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Gameleon, a web platform that allows you to create, publish and play games using only a browser!

Gameleon, a web platform that allows you to create, publish and play games using only a browser! Read More
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Vlad (Shay) Radu
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Vlad (Shay) Radu

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About this project

Make your own multiplayer-ready browser game with our sandbox creation and publishing platform. It’s easy to use, with no programming experience required. 

All you need is a browser.

Gameleon is a web-based platform that allows you to make your own MMO or single player game, no matter how simple or complex.

UPDATE: If you want a sneak peek of Gameleon try our StepByStep Program!

It also handles the hosting and publishing of your web game and will even allow you to make money off your creations.

Gameleon addresses a problem we faced when making our own browser MMO, BugTopia (click to play a small demo - made entirely with an earlier version of Gameleon). Simply put, while there are tools and software available for aspiring musicians or graphical artists, there are no tools for sandbox game making that everyone can use.

Gameleon is the innovative solution to that problem: it’s a fast, easy and fun way to create your very own browser game from scratch.

Think of it as a WordPress for games: we designed it so that you won’t need any programming skills or dedicated hardware. All you need is a browser, and imagination!

Here's the big picture:

Shipyard Comparison
Shipyard Comparison

The Cloud Editor is the place where you create your game - this is where the magic happens. Open your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome or any browser supporting HTML5) and build your game there. You don't have to be alone: one of the coolest features is being able to build games in collaboration. If you have a team, you can distribute tasks and work together (say, one of you can draft items, another quests, another the UI and graphics and someone can play test your game).

There will also be an Asset Market In case you want to browse ready made skins, models sounds, effects, maps or even ready-made levels for other games. The Asset Market is integrated with every one of Gameleon's tools, allowing you to export or import (free or for a fee) any component of a game. You can put your own assets in the market and make a quick buck or just let others build using the cool stuff you've made!

You’ll be able to monetize your games using a built-in asset marketplace as well as through premium game content.

Whether for role play, prototyping, advertising or just as an experiment, the target for each game is up to you! We give you all the tools to build the RPG you envision, and if that is not enough, our open source front-end policy means you can always hack our code and push the limits even further. 

We give you all the support to do your game, your way!

You own your game - even though the editing is done in the cloud, you host your game on the virtual machine that you download as part of the platform. 

That machine is yours to own, run or hack and your game will stay alive and yours regardless of what happens to the cloud editor or Gameleon.

Thus, hosting a game is very exciting, because you own the game! Your cloud-built game is pushed into your own personal virtual machine, that you receive as part of the Gameleon subscription. It's like a console on your drive, and you can download your game or any other game others will push as public, right from the editor.

With a single click, the game goes from the editor to a number of choices: 

  • self host on the virtual machine you'll download and own as part of the Gameleon platform. This will be an all-inclusive software product that will run on its own with a simple double click. You can host your games on it for as long as you want and even hack it to perform in new ways.
  • Amazon S3. Amazon Web Services provides this online storage service that you can use to host your games.
  • Our hosting servers will also be available to Gameleon users to host and run their games on, as an additional service.

Once a game is published, the editor will provide you with a link which you can share with your friends and enjoy full multiplayer gaming in seconds! This is one of the reasons for the WordPress  comparison. It is literally that easy to jump from editing to playing: instant access to your game out there for all the world to enjoy!

Not only will you be able to create games, you’ll also be able to make money! 

Gameleon will feature a comprehensive marketplace of user-submitted game assets with anything from models and animations to sound bites, UI elements and NPC scripts. You and any other Gameleon users will be able to easily upload and auction your assets, boosting your game-making experience.

That’s not all - you’ll also find support for adding premium model items and power ups in your games. Players interested in unlocking new aesthetic options, exclusive abilities or special equipment will pay to acquire them, providing you with yet another means of monetizing your creations.

The last but not least part of what we did is the social login. Every person can authenticate itself using Facebook, Google+, Gameleon Account or any other service, and play your game instantly. You don't have to worry about setting up a complex login system or keeping track of your games' popularity! We give you all the tools to analyze how things go! Pretty cool, huh?

