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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 25 2016


So as I stated on the "basics" page, I have created a book/storyboard for a video game. Link posted below. (this is not a sales pitch for my book, and you don't have to buy my book, the link is strictly to show you I take my projects seriously.


Okay, so at this point, you say to yourself, okay he has a nice written out story. He has a "catchy controversial title." You may have read the book, and you think okay, so how is this game going to play, and why is he on kickstarter, what does he need funding for. (sorry for comma's, writing from the top of my head atm)

I need a nice computer to load a game engine on, and the rest will be for in-game assets/3d models. My current system cannot run it. (windows vista, vaio) If I go way over in funds. (say I get lucky) I will invest in more computers and get a team of devs. If not, I will grind this out myself.

How I imagine my game running. Okay, So for those who have played the game FarCry, the storyline will be told in a very similar way. You will be in an open sandbox FPS. The storyline only progresses if you choose to continue the missions. If you want to take a break from the missions/storyline you can. Unlike Farcry, The storyline is only the side story of the game. Meaning, it's awesome, and you will enjoy it, but It's not at all imperative to game play. I am going to focus the game play on something I have never seen before in a game. Imagine if you will...

The game will play like the childhood game "KING OF THE HILL".

Meaning: Picture a giant mountain with a throne on top of it. Everyone who enters the game will be placed at the bottom of it. You will start out un-armed and slowly obtain weapons. Once you are sufficiently armed. You start your way up the mountain, which is no easy task on it's own. Along the way you will face A.I. that will try to stop you, mines, automatic turrets, towers, animals, obstacles, traps, etc... First person to make it to the top of the mountain SITS IN THE THRONE.

But here is where it gets awesome.

Once you are sitting on the throne, you have 24 hours in which no other member can take the throne. During that time, you get to position all the traps, towers, A.I. mines, turrets, your online friends, etc... Once you have your mountain set you hit, Save/Defend Mountain.

All new players spawn at the bottom of mountain, and try to make it up and take your spot on the throne. If they accomplish it, they get 24 hours to set up the mountain.

It creates very interesting gameplay because your going to have to be a team to make it up the mountain, but ONLY ONE can take the throne. You have the ability to kill each other as well, so it's very possible the same people who helped you up the mountain will turn on you. OR they can make you a part of their team, and you get a post/tower defending the new king.

Another cool idea. Once you take the throne, You can log off, and as long as no one has taken your throne, the next time you log on, you will STILL be the king. In the top right hand corner of the screen it will say your screen name and how long you have held the King position/throne.

The story line will play out on the rest of the map.

I hope you guys love the idea, and I'd love a chance to make it for you. I think the title alone is enough for it to become a big time game. I do not oppose a major company bringing me in and co-op'ing this idea, as long as I over see the production. I already have the next book thought out if I can make this a success.

Thanks for listening.

Risks and challenges

The only potential obstacles I can imagine are technical ones. The story line is pretty much written, and the idea is hashed out. The only thing that will slow me down or possibly get in the way is the game engine itself. I plan on using CryEngine. So any obstacles that get in the way will be technical... Like for example, how the king of the hill will set the traps, the complexity of things of that nature. I fully intend on grinding my way through it though. For the sake of the project, if I hit and obstacle that cannot be figured out, I will re-think that aspect of gameplay, and move forward however I can. (hopefully this doesn't happen, knock on wood) The only other problem I see, is maybe time. I gave myself a full year for this reason though.

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