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Finally an ultra-low power Arduino compatible board with build-in RF able to run your AVR projects for years on a single AA battery!
Finally an ultra-low power Arduino board with build-in RF and able to run your AVR projects for years on a single AA battery!
This is now a product, more details on the link below:
Finally an ultra-low power Arduino board with build-in RF and able to run your AVR projects for years on a single AA battery! This is now a product, more details on the link below:
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    1. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Anthony, Todd, thanks for letting me know. Regarding the samples, please make sure you download the Arduino Libraries into your IDE (, there are two or three example there. Keep in mind that as soon we finish shipping all units we'll focus in getting more videos, demos and real-life projects using the Whisper Nodes.

      Mike M.

    2. Todd Sims on

      I received my two Whisper nodes today on the East Coast of the US, great job getting these out. Are there more example videos or tutorials other than the page or the 3 intro videos?

    3. Anthony Goodley on

      Received my 3 whisper nodes yesterday. Looking forward to testing these out and buying several more soon.

    4. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Michael, sorry about that. I'll be contacting you via private message to find the best solution.


    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Wolpert on

      My 2 Whisper Nodes were delivered with 915MHz but I have selected 433MHz. Also my Raspberry Pi Hat is missing. What happened? What is the procedure to get the correct products?

    6. Talk² Creator on

      Thanks for the update Nicolas, we still have a few units to post but we should have all shipped by end of the next week.

      Don't forget to check the documentation at and post any question directly to the forum

      Mike M.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Binger on

      Got mine in the mail today!

    8. Joel M Jones on

      Wow, that was a quick delivery!!! Turned up in the post over the weekend. Can't wait to gather the parts together and get them in the oven...

    9. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Geoffrey,

      Thanks for letting us know. You got the "blank PCB" reward, that's why you're receiving it before everybody else. Regarding the software we still working on it, but it'll be soon published at:

      The "software" will count with a customized bootloader and a few samples showing how to access the board resources like RFM69 modules (based on RadioHead lib), SPI Flash, buttons, leds, etc. A sketch showing how perform programming over-the-air using two boards will also be included.

      Mike M.

    10. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Teekema

      I received my boards Thank you. I am having trouble finding links to the software I will need to use once I build these. Can you provide the links please?

    11. Talk² Creator on

      Hello Harmut, thanks for asking I'm about to post a new update next week. In summary we already received all parts that will be locally assembled like radio modules, some connectors and antennas. Also we're fine tuning our shipping process and defining packaging, label, etc.

      On the software side, the "Talk² Bootloader" is already tested and working, capable of factory reset when keeping user button pressed when turning the node on and also be able to program the MCU from data stored on the Flash. The next step is to have a standard software capable of sending and receiving the program over the air.

      Regarding the "Talk² RPI HAT" we have some limited stock, should have a few units available again on the online store. This product is currently not being produced in large scale but after we get over the Whisper Node campaign is very likely we'll give some extra attention to this board. We'll also make sure the RPI Hat and Whisper Node can talk to each other using a common protocol.

    12. Hartmut Geissbauer

      Are there any news about the progress?

      BTW: When will the "Talk² Raspberry PI HAT" be available again?

    13. Missing avatar

      ArdRhi on

      Maybe you could use an Adafruit Feather FONO board, connected to the core unit, to communicate cellularly direct to your phone? Combine a FONO with a Ting sim card, and you've got a cellular option that's also Arduino-compatible. If you can make the Feather talk to the Whisper Node, you might have a prebuilt solution there.

    14. Anthony Goodley on

      Thank you for the link and info.

    15. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Anthony, yes that would be possible. You just need to make sure your central node is connected to any sort of gateway to forward the alert to the cell phone. If you wish to alert it via SMS, you could have a GSM module connected to the central node. Another option is to have the central connected to a PC or Raspberry PI where you could than send an e-mail or even an SMS over Web in case you have access to such service (

    16. Anthony Goodley on

      I was thinking about using around 5 of these to create a wireless security system around my house. I'd hook up various types of sensors to each whisper node that when tripped would signal a central node that eventually would alert me on my cell.
      Would this usage case be feasible?