We're really proud of the technology allowing you to do this, and we're also proud of the amazing recognition we've received over the time, including a prestigious Innovation Award from Ixia and a partnership with Mozilla's open source WebFWD program.

Mozilla WebFWD
Mozilla WebFWD

Right now Gameleon supports RPG game types, where the assumption is the player controls one character in the game world. But that’s just the start: we want to expand the editor to support as many game types as possible: platformers, city builders, strategy games and more. 

We're a team of four full time geeks: Victor, Shay, Mihaela and Adi. We've been working on Gameleon for over a year now, but our story begins two years ago.

We wanted to develop a cutting edge browser game, so we teamed up to develop BugTopia, a real-time HTML5 MMORPG, and we quickly realized that content creation and level implementation took a lot of time to work, especially since a lot of new stuff had to be coded by hand by our already overworked programmers.

A year into making the game, we realized we needed a level editor, so we developed it. We got more ambitious and extended our level editor to support stuff like AI scripting or skin creation and things rapidly escalated until we realized the game editor had become a powerful, stand-alone tool, and it was easy enough to use that the next logical conclusion was to develop it further and bring it out into the world as an exciting new product.

Gameleon will run in any browser from any HTML5 compatible device. It takes advantage of all the amazing features of the HTML5 technology, especially extensive compatibility. Both the editor itself, and any game created with it, will capitalize on the immense cross-platform potential of the technology.

As such, Gameleon's games will run on any HTML5 enabled device: desktop PC’s, Macbooks, iPads, tablets and low-powered devices such as smartphones. That makes your game accessible to an incredibly large pool of players, and gives you access to cool features such as scalable vector graphics or geolocation. 

It also means you’ll never need third party plugins, additional downloads or API’s to create or consume content with Gameleon.

Everything is done visually in Gameleon. Its smart interface relies on simple interactions like dragging and dropping, ticking checkboxes or connecting input and output. 

You create maps by easily shaping polygons, NPC’s and objects are dragged and dropped onto the map and scripting, AI behavior and spell creation are also done by easily connecting input with output.

Take a look at the video below for an early walk-through of the process:

You can find more detailed information on our website!

Games - Very Simple or Very Complex

With Gameleon, you can easily make your very own browser-based real time multiplayer game that thousands others can enjoy. Want a 2D space shooter? Or a mars rover exploration game? Or a Battleship-like naval warfare game?With our editor, it’s all easy to mod, script and craft. Publishing your content online, for all to play, is literally a click away.

It's that easy!
It's that easy!

Role Playing Game Creation And Editing

Gameleon was built to make RPG games, especially MMO's - and it’s very good at doing that. We designed it to cover the complete spectrum of content for BugTopia, our browser-based MMO. When we designed BugTopia, we wanted to cram into it all the cool features AAA desktop MMORPG’s (from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars, Warhammer Online or League of Legends) have: diverse and useful spells, customizable talents, weapons,armor and other equipment, PvE and PvP, real-time combat, chat and so forth.

As such, Gameleon handles the entire spectrum of features you'd need in such a game: player races and classes, spells, talent trees, equipment, PvE activities (quests, dungeons, exploration, NPC fights), PvP activities (world PvP, battlegrounds with unique rules and victory conditions, team and solo arenas, ladders, special gear, matchmaking), achievements, trading, crafting, live chat - you name it. 

You're a tech geek? Awesome!

Then this next part is definitely going to peak your interest. Keep reading to find out more about our Open Source console and how you can contribute to it.

Making a platform is challenging and takes time. We've dedicated 2 years of development and experiments and more than 8 years of web development experience into making Gameleon.

We believe we've crossed many technical bridges to get to this point and we know the platform can be so much more, so, we're opening it to every web developer out there.

There are two parts of our tech - The Editor and The Realm. The realm is a VMWare Virtual Machine, running FreeBSD. We've built our own framework to allow the easy client-side content transformations we needed, and made it using XML, XSL and PHP.

