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The A4-SFX v2 is the optimized version of the original case. It includes many new improvements while keeping the classic design.
2,105 backers pledged €550,464 to help bring this project to life.

Shipment is done!

Posted by DAN Cases UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (Creator)

Today we packed the last five pallets with 270 packages that will be collected on Tuesday by DHL. Everyone should have a confirmation E-Mail with the tracking link. If you don't have a tracking link please contact me via the Kickstarter message system. (16 backers does not have a tracking link because they need to update the address, I contacted all of them)

Important Information!

Please monitor your tracking status. If DHL or your local shipping company is unable to meet you at the door they will bring it to a package shop and you have 7 days to pick it up. If you miss that deadline they will return it to me. This could take very long and you have to pay reshipping and return shipping.

What can I do if shipping takes very long?

If the tracking will rest in a status for more than 15 days, please contact me and I will open a research task at DHL.

My product is damaged what can I do?

If you get your case and there is a problem with it, you should open a RMA ticket on I will start handling RMAs next week.

Where can I get help with my build?

If you need help with your build, take a look in my official forum threads on Hardforum, Computerbase, Hardwareluxx or PCGH-Extreme. You will find the links in the FAQ on

Shipping Statistics  

  • We shipped 1528 A4-SFX v2 Black, 433 A4-SFX v2 Silver, 562 Window Kit Black, 136 Window Kit Silver  
  • We printed 8145 pages (Invoices, customs documents, shipping label)  
  • We used 2600 meters duct tape (48 rolls)  
  • Shipping takes 120 man hours
  • Shipment was performed on 4 weekends

Future plans

The A4-SFX v3 is ready for preorder on SFFLAB and will be shipped in May 2018. I changed the riser cable to a new unreleased Lian Li one to reduce production time. If you have ideas for some features that should be include please let me know in the forums.  

My new case the C4-SFX is in the development and will be released on Kickstarter in May 2018.


Feel free to write some feedback below this post. This will help us to become better.

Thank You!

The Kickstarter campaign was a great experience. Thank you so much for your great support and the great time. You let my dreams of a compact ITX gaming case come true. I will be back on Kickstarter in the near future with new great products in the SFF sector.



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    1. DAN Cases UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 2-time creator on

      @Alan: Send you the link.
      @Daniel: I wish you a lovely time with it <3 ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Hi Dan, I've received the package on 14 Feb'18 (Location: Singapore). What a wonderful Valentine's day gift to myself LOL

    3. Missing avatar

      Alan Chow on

      Hi Dan, I've also not received the DHL tracking link (also based in Singapore too). Thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Hi Dan, I've not receive the DHL tracking details. Location Singapore.

    5. Nik Milosevic on

      Thanks for the Tracking details, message received.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dat Phan on

      Same here.. i still have not received any DHL tracking details.
      Please advise.

    7. Nik Milosevic on

      I have not recieved any tracking details.

    8. Missing avatar

      P.Resa on

      Just finished my building into V2, this is great. Turned of my intention to go with 545lc, already bought, because of the ram location on my Motherboard (h87i-plus) and power cable needed space.

      My suggestion for the next version is to ask corsair for shorter cable from SF450/600, maybe with some tolerance.

      At the end thanks for , it was a great journey also for me!

    9. Missing avatar

      Nee on

      Just wanted to say thanks, Dan! The case is beautiful and it was definitely worth the wait. Now I just gotta figure out what to build in this beauty.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nyawin on

      I haven't received the tracking link. Do I need to wait a little bit more?

    11. uberchemist on

      I also have not received a tracking link. :-(

    12. Phattarapong Chalermpattanapong on

      @Marc : You may don't know but Japanese Reseller try to release the case in December before X'Mas and Dan stop them from doing that. The Condition is they can do pre-order but don't ship until 1st Feb.

    13. Missing avatar

      Shahad Puthukudi on

      Hi Dan,

      I did not receive my shipment tracking link yet. Please let me know.

    14. dKenGuru on

      Dan, do you can sell LianLi riser separate from v3 on your site or sell it for backers with discount as is extra component for your cases? Because black is needed color and find this riser in other shops is hard for some countries.
      Or may be add this as reward option in your next Kickstarter project.

    15. Phattarapong Chalermpattanapong on

      If they don't follow your condition. it's better to don't do the business with them next time.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      @Arkadiy Kulev
      container freight shipping to Europe from Taiwan ~ 5 weeks
      container freight shipping to Japan from Taiwan = faaaaaar shorter

      1. Maybe try to cut the hole for the power cable in the front a little bigger, so that PCI-E power cables can be rooted through there.
      2. Relocating the mount for the 2,5" HDDs/or water cooling radiator a bit more to the front (at least about 4-6mm) so that 2,5" HDDs can be effortlessly connected with power and SATA cable from the other side (near the motherboard's/graphics card side - was unable to connect my cables to the HDDs, when I mounted them with the ports in the direction to the back panel)

      Everything else = brilliant

    17. DAN Cases UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 2-time creator on

      V3 is identical to V2 I changed only the riser cable. It is more like v2.1. Furthermore the v2 has the premium 3M cable, but the production time of this cable is very slow so I made the decission to switch it. My Japan reseller ignored my sell deadline so this was not my fault.

    18. Missing avatar

      Arkadiy Kulev on

      Dude. You really screwed us over with A4-SFX v3, didn't you. It took me almost a year to wait for v2. Japan stores had v2 even faster than you started shipping it. And now you're telling us that v3 will be available in a few months.

      Thank you for the v2. But fuсk you.