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pledged of $40,000pledged of $40,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 15 2017
pledged of $40,000pledged of $40,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 15 2017

What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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RememberStuff facilitates personalized, customizable opportunities for anyone looking to empower loved ones who need cognitive support. The product helps individuals extend self sufficiency. 

RememberStuff's unique program design offers a secure but simple tool for improved engagement and connectivity, and provides ease-of use communication; social interaction; and daily memory support.

RememberStuff is a premium system experience. From its high quality, commercial grade, stand-alone touch screen, to its customizable software, to its exceptional and responsive tech support, we are creating a singular, secure, top-shelf opportunity.  

Why do People Need RememberStuff?

Christine Mullholand: Creator of RememberStuff  

My partner, Jack Riester and I initially created RememberStuff for my mother and myself. We developed this technology for one simple reason—to interact with mom and see her smile every day.  

At the time, mom lived 1,200 miles away from me and was in the early stages of dementia. Having created multiple technology products in the diesel engine world, I applied those skills to creating a prototype of RememberStuff. My mother, my siblings, and myself were the first people to use the device, and it was one of the great joys in our lives to have simple, direct, and positive interaction and engagement with mom at that time in her life, even from thousands of miles away. She could watch videos from us as often as she wanted. She felt more in control of her schedule, she was happier--and so were we.

After a few years of using, enhancing, and enjoying the device, so many people who saw the system remarked that they would love to have access to this kind of positive interaction with their parent or family member struggling with cognition concerns, my son, siblings, and I decided to bring this product to market.

Over the past 12 months, we have grown RememberStuff from our original system one-off to a powerful device with a defined infrastructure that is a complete, publicly viable system.  

We want to offer the Kickstarter community the very first access to Remember Stuff.

One Word: Simply

Lots of people have concerns about using new technology. Maybe your loved one has used the same computer and software for years, or perhaps they stopped entirely because they now find them confusing. No matter current computer proficiency or past experience, RememberStuff users will feel empowered to dive right in from the moment they first use their device. 

RememberStuff is a high quality desktop touchscreen. There is no mouse, no keyboard and nothing required for setup except to plug into the wall outlet and connect to Wi-Fi. That’s it. RememberStuff’s goal has always been to offer a stress-free experience. Indeed, much of RememberStuff’s entire reason for existence is to remove stress for both users and caregivers. 

We’ve worked to ensure that the device we built would not require any training, guesswork, or prior (or remembered) computer fluency. Every day and in every way, our goal was ‘keep it simple.’ If an individual user can touch a screen, then they can fully interact with every aspect of RememberStuff

When the device powers on, it will always bring up the RememberStuff main page. There are no other programs or options for people to get lost inside. This deeply intentional simplicity is what makes the RememberStuff system so powerful.

Helping the Helpers

Prior to delivering the device to its end user, their caregiver will have access to a web-based application in which they will populate the available fields, building the content and customizing their loved ones’ RememberStuff touch screen. 

This process, too, has been designed to be simple and straightforward. If you as the caregiver have ANY concerns or questions, our knowledgeable help desk will be happy to walk you through. 

Below are the steps for caregivers to add content into the users touch screen experience.

RememberStuff allows approved friends and family, near or far, to add content to the system via a secure login. This example shows a recipe being added to the system for Susan's mother. Add as much detail or as little as you like. The content is limited only by your imagination! 

From adding important dates to the calendar; video messages; Dr. appointment or medicine reminders; family history, favorite recipes and more, all elements are uploaded through our simple browser interface.

Now just sit back and relax! After you create RememberStuff content all you have to do is hit save and we will do the rest. Our system securely sends the content you created to your loved one's RememberStuff system. 

Through your browser you are then able to monitor and edit the content that you saved. 

Your loved one's system is automatically updated whenever you add anything to RememberStuff. New content like the recipe above is indicated and simple directions within the recipe category helps the user follow all the instructions. 

Adding a birthday, doctor's appointment, or a book club gathering is very simple. Just login to your RememberStuff account and add a date to the calendar. You can indicate whether something is a daily, weekly, monthly,  or yearly event. Once you save it, the content will be uploaded seamlessly to the user's RememberStuff home screen.