To run the realm itself, we're using NodeJS, MySQL, Redis and a lot of libraries, some of which we've modified to support all the browsers out there.

The client-side is built using CSS3, Canvas, XML, XSL and JavaScript. 

There are a lot of other command-line tools, image processing and console specific tools built into the realm, which is why we needed to box everything into a ready to run system.

The very very cool part is that you only need to start the machine, open a browser and play! The realm will register automatically with the login and editor servers and you'll be able to enjoy a full experience from anywhere. This is single-click console!

So, we're opening this up. Completely. If you want to enhance the realm, build nice features, integrate with some cool new technology or just have a blast changing the way people play games today, we are giving you full access to the source code and we invite you to join our community of developers!


One of Gameleon's uses include gamification - providing game-like experiences for non-game like activities and domains. It can be used by marketers and website product managers as a tool for customer engagement, it's been used by social websites (such as Facebook Places or Foursquare) to award game-like achievements such as badges, leader boards, virtual currency, but virtually any activity can be gamified.

A love declaration can be made interactive, challenging and fun with a short, meaningful game. Teachers can make tedious tasks such as checking in for classes less boring and time-consuming by engaging the students more if they gamify those tasks and offer incentives.

You've read what you can do with the editor, and what the editor can do for you.

But it's not finished yet - we need your help to bring it to the world!

We need your pledges and support to finalize the editor and be able to afford a number of improvements.

  • Development: Gameleon still needs quite a bit of development. We need to finish it up and deliver it in a stable form that's very user friendly. We need to create all the documentation and tutorial material to support new users, and generally make sure it's super compatible, bug free and real easy to use. We'd also like to expand on its current features and add support for all sorts of exciting stuff, such as new game types, social tools, technical support, mentoring, tutoring and much more.
  • Hardware: Any game or asset made with Gameleon will be built using its editor, which is hosted in the cloud, and we need to purchase, install and maintain the necessary machines and devices to allow Gameleon to shine.
  • People: We need people to complete and add to our team. We need game and tech enthusiasts to manage Gameleon’s community, testers for the platform and very good programmers to improve the way you would be making and playing games

Besides gratitude, love and respect, we plan to offer a number of rewards depending on your pledge amount, in exchange for your support.

Don't forget to tell your friends about us and our project. We need your help to reach our funding goal! Feel free to use the Facebook and Twitter buttons at the top of the post or link our campaign wherever you feel like. We'd really appreciate it!

We'll be around at a few conventions in the near future. If you want to find us and answer all your questions and suggestions in person, we'll be at these following events:

Comic-Con: 30-31st of March 2013, Bucharest

Pyrkon: 22-24th of March 2013, Poznań

GamesCom: 22-25th August 2013, Cologne

  • 35000£ - We develop support for Turn-Based actions and combat for RPG's created with Gameleon. (A system present in such games as Fallout or Final Fantasy)
  • 70000£ - We develop support for Real Time Strategy Games. This would allow users to create Player versus Player (PvP) RTS games.
  • 100000£ - We develop AI support for RTS games.
  • 130000£ - 3D Support - we develop and implement 3D support for Gameleon. Users will be able to create games based on a 3d engine running in the broswer, no downloads required.


What are Gameleon’s system requirements?

The only thing you need to run Gameleon is an HTML5 capable device, which includes most browsers, tablets, desktop PC’s or Macs and of course, an internet connection.

What level of programming experience do I require to use Gameleon?

Absolutely no programming skills are required to script and program game features in Gameleon. All AI scripting and game mechanics are handled by a visual interface that does the scripting for you. 

What kind of game can I make with Gameleon?

The platform currently the supports the creation of real time games that fit into the MMO RPG template, where the player controls 1 avatar in the game world and interacts with other players and NPC’s during combat, questing and socializing, and supports both a 2D and 2.5D (isometric) perspective. The success of our Kickstarter campaign would allow us reach our goal of expanding the editor to support other kinds of games such as strategy games, turn based games, simulators 

Where are the games created with Gameleon hosted?

