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Greedy Guns is a greed-fueled metroidvania shooter!  Inspired by games like Metal Slug, Castlevania, and Gunstar Heroes!
Greedy Guns is a greed-fueled metroidvania shooter! Inspired by games like Metal Slug, Castlevania, and Gunstar Heroes!
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Testing, tweaking, making it sweet!

Posted by Tio Atum (Creator)
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Ready! Get Set! TEST! 

We've been adding a ton of stuff these past 2 months, and more to come! Mostly cosmetic stuff like art and music. But before we get it all in the game we started testing the full playable game with local devs! 

Before we get a beta out to all our backers we just want to make sure that we are not missing something really critical that breaks the game or the experience. Our first guinea pig was David Amador (twitter) from Upfall Studios!

That's his grin while breaking our game... DAM YOU!

He likes it
He likes it


Better map

We already started prompting the player to use the map more but it wasn't helping much. So we decided to add a much needed arrow to point you in the right way. 

 Hopefully this will help players in the upcoming playtest sessions!

1 hour later he's still checking the map :P
1 hour later he's still checking the map :P

 Better Tutorials

Another thing we noticed is people don't see the scream-ability tutorial during the first scene and later on don't really understand the cooldown. Well, it's up to us to make it crystal clear. Hope this billboard helps :P 

Red means NO
Red means NO


Blue mean GO
Blue mean GO


That's it for now! 

Yet another short update. Gotta put those hours into developing the game right?  

Anything else you would like to see or know about? Let us know in the comments! 

Oh, and be sure to check out our friend's game. He was such a trooper, the least we can do is plug his game Quest of Dungeons! Out for pretty much every platform under the sun.

 Thank you all! You rock! 

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    1. Tio Atum Creator on

      That's a concern of ours as well Sergio. We are avoiding to much hand holding and dumbed down tutorials.

      This map thing was a compromise - we felt we wanted exploration (and we have it for those interested) but also needed to provide a bit of a guide for those more action oriented.

      We want to keep the action going, but sometimes you have to wonder, "what would happen if I go right instead of towards that arrow?" :)

      So people with little patience can follow the arrow (although you still have to figure how to get there), others can go and try to unlock all the weapons and find all the secrets.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      Yeah, not really a fan of objective markers in games tbh (or focus testing for that matter). Too much handholding kills much of the exploration fun.

      What's so wrong of letting people get sidetracked, or even lost for a while in a metroidvania game? If you want people to race to the next boss why not make a straight Metal Slug clone?