Next, the user will see an event appear on their calendar. Once they click on that date they can see the details you placed in this event.

You can add anything to the event like the above birthday. You can list a person’s clothing size, a favorite flavor of ice cream, or add a photo. All of these elements will help your loved one feel connected to activities going on within the family.

There are virtually countless items that you can add to the Remember tab, from great stories of a loved ones past to information about their personal or familial history. This example reveals when the loved one was born, when she was married, and when she had children (and this is a great place to remind her that she is amazing!) 

Any information stored on RememberStuff can be read, re-read, replayed, and re-experienced innumerable times.  

RememberStuff will be fully functional right out of the box. Plug it in, connect it to Wi-Fi and begin to redefine your loved ones’ life experience.

The unit will ship directly to either the caregiver or to the individual user as per your request. Once you plug it in and press the power button, the system updates and upgrades automatically. 

Access to the content the unit is displaying is granted and controlled by the main caregiver (who is the admin), and all content is input, checked, and verified by this caregiver.

When will I receive it? We are currently on track to deliver expedited pledges in November and the rest through the end of November and the beginning of December.

How does the Subscription work? A subscription is included with each pledge from 3 months to a full year. The subscription allows the caregiver and family to add content to the RememberStuff unit from a web browser. It is very simple to extend a subscription within your control panel!

When the stretch goals are met EVERYONE who pledged for a unit will receive the goal free of charge and pre-installed. 

Stretch Goal $60,000

Games are such a great way to have the loved one interact with the RememberStuff unit. There will be two memory based games that are connected to the end user. The first game is a matching game. There are 24 cards and when the loved one clicks on one it shows an image of a relative or whatever picture you would like to add. Then they hunt for the match!

The second game is a slot machine. But instead of three 7s there will be three uncle Don's or whatever you would like to place as the image.

The great thing about these games is that there will be a simple interface for you as the caregiver to just simply add images in admin panel and we do the rest automatically.

Stretch Goal $250,000

FaceBook is an extremely powerful platform that many of you have. Our FaceBook integration will allow the main caregiver to grant access to content from FaceBook to be presented to the loved one. This means a granddaughter can easily send a message or image to the loved one through their FaceBook account. All content is approved by the admin caregiver so nothing unauthorized or inappropriate is sent to the RemeberStuff unit!

Who is RememberStuff?

Christine Mulholland is an award-winning software developer and entrepreneur, with a committed career at the forefront of design innovation. A graduate of Purdue University in Math and Computer Science, Christine was Founder, CEO and Board chair at Cybermetrix, which received the Innovation Company of the Year award in 2015. Christine's drive to meet problems with unique and lasting solutions led to her nomination for the Heartland Entrepreneur of the Year; led Cybermetrix to become the tenth fastest growing business in the Columbus area; and propelled Christine herself to be named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 in Columbus, Indiana. 

A firm believer in the power and importance of social connections, art, and community, Christine is also a co-founder and co-owner of a number of brick-and-mortar ventures including a bakery and art galleries in Colorado and Indiana. 

Christine is a proud mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother. When not happily toiling away at the most pressing business or social challenges she can find, she enjoys spending time with her family. 

Christine also thinks elephants are about the coolest animals on the planet. 

Why a Kickstarter Campaign? 

Today, we need your help to finish features to allow us to release the product to the market. This goal of $40,000 includes all elements required to ensure that RememberStuff will move from the final prototype to a commercial system.


A big thanks goes out to all the people from the code writers to the video team. Everyone firmly believes in this project and has given us a huge discount to move this product forward as they believe this will help so many. Some of our team have loved ones that need a product like this today which has pushed all of us to do the best we possibly can and as quickly as possible.

Risks and challenges

We have researched and tested multiple technology platforms and feel confident in the partners that we have chosen to be able to deliver the finest product.

Most of the difficult integration has been completed but there are still a few fairly small items left to wrap up that could theoretically take longer than we anticipate. We are doing everything we can to ensure the product is delivered to each Kickstarter participant on schedule and technically on point!

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