Games created with Gameleon are published on a realm, which is a Virtual Machine. This machine can reside either on your computer so you and your friends could enjoy the final game just by opening your laptops or mobile devices, on Amazon S3 or any other virtual machine hoster, or even on our servers, hosted at SoftLayer. Given that the realm is open source and you get to host it anywhere you want, only the sky is the limit to how complex or fun a game could be

Do you plan to make any part of your project open-source?

The realm - the actual engine running the game - is open source and is able to run on a Virtual Machine (such as the ones VMWare is providing). The realm will be available for download from our site very very soon. All the code inside it is open source and we want to document it as much as possible, to allow you to edit and add features as you see fit. All the popular features will be added into the editor, to streamline and simplify the addition of cool technical, visual or functional features. This would allow you to easily expand your game’s ideas, capabilities, scope or mechanics and essentially dive into making any kind of game. 

Can I create my own rule and mechanic system from scratch?

Our goal for Gameleon and the kickstarter campaign is to end up with a platform that can support such a level of customization, but as it stands now rule and mechanic customization is limited to typical RPG models found in most MMO’s and hack and slash games. We’d like to expand to other gameplay types and streamline the rule creation system. That way you can be free to develop more than RPG games and develop your own game mechanics, rules and output from scratch. 

Can games created with Gameleon be played on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, they can all be played on all HTML5 compatible devices. You can play it on your laptop or dekstop, and your friends can do the same thing at the same time, on their tablets (iOS or Android) or X-Box.

Can I customize my game’s interface and GUI completely?

Yes. You will be able to create and edit your own GUI (via CSS), either from scratch or starting from one of our templates.

When will it be available?

We want to make Gameleon available in the second trimester of 2013.

What aspects of game creation does Gameleon handle?

  • physical map creation and obstacle definition
  • NPC creation and scripting
  • quest adding and scripting
  • achievement adding and scripting
  • object creation, scripting and editing
  • loot table creation, editing
  • the creation and management of in game items such as weapons, armor, consumables, quest items, etc
  • NPC path creation, scripting and management
  • visual effects creation and scripting
  • sound creation and editing, including soundtrack management, ambient sounds, combat sounds, spell sounds, character voices etc
  • spell creation, editing and management (this includes progression and evolution systems such as talent trees)
  • scripting of special zones or maps such as battlegrounds, arenas, dungeons etc
  • management and creation of player and NPC classes and progression
  • complete customization of UI elements
  • NPC, object and player skin creation and customization
  • creation and management of special NPC types such as vendors or trainer

What kind of PvP activities can I create with Gameleon? It it just just open-world combat or can I create battlegrounds with rules, or make a game like League of Legends?

You can create a host of popular PvP challenges, including:

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena: The ever-popular genre that emphasizes cooperative play and whose objective is the destruction of the opposing structure via paths called “lanes” (think of games like Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends). 
  • King Of The Hill: a type of gameplay where opposing teams struggle to control certain key points on the map for as long as they can, until victory is achieved.
  • Capture the flag: this is a very popular type of PvP scenario. Each team races to snatch the enemy “flag” straight from its base and bring it to theirs 
  • Reinforcement reduction: a massive scenario where large teams of opposing players usually go head to head, supported by NPC’s and structures on both sides. Victory is assured by decimating the enemy’s non-player soldiers and destroying any structures that provide reinforcements or battlefield commanders. 
  • Fortress Assault: a type of PvP activity where usually one of the teams assaults the other's "base" or "castle", by using siege machines and other resources to take down their fortifications and win.

Risks and challenges

We believe community is king for what we do, so the major concerns are about building it around Gameleon.
- We don't build a large enough community within the first 30 days, to create a base of assets - skins, maps, concept art, etc.
- There is also the risk of not having a large developer community, to help test and refine the product as it will go through the beta

We address this by contacting as many developer and content creator communities as possible. We see this as an ongoing effort and we're doing our best to raise awareness.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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