Fairy Tale Art Playing Cards: Art by Arthur Rackham

by Ruth Miller

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    1. GrumpySteen on

      Please stop. I didn't agree to a lifetime of spam for other projects when I backed the one. Now, with multiple posts per day, I'm actually regretting that I ever backed it. One more post like this and I'm reporting this blatant misuse of the project updates.

    2. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I'm with Grumpy.... I backed your last two projects (including the cancelled one) -- when you told us you had a new project, we could have signed up for that project if we were interested in it -- I'm not sure I need 6 email in 1 day telling me to back it... It's honestly a bit much...

    3. Ruth Miller 5-time creator on

      ozymandias, I apologized to grumpy for the overload. I explained to him that several people had asked to be kept up to date. He suggested I start a blog or a mailing list.

      About your comment -- people could have signed up for the new project - that's true, if it were live. Since it isn't, and isn't going to be for a while, I thought I'd let people know that my earlier comment that the project would be live at about this time was not true.

      Today I sent 3 updates, but to both projects, so you got six updates, which of course is excessive.

      One update was about how to contact Aurora and that was in response to a comment about how to contact Aurora. I thought others would like to know too. The final update was for the link to the preview I had promised in my first update today.

      But I got your point.

      I see that at the bottom of every update is a link : Unsubscribe from this project's updates with one click. You and grumpy can opt out of future updates on the Fairy Tale Art Playing cards (and the associated emails for the Fantasy Art playing cards), if you'd like. If you change your mind you can opt back in. That's true for any Kickstarter project -- just so you know.

      I hope I haven't alienated you guys too much. Both of you have been very helpful to me with your comments. In the future I will, at a minimum, emphasize how to opt out of the updates. The link is rather obscurely placed at the very end of the update email.

      Thanks again for your feedback. You guys take care.

      Again, I very sorry to both of you that the updates were upsetting to you.

    4. Ruth Miller 5-time creator on

      Oh -- even if you were to opt out of the updates you could always read them online if you were interested in seeing what's new. Just a thought.

    5. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      If you don't happen to have the update email any more, you can also unsubscribe (and opt back in) by clicking on "Me" at the top of the page, select "Edit settings" and then the "Notifications" tab: a bit of a trudge but this does show a list of *all* your projects and you can then opt out of any or all of them in one go.