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The Groker is the first all-in-one gas grill, charcoal grill and smoker, merging the convenience of gas with great BBQ flavor.

The Groker is the first all-in-one gas grill, charcoal grill and smoker, merging the convenience of gas with great BBQ flavor. Read More
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The Groker Classic is the first true all-in-one outdoor cooking product. The Groker lets you cook what you want, when you want, the way you want. The resolution of the longstanding gas versus charcoal dilemma, The Groker combines the simplicity of gas with the sultry aromas of BBQ. The Groker is the coolest grill in the world and it was invented for one simple reason - to make great tasting food. This is its story.  

Five years ago I was outside experimenting with various outdoor cooking products, and it dawned on me that the cooking tool I wanted would have the convenience of gas grilling but the flavor of wood or charcoal. A combined gas grill and smoker, if you will. All outdoor cooking products were made the same way - with nuts and bolts, burners, cut and bent steel, paint etc. Why couldn't they be combined into one tool? Expecting that this product had already been invented, I went in search for it. To my great surprise, it didn't exist. So, reluctantly, I set out to invent it. Here are a couple early (and ugly) prototypes.

Fast forward a few years and past a few dozen psychological beatings. The first thing I learned was the value of integrating not just a smoker, but also a charcoal grill. A second thing I learned is that people will constantly tell you it can't be done, even when presented with evidence THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE IT! It's mind bottling really. Here's the most recent prototype, a four burner model. 

Now that's a nice grill and it makes a mean brisket. But what you want to know is - where's my grill? And here it is, the chef d'ouvre, the industry coup de grace, the Rosetta Stone of outdoor cooking - The Groker Classic Three Burner Grill.

The CAD is finished. The details have mostly been worked out. But grills are a competitive business. I need your support so that I can place a large enough commercial order and finally have some inventory. 

Your three burner Groker Classic will have stainless tube burners and cast iron grill grates. It will have a large enough capacity to hold three briskets or two whole turkeys. Or a bunch or hamburgers I don't know it depends how big your burgers are. It'll be well made and it will work and it will last many years. And as a three into one product, it's a tremendous value.   That's not an opinion - it's the nature of the design.

Gas alone doesn't bring much flavor to the party. Because you are cooking over a real wood fire, your food tastes better. Cooking over a live hardwood fire gives your food that smoky BBQ flavor. 

But the Groker is more than the sum of its parts.You don't need a chimney starter - the gas burner lights the wood. You can control the temperatures while charcoal grilling or smoking - something you can't do on other grills. It won't take up extra space in your backyard. You won't get your hands dirty because when you dump the ash you just pull out the drawer (I dump it in the grass).

How Does The Magic Happen?

We discovered Unobtanium.  But seriously, we started with a gas grill and added two new parts - the solid fuel drawer and the water tray. These parts are removable, creating what we call a "convertible" grill structure that has three configurations.

In the gas configuration, the solid fuel drawer is removed, as is the water tray.  You have a standard gas grill.

Now you insert the solid fuel drawer in order to perform charcoal grilling.  Notice the drawer is placed directly above the gas burner - that's how you light your wood - using push button ignition - no special tools.

Now you place the water tray under the grates and above the wood drawer.  The tray blocks the flames, creating an indirect cooking technique and lowering the temperature for true low and slow BBQ. 

And now you know why we call it a convertible grill.

Here's a quick video of the smoker in action.

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Grokered a turkey for Thanksgiving. I hope you're starting to get the picture.

Why Kickstarter?

We conceived, invented, prototyped, developed and patented our grill. We've done everything except for place an order for commercial quantities. As of today we've sold ZERO grills and have no revenue. 

It turns out that to make economic sense, you have to build in China and you have to order as many containers of product as possible. Not grills - shipping containers. We need you, our customers, to fund our initial inventory to that we can Kickstart this product onto the market.

We're building a company.  And we're building a brand - The Groker. When your friends ask about your new grill, you tell them "It's not a grill, it's a Groker". That way, they know what to buy when they are shopping for a new grill. Grills are so last millennium.

At risk of sounding a little crazy, we think the Groker is going to become the leading grill design.  It's got a ten dollar manufacturing premium to regular grills, but it is a MUCH BETTER VALUE. We think in ten years more people will buy Grokers than grills. We're selling flavor, we're selling lifestyle, we're selling awesomeness.

We're like 98% excited and 2% scared. Or maybe 98% scared and 2% excited.  We're not sure but it's pretty intense.

We're in this to build a company. And to have a rocking good time while doing it. But we can't do it without satisfied customers.  So buy a Groker Classic and we will do everything we can to make sure your cooking experience is the absolute best it can be.

Thanks and vaya con Dios!

Risks and challenges

The main issue is, obviously, commercial production. By necessity, this will be done in China, for reasons of economy. Virtually all of the mass market grills produced come from a relatively small area outside of Hong Kong. We have not yet selected a manufacturer, since the project has not yet reached completion.

While the design is multiply prototyped and the CAD is complete, rigorously testing the production model and keeping it error free both in terms of design itself and production error rates is our first priority. And while manufacturers may state that they manufacture to prints, that is not always the case. We plan to aggressively supervise the production of the product too prevent, rather than correct, potential mistakes.

While we expect our April delivery date to hold, realistically it's a bit of a best case scenario. A slight delay would not be the end of the world if it means making a better product. Should we be able to add a four burner grill (fingers crossed) to our project, this may create delays. Making sure that you, our customers, absolutely love your Groker and are able to use it for many, many years is our one and only reason for existence. So we will be placing quality issues ahead of delivery dates, should the conflict arise.

Grills are not a new technology even if this design adds a few new parts. While it is a detail oriented, time consuming, and expensive process, there is really nothing new here and we are highly optimistic about our ability to get this thing successfully produced.

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