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Finally an ultra-low power Arduino board with build-in RF and able to run your AVR projects for years on a single AA battery!
This is now a product, more details on the link below:
Finally an ultra-low power Arduino board with build-in RF and able to run your AVR projects for years on a single AA battery! This is now a product, more details on the link below:
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Phase 01 Done!

Posted by Talk² (Creator)
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for supporting this project, I'm pretty confident we're heading to the right direction. Still a fair amount of work to be done and updates will be posted on every important stage of this project.


We're preparing the Kickstarter Survey to collect details from every backer. You'll be able to specify radio frequency, address and any other info required for deliver the correct rewards.

Project Update

We're working on some improvements over the last prototype. As mentioned before the Battery and Power-supply switching circuit is working pretty well. We are also adding 2 tactile buttons and mounting holes. For that reason the board layout has changed a bit to accommodate everything, here's a sneak peek:

Updated Design
Updated Design

As promised, a proper battery connector is now present and before sending the new design for pre-production we'll try to fit soldering pads for a CR2032/CR2540 battery holder. We might find some extra space for additional footprints, maybe for an I²C RTC and an I²C Temperature sensor on the back of the board. The components will not be included but will allow users to expand the board's functionality with very little effort while keeping things neat.

Talk² Store

The Whisper Node is now available for Pre-order on the Talk² Store:

New products and accessories like battery holders, connectors and bigger antennas will be available there soon. Backers will be able to get free shipping when using the same delivery address on Kickstarter, just contact us asking the coupon code.

In respect to all backers, Kickstarter rewards deliveries will have higher priority than pre-orders.

Thank you again,
Mike M.

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    1. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Enrico, I couldn't understand your question. I'll send you an e-mail directly. Cheers, Mike M.

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      Enrico Magagnini on

      I forgot to communicate with Enrico Magagnini we use the email

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      Enrico Magagnini on

      Hi, I am from Italy Enrico Magagnini I sponsored your project , ask if you can svilluppare assiame our project to monitor the animals ?? aspect of your feeback . Hello Henry

    4. Talk² Creator on

      Thanks AngoLito. Regarding the RTC backup, yes I was thinking to add a footprint for a small capacitor on the RTC battery input, just to preserve time for a few minutes during a main battery replacement for example. If the node is powered via external power supply, a backup battery could be connected for the whole circuit, including the RTC.

      Regarding the frequencies, yes, I'll be providing additional information before send the survey. I don't have experience on local regulations for all countries, but I'll be posting the guide-lines.

      Mike M.

    5. Missing avatar

      AngoLito on

      Congratulations for success!!

      On board ampliation footprints for RTC and temperature sensor are an EXCELLENT idea!
      If is possible space for a supercapacitor, or little battery, only for RTC (to keep data when remove mains power supply) will also great.

      I will appreciate some information, based on your own experience, on the differences between the various types of radio frequencies; before choosing one.

      Thanks a lot!