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Victorian Art Playing cards

Posted by Ruth Miller (Creator)

I said in my last email that I would be launching the Fantasy Art Playing cards project about this time, but Kickstarter rejected my starting that project at this time. This is what they said,

  • Kickstarter Staff 
  • Friday Aug 17, 10:45am PDT 
  • Hi Ruth, 
  • Thanks for sharing your idea with us! I see you already have a live project. Undertaking a Kickstarter project is a lot of work. Even once the project has met its deadline, you'll still have to tread the waters of reward fulfillment which can often be more time consuming than running the project itself. For that reason, we highly recommend that you only launch one project at a time and fulfill rewards on that project before launching another. 
  • Best, 
  • Aurora

My husband and I have delivered the smaller animated scenes as screen savers by download link and DVD for almost 13 years now. So far I only have 4 pledges and 3 of them want downloads. Our experience has been that 90% of the people ask for a download link delivery instead of DVD.

Fulfillment of the animation project should not be a big deal once the animations are created. I have already started on the first 2 of the Hi Def animations, although I have not completed one yet. I don't see a problem with getting then delivered in early-mid September, but it is possible that the last one will be completed and delivered in early October.

In that case I can only begin funding the cards project in October, meaning that it would be the beginning of November at least before I could pay for the start of card printing. And that would mean I wouldn't receive the cards until mid-December, not leaving much time for delivery of the cards in time for the holidays.  

You can see some of the images below and the links to those images are here:

I also asked Kickstarter to allow me access to the work I did building the project - when they reject a project that remove the access to it. If I get that access I could send you a preview link, if you are interested. I should have copied my project info - putting together the description, rewards and images is a lot of work. I should have archived it. Sigh.

If you have an interest in this project and think that getting the cards before the holidays would be a good idea you might want to let Aurora know that. You might want to let her know that you think that immediate launching of the Victoria Art Fantasy Playing Cards and Art Gifts project is beneficial to you and your holiday planning?  NOTE: the project funding duration is 25 days.

Thank you very much and I am very very sorry to not be able to launch this project at this time.


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    1. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Oh, I understand your point as well, but if they have to have a blanket policy, I understand that. In, they asked for only $55,000, got $350,000, and then disappeared. As of now, they are 8 months late shipping any of the rewards, and they have announced they currently have no plans to ship any of them -- and are trying to raise an extra $1 million dollars for some reason -- oh, and they announced they are ignoring the Kickstarter backers. Things like that are killing kickstarter, especially since Kickstarter has not done a thing to help backers in the *YEAR* since we gave our money.

    2. Ruth Miller 5-time creator on

      I didn't know about the scam.

      I can definitely see your point of view for projects that are so very large. My ongoing project will raise only $600 and the cards one will raise less than $8,000. Plus I already have a successful project from last March.

      But I really appreciate your taking the time to comment. I really appreciate the folks from these projects who communicate with me so freely and so well. It makes doing these things to be less of a hassle.


      I'll be back in touch -- soon, I hope.


    3. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I'm actually all for this limit. After seeing the ZionEyez scam Kickstarter backers for $350,000, anything they do to slow down the rate of fraud is a good thing. Granted, it does inconvenience legitimate projects, but less than ruining Kickstarter's reputation even further would inconvenience them...

    4. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      I think that they gave you a boilerplate rejection simply because they don't allow people to have multiple projects in pre-funding. I know for a fact that other people have been able to start a new project before they fulfilled a previous project (especially since that person's first project has yet to be fulfilled). You should be able to resubmit your project after September 9 and have it approved.

      I recently read an article about Kickstarter project statistics, and it said that there is no good reason to have a project go for more than 30 days. The first and last week tend to be the key to getting funded. I think that you have enough of an audience with your previous backers to be able to get your new project funded quickly.

      Either way you decide, let us know how it goes.