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£1,144 pledged of £30,900 goal

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Gameleon Has Launched!

Gameleon - Make Your Own Games!
Gameleon - Make Your Own Games!

Hey Everyone,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Gameleon has launched!

Big thanks to you and others like you who've already supported us on Kickstarter, used the live version of Gameleon Beta and helped test our platform!

Start using the editor here!

Built into the editor, you will find free resources and assets for two generic themes (Fantasy and Post-Apocalyptic Sci Fi) to help you get started right away!

You'll find a full range of functionality as well as a Karma Point system that awards your activity in Gameleon with points that you can use to acquire even more resources to make your games!

We'd love to hear your feedback on Gameleon - in fact, we need it to make sure it's a platform future users would love to use. 

P.S It'd mean the world to my team if you'd spread the word about the Gameleon Launch and our platform in general.


Facebook Launch

Facebook Page

Gameleon Website

Live Editor

YouTube channel (with tutorials)

Step By Step Lesson One Errata


Just wanted to correct an error I made when posting the StepByStep update.

The link for the StepByStep Editor is this one (without the "www", so it's just "").

Sorry for the mix up! Cheers


Announcing Gameleon Step By Step!

We’re proud to announce the kick-off for our newest series called Gameleon Step By Step!

Gameleon SbS will be an online tutorial featuring episodic how-to’s bundled with the release of a light version of Gameleon that will be up to date with the features explored in each lesson. That means that as the lessons progress, so too will Gameleon Lite’s features. Keep in mind that this is NOT the Gameleon Beta.

The course will be structured in two batches: Basic Lessons and Advanced Lessons. We’re kicking off the Basic Lessons batch with Basic Map Making, a quick tutorial on how to create a new map from scratch, figuring out polygons, certain features of the Editor such as Inside and Outside areas (also known as Phasing), saving and publishing. 

To start the lesson, you’ll have to login to our live Gameleon Lite Editor:

Your map will be published onto a realm of your choice, which you will select or create once you’ve logged in. All maps created as part of this tutorial will be live for 30 minutes, after which you’ll have to re-publish them if you want to show them off to friends (simply give them the play link if you want them to hop on board).

Watch the video to follow up on this lesson. You’ll find the three images that we used for this map attached to this post, so that you can use them as you learn!

Have fun making your new map!

More information as well as full-resolution images for the Tutorial here.

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Events Update

The last 10 days have been amazing!

We've exhibited in Pyrkon, Poland and East European Comic Con, Bucharest, interacting more than 16.000 people in all this time.

Some of the photos from Pyrkon are available on our Facebook page. It has been amazing talking to everybody involved and learning all the ways you envision using Gameleon. 

Our github repository has started to have followers and we're getting downloads for our realm every day.

Today we'll start the training time for Gameleon's Editor. We will update our site today on what this means and how you can learn more about how to use the platform.

Gameleon Update: FAQ #2

Following your feedback on the Kickstarter Page, Reddit, forums etc we've decided to group the most common questions you have and answer them in this video. We're hoping to do this FAQ thing as often as we can, so stay tuned!