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The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 6 seconds without ever having to touch your cables
The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 6 seconds without ever having to touch your cables
The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 6 seconds without ever having to touch your cables
6,447 backers pledged $290,211 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Logan Bailey Creator 4 days ago

      @A.J. I have sent you a new survey link to your Kickstarter email. The old survey links may have expired, which is why we would send them every couple of weeks. Once we get that survey back, we will send our your reward ASAP.

      Customer Support

    2. A.J. Falbo 5 days ago

      I have never received the 2 Side Winders I backed in Oct 2017. I saw other comments about the survey not being completed, so I completed it again just now although I believe I did when it was first received.

      How long will it take to receive the items? Thank you, AJ Falbo (

    3. Logan Bailey Creator 5 days ago

      @Jonathan Your reward was delivered April 16th in England. I have resent the tracking number to your Kickstarter email. I recommend contacting your local DHL for more information.
      @David It looks like we haven't gotten the survey back yet from you. I have resent it to your kickstarter email. Once we get it back we will send out your reel ASAP.

      Customer Support

    4. David Mark 5 days ago

      I never received this product.

      Please send to
      David Mark
      579 trysting place
      Cedarhurst NY 11516

    5. Jonathan Hughes
      5 days ago

      Just seen your recent update about a new campaign. I’m still yet to receive my item from the original campaign, even though I filled out the survey. Have I been forgotten?

    6. Logan Bailey Creator 5 days ago

      @Nikket I have resent the survey to your Kickstarter email. Once we get that back we will send out your reward ASAP
      @Nicholas I have sent you out a new USB-C cable.

    7. nicholas perrett 6 days ago

      The winder itself is magnificent, but the cable needs work! The connection to the laptop slips out too easily, and it just broke because the rubber casing lets it bend too much - it needs to be something sturdier like the plastic that Apple uses. When you have an upgrade available, I'll buy it.

    8. Nikket Pokharrna

      I have not yet received mine.

    9. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Erica and @Mike Thank you both for your wonderful feedback! We always appreciate it.

      Customer Support

    10. Missing avatar

      Erica Rogers on

      I received mine several months ago (in the US) it, works great and makes power cord management for my MacBook much easier! Thanks for a great product design.

    11. Mike iDiaz on

      Easily my favorite and most useful Kickstarter project. Thank you guys for making this happen! An absolute pleasure every time I open my bag🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Kyle I have responded to your private message.
      @Henry It looks like there were three attempted deliveries in Germany July 28th. Please contact your local DHL to arrange delivery or to pick up your order. If you need the tracking number please email me at
      @Chonnaway Your order has reached Thailand as of yesterday the 30th, they will attempt delivery soon. You will need to contact your local DHL for further updates. If you need the tracking number please email me at

    13. Chonnawat Eklapphaibun

      It has been 1.5 months since the last reply. I still have not receive my FUSE just yet. Please tell me the status of the shipping.

    14. Missing avatar

      Henry H. on

      I am yet to receive my reward ? wondering what has happened...

    15. Kyle Magocs

      Hey, I got a tracking number back in March, but I've not seen any updates since, and running the tracking number says that USPS is still waiting for the package. What steps can I take from here?

    16. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Mark Thanks for helping us make it happen!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Kowatch on

      Great Product !!! My daughter LOVES it for her MacBook.
      Thanks for the great product and glad we could help get it to market !

    18. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Dan I will send you out a new USB-C cable today!

    19. Dan Golden on

      The USBc cable that came with mine has been very spotty.... seems like it is loose and only works half of the time :( Had it plugged in for 2 hours before a flight and realized after taking off that it wasn't charging. Can I get a replacement cable?

    20. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @parker Hmmm that is odd. I will send you out another USB-C Cable today! Sorry about that.

    21. Parker Chen on

      I love the convenience of this thing, but sometimes when I am using it my macbook will stop charging suddenly and I have to mess around unplugging and replugging stuff until it works. seems random and intermittent. Do you guys know about this issue or is this just something wrong with my unit? the stock macbook usb c cable works fine, its just the 90 degree one that the sidewinder needs that seems to be weird

    22. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Bryan We are glad you love it!

    23. Missing avatar

      Bryan Hansen on

      This is one of the best products I have ever backed! So utilitarian, simple, yet elegant. Coworkers comment on it. Simplifies an annoying task and mess. Just great! Thanks for your persistence in bringing this to us.