    17. Talk² Creator on

      Yes, we're there!!! only 48h to go, very happy with the results. Thank you all, I'll post some updates as soon the campaign finishes.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Binger on

      It looks like the goal has been reached, I'm very excited about this one!

    19. Christopher Bonner on

      I really hope this campaign doesn't fail by coming up $50 short. That would be sad for such a neat product.

    20. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Oryan, sure. I'll send you a message about that. Cheers, Mike M.

    21. Oryan Moshe

      Is it possible to pay more and have a naked pcb add on?

    22. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Jerry, yes Nov 2016 is a conservative date. It's very likely we'll start delivering the rewards before this date if there's no big hiccup in way. We're just being cautious here instead of give a short delivery date and end-up taking 3 extra months to finish the project, as happens with many projects on KS. Cheers!

    23. Jerry Farmer

      Why the long production - Nov 2016?

    24. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Andrew, have you considered the "High Five" pack? Those are all high power modules but they can be configured to run as the standard version by reducing the TX power.

    25. Andrew

      I like that you've got pledges with both versions. Would you consider a smaller pack? Say 2+2 or 3+3? My budget isn't ready for the 10-count pledges. :)

    26. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Michael, thanks for supporting this project. Regarding you question about the battery, we are not enforcing any battery type, so the users will be free to use a AA, AAA, CR123, D, etc... On our next prototype version and for the production we're looking to add a small DC connector, like the "Molex PicoBlade", which is normally found on the Internet as "Micro JST". Using a connector will be easier to attach any battery pack. Also related to that, we're reviewing our mechanical design to include a few mounting on the board holes for convenience.

      Related to the high power version we're initially limiting that for the 5 or 10 packs. By the end of the campaign, we'll review all rewards might offer additional packs including the high-power version.

      Mike M.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hi, a few questions please about the campaign/my pledge:

      1- How does the AA battery stay on the Whisper Node, is there a 'slot' to put it in? Or would I need to solder something together to keep it powered on? 2- I pledged $24AUD for the early bird special, is there any way I can select I'd like the high power version which was recently announced and tested?

      Thank you.

    28. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Marc, thanks for your suggestion. We are constantly checking each pledge to understand individual requirements. As mentioned on the project, our idea is to give back as much as possible to delivery a great product to everybody.

    29. Missing avatar

      Mahaku on

      Maybe rebalancing the early-bird distribution could help, i.e. combining some two-packs and three-packs into five-packs and/or ten-packs for truly early birds? No loss in the full scheme of things, and yet some extra money rolling in to juice up the early days of the campaign with happy bigger-money pledgers...? I'd be sure to become one! :-)

    30. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Amemait. First of all, thank you very much for supporting this project. The early-bird pledges do have a very special price, which most of the time barely cover the real cost for the product. They are there to give some initial traction for the campaign. Saying that, we will do whatever we can to overcome our backers' expectation and deliver a great experience!

    31. Missing avatar

      Amemait on

      Hmm... I just noticed the "Super Saver 10-pack" will actually cost me more than the early-bird pledges. Too bad there's no 10-pack for early-bird pledges. :(

    32. Talk² Creator on

      Hi Gadget, at the moment you'll be recommending the following libraries for RFM69: and Mesh network is complex beast, which nodes chain to each other to extend the whole network coverage. This is a great functionality but considering the incredible range offered by RFM69 it might not be necessary. Also, for a mesh network to function, it requires nodes to be always on, defeating the low-power aspect. As an alternative you can have a few nodes always on, acting as bridge, forwarding messages and extending the network range.

    33. Gadget on

      Will it be possible, to connect multiple nodes as a mesh network?