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Gustav Klimt, Dave McKean, Gail Potocki, and more- An exhibition of artworks 1880-2010, created for and in the spirit of the French Theater of Terror.

Century Guild Exhibition
October 23, 2010

LAST 24 HOUR UPDATE: FINAL PUSH! Read update #2, if we hit our final goal- everyone pledging $49 and above gets a SPECIAL GRAND GUIGNOL POSTER, JUST ADDED!!! $65 value, now part of the already massive $49 pledge level package! Remember, $99 gets you this AND the Malleus silkscreen!

PLEASE NOTE: BECAUSE WE