    24. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Mark Happy to help! I have responded to you in a private message.

      Ashley Customer Support

    25. Mark Chaynikov

      On 16th May you said that package will ship out on 17th May.
      Today is 26th June and i still did not get my Side Winder.
      Can you help me?

    26. Eddie Pantoja on

      This was amazing! Product fits really well in my laptop bag and I've received a number of comments from others about it. My team and I have a shared workspace where we sit at the same large boardroom table with power points in the middle. Every day you're plugging and unplugging your charger and being able to wind up the charge cable into this neat reel and throw it in your bag has made my daily experience massively better. Thanks for bringing this idea to market

    27. Brenda

      I have searched for a long time for something to control my computer cord. I'm so glad to have finally found something that actually works. I highly recommend the Side Winder by Fuse. If you haven't purchased one, yet, get on it.

    28. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Brigitte Sweet! Glad you love them! We are now selling on our website as well as amazon. :)
      @Christopher I have responded to your email.
      @Lance I checked on your order and it looks like it is at the local distribution center in the Netherlands. You'll need to contact your local DHL for delivery information. Thanks!
      @Chonnawat Thanks! We will send out your order ASAP!
      @Ivan go ahead and email me at and tell me where to send that new USB-C cable. Just make sure she gives us your backer number, or you contact me directly.

      -Ashley Customer Support

    29. Missing avatar

      Ivan Wong

      Hi, I bought this as a gift to someone and they’re having some problems with the USB C cable that the sidewinder came with. Do you guys have an email that she could contact you guys directly or can we only contact you through Kickstarter?

    30. Chonnawat Eklapphaibun

      Alright, I have submitted the survey!

    31. Missing avatar

      Lance Spring on


      This tracking mail states that the package was posted in March.
      I cannot find any information on the site via the tracking number and no parcel has yet reached me.
      Can you look into it.



    32. Christopher Evans on

      Per email. Cannot leave review on Amazon. Error: “This product currently has limitations on submitting reviews...”

    33. Missing avatar

      Brigitte Fulgham on

      Bought two on the Kickstarter campaign; wish now I would have bought more. I gave one to a family member and kept one for myself. We use them everyday and they definitely take the mess and hassle out of taking our charger cords with us when we travel. Am going to buy more as they make great gifts for the techies in our family!

    34. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @klickfabrik Glad you like our product!

    35. klickfabrik on

      Sorry wrong project. The side is a lovly product right now. Thanks !!

    36. klickfabrik on

      I never received this. Please let me know how to proceed.

    37. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Fabio Thanks!
      @Chonnawat Looks like you haven't submitted your survey just yet. I have resent it to your email, go ahead and submit that and we will send out your order ASAP.

      -Ashley Customer Support.

    38. Chonnawat Eklapphaibun

      I still have not receive any of the product. Please check on the status

    39. Missing avatar

      Fabio Galligani on

      Spectacular! Congratulations on the realization of this product.

    40. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Brandan Glad to hear it!

    41. Brandan Borgos on

      OMG, we are loving these! So amazing and everyone asks us about them. Thank you, Logan and team!

    42. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Ronald can you send me a picture of the cord to I'll be happy to help you from there.
      @Clodomiro Can you send the email to this sites private message or to I haven't received your email yet. Thanks.

      Ashley Customer Support

    43. Missing avatar

      Ronald Cooper on


    44. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Clodomiro can you please send us a private message with your email address as well as your shipping address?

      Ashley Customer Support

    45. Clodomiro Ferreira on

      By the way, I think I never received a tracking number, even though I do recall filling the survey.

    46. Clodomiro Ferreira on

      Hi Logan.
      Im in Spain, and haven´t received this yet, even after 2 months of the shipment announcement.
      Could you please guide me to solve thi?

    47. Logan Bailey Creator on

      @Anthony Looks like we haven't received your survey back, I've sent a new one to your email.
      @李心忞 We have resent your order, it was shipped out yesterday, you should receive it within the next 3-4 weeks.
      @Eric We haven't gotten your full survey back, I've resent the link to your email go ahead and finish that and send it back. Thanks!

      Ashley Customer Support

    48. Eric Kazda on

      I never received this. Please let me know how to proceed.

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