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"Girl," is not just an album. It is a carefully created world complete with soundtracking by Jarrod Milton & Meya.
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*Before we get into anything too deep, feel free to take a second to watch the trailer that we put together above.

What we have finished:

1. The writing, production, and recording of "Girl." The album is produced in its entirety by Meya, and written entirely by Jarrod Milton.

2. The writing, production, and filming of the short film "Blue."

3. Established partnerships and scouted venues for live "Girl," release event.

What we are currently working on:

1. Finalizing all promotional art for the album.

2. Finalizing merchandise design for the tape cassette as well as the shirts. The shirts will be designed by Chaz Clark, and will be uploaded here once complete. 

3. Finishing the mixing and mastering of the album, "Girl."

4. Finishing the edit process on short film, "Blue."

5. Finalizing the release schedule of all content leading up to the album release.

What wouldn't be possible without you:

1. We would not be able to afford music PR without your help. You are making it possible for this art to reach the people who will enjoy it the most.

2. Without your help we would have to compromise in the editing process. With your help we will be able to get the help of professionals for color correcting and other post production needs.

3. With your help we will be able to bring the world that we are creating to life with 2 release events. We plan on building sets to make the stage design as convincing as possible, as well as designing video content to accompany the show.

Please read below for some more details:

Who 'we' are:

My name is Austin Weatherly and I have been working tirelessly with Brian Friedlander, Jarrod Milton, and Ivano Milo to help make this album possible. Brian and I have been with Jarrod since the beginning, creating his first song from scratch in an 8 hour all night session at NYU's 3rd North. We have come an extraordinarily long way, and we have worked hard for it. Now we feel that we are ready to present this art to the world. We are so proud of this album and want as many people to hear it as possible. We have seen Jarrod grow as an artist and as a person, and are extremely excited about the prospect of sharing this growth with all of you. Much of this growth is owed to his experiences working with Ivano on this album. Ivano's production has brightened Jarrod's lyrics, and helped create the sound of this album. We cannot wait for this music to reach everyone, and we hope you can help make that possible for us.

Thank you to our team:

Me and Brian have been hard at work trying to realize our collective creative vision. This has not been our first effort, and it will not be our last. Me and Brian have been working toward a common goal for sometime, and this is just the beginning. I say all of this to say the following on our behalf...

We have all been hard at work helping to create this album. Thankfully we were able to draw upon a strong network of extremely talented friends that have given this project their all.

In honor of these friends I would like to take a second to quickly outline who has helped with what, and thank them for their contribution. I am very fortunate to call everyone below a close personal friend.

Thank you to Ben Searles for creating the images that helped us build this world. All photos featured in the promotion of this package were taken by him.

Thank you to Chaz Clark for sharing his artistic gifts with us. His art will be featured in the short film we are currently working on that will accompany the album as well as set design for our release show.

Thank you to Eve Rosetti for starring in the short film. Without her acting our story would not have come to life in the way that it has.

Thank you Pierce Bauer for helping in the production of the short film, as well as helping with the execution of live events.

Thank you to Ivano Milo for producing, recording, and mixing the album in its entirety. This undoubtably would not be possible without him. His talent can not be overstated, and that will be clear when the album is released.

Thank you to Brian Friedlander for shooting/editing/writing/directing the short film, and helping to plan and execute everything. Brian has done a ton of work behind the scenes that has made all the difference and we are so grateful for his time and effort.

Thank you to Jarrod Milton for having the creative vision to make this album, and having the trust in all of us to help it come to life. He has sacrificed everything for this, and you will hear it in the music.

We couldn't have gotten to the point that we are at without that help, and we cannot see the project through without a little more help.


"Girl," is more than an album, it is a world. The world was created so that the music would have context. Our goal is to convey an alternate reality. This will not be easy, but through all of the accompanying art pieces, a new world will start to reveal itself. The world will be elucidated by a short film titled, "Blue." As well as a live release event, promo art and merchandise. We have been hard at work creating this world, and we have done the best that we possibly can. We have used our extremely talented network of friends, and our own money to fund the creation of the art. Now we are calling on the rest of our friends and family to help push this art to the places it deserves to be. We have done all that we can with the resources that we have, and now we are asking for your help.

Any and all donations made will be used for one of two things, one being music pr, and the other being our live release event. Below I will go into greater depth about both.

Music PR: Technology has broken down long-standing barriers to the music industry, and created new ones. Gaining a groundswell and growing your fan base organically is no longer a reality. In order to get good music heard it is almost necessary to have a music PR company on your side. The music PR company is your advocate, they use their relationships and experience to get as many publications, tastemakers, writers, labels, and publishing companies on your side. These relationships are almost impossible to make on your own. Without music PR it is hard to stand out in a growing crowd of artists trying to be heard, and for this reason music PR does not come cheap.

Release Show: We are planning on putting on two live shows (one in Athens and one in Atlanta) after the album's release. These shows will be complete with sets to help draw those in attendance into the world that we have cerated. This show will be a big undertaking, but we are confident that with the proper funding we will be able to truly impress all in attendance.Thankfully our extremely talented friends will be able to help us design the sets, but the cost of materials as well as the venue fee will be a large cost to absorb.

If you've made it all the way here, we thank you for your time and interest in this project of ours. Thank you for any and all donations, we promise they will not be put to waste. If you would like to hear any samples of the album, I would be happy to share. 

*Please contact me personally with any and all questions at,

Risks and challenges

There are many challenges that make the album-making process difficult, thankfully we have been through the process twice and know how to navigate them. The one challenge that seems to persist is funding, we made this page with the hope that y'all might be able to help us with our greatest challenge. We have very high expectations and expectations as high as ours unfortunately come at a high cost.

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