considerations, such as Amazon royalty structure for Kindle, an ability to start shipping things earlier, and keeping the books thin enough so that 2nd edition won’t make them too thick ;-)) – 

we’ve made a decision to split this book (originally named Vol.1) into three volumes, henceforth to be known as Vol.I-III. 

Each of the new volumes is expected to be around 250-350 pages (with exact numbers depending on formatting), so you’ll be receiving around 800-900 pages (or ~270’000 words) of the content. Don’t worry – 

you’ll still get the same content as it was previously planned (and much more than was originally promised). 

It is just that you’ll get three thinner books instead of a single thick one. This applies both to paperbacks and to hardcovers. In addition – and taking into account as you’re already waiting too long compared to the original campaign promise – 

We decided to ship these three thinner Volumes I-III as soon as each of them becomes ready, at no additional cost to you. 

It means that as soon as Vol.I becomes ready to print (current ETA end of April) – we’ll print it and will send it to you; as soon as Vol.II becomes ready to print (probably a month later) – we’ll print it and will send it to you, and the same will happen with Vol.III. This is the least we can do to compensate for the additional wait you’re facing (in addition to planning it better for the upcoming volumes, of course). 

Please just keep in mind that for the future volumes (Vol.IV – Vol.IX as it is currently planned) – you’ll have an option either to get volumes as they are printed (and pay for delivery of each one) – or to get a bunch of them together (such as Vol.IV-Vol.VI or Vol.VII-Vol.IX), without paying for separate shipments – but bunches, of course, will be shipped only as the whole bunch becomes ready. In other words – please don’t get used to this “free shipment for volumes-as-they-are-printed” thing ;-). 

BTW, if your pledge includes hardcover book but you now prefer paperback because of the split – please let me know, we’ll change your pledge to paperback – and will arrange for a partial refund. And if for whatever reason you want to have all three volumes at once (at the same time when Vol.III becomes available) – please let me know too.

Last but not least - an update. New thinner Vol. I has already passed 90% of the editing back-and-forth process, and is almost-ready for designers and proofreaders. It is estimated that it should get about 6 weeks to get it print-ready. Then - we'll need to get a proof copy - and will start printing! 

Best regards (and THANKS A LOT for backing the project, and for your patience too),

‘No Bugs’

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      Michael Wilson on

      Awesome. An exciting update. Looking forward to it.