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$5,148 pledged of $75,000 goal
$5,148 pledged of $75,000 goal

That's all folks !!


 Well. That's all folks !! But only for now...

We have finished our campaign without the glory and the results that we expected 35 days ago but we have to say that it has been a fantastic ride, full of  great people that has shown us their love for the game and for the care, work and sacrifice that we have put into it. So thank very much for all our backers that along the last month have given us a strong reason to keep the campaign alive although  the progress was not very bright and successful.

What now?

We have been looking at the reasons why the game has been successful, and we think that basically we were unable to make the world aware of the game, and we somewhat failed to communicate correctly about the game, its core mechanics, the strength of its story-line, the care and detail put in each detail of paper included in props or characters, and many other details that have given you a reason to trust in us during this campaign.

We also failed to make regular updates on to keep everyone of our backers aware of what we were doing and make you feel as part of the team, and you are being listen to.

We also confused people with the platforms the game would be coming too, and a lot people interested in the game, are unable to know on what platforms the game was coming, or with what details and features. 

But ... This is not an "ADIOS" we would say in Spanish, or a Goodbye, but rather a See you later. We are going to do our homework correctly regarding make the entire game aware of our game, and then we are coming back in a couple of weeks with all the improvements done to  all the details that we think we did wrong.

keep tuned to the updates as have already learned, and we will be using them correctly to show that our shared dream is not dead but rather pretty much alive. We invite also you to share with us on the comments, your thoughts on what we could have improved on our campaign, as to start immediately working on our come back.

Keep sharing the game with friends and social networks as to make the audience of the game grow and make our come back much more definitive. For this we will create a mailing-list to share also information with all people that will not be able to back us until we are again alive on Kickstarter.

Again thank you very to all of you, it has been a pleasure to receive your warmth.

Finally, just to share other projects that are also interesting, we would like to give our spotlight to "Over The Hills And Far Away"  A great visual novel that could receive a little bit of our attentions.

See you soon on this same channel soon. Share your like to this update and share your thoughts on the comments.

Daniel and all the Hydra Interactive Entertainment team.


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    1. Hydra Interactive Entertainment Creator on April 23, 2015

      You are probably right about the impact from bigger projects on smaller projects, but in overall I think that Kickstsarter is becoming a mature platform where you need to come already with build audiende or else you don't have the time to generate it on the platform, as it was happening a couple of years ago.
      All the help and all the references that everyone can provide will certainly be welcomed, might it be having friends to register to the newsletter, or putting us in contact with press, or referencing us medias that we could be unaware. Every drop counts if we want to fill the ocean :)

      We are going to post an update today.



    2. Tracey Craig
      on April 22, 2015

      Ah! Right well when you do come back i'll be upping my pledge and bringing a few friends along. If you need some help with PR i can contact a friend of mine who has had some good successes on Kickstarter.

    3. Chris Skuller
      on April 22, 2015

      Kickstarter's pretty dead for games right now. I back a lot of projects and they're flopping left and right. I've noticed that the video game section on kickstarter is healthier when there are big projects (Shadowrun, Pillars of Eternity, etc) to help attract attention to smaller projects and right now there isn't any big projects going. I think that probably contributed to the lack of attention you guy's got. Well, better luck next time. You can count on my support.

    4. Hydra Interactive Entertainment Creator on April 22, 2015

      Thanks a lot, the game is indeed for PC, MAC, LINUX, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii-U and probably New Nintendo 3DS, it has already been concepted approved by Sony , Microsoft and Nintendo, but we intend to release the info associated with stretched goals. In our next run, will make it clear.
      Thanks a lot for having backed our project, and keep helping us shouting out about the game as to get that traction for our next intent.



    5. Scurra
      on April 22, 2015

      I confess that I probably only backed this for the Origami models... :-)
      And I'm sorry that you didn't gain the initial traction needed to break through, but hopefully a relaunch will enable you to do that.
      Good luck anyway.

    6. Tracey Craig
      on April 22, 2015

      Consider consoles Wii U and PS4 are very popular on KS as well as PS vita. they draw in the biggest crowds. Anyway good luck what ever you choose to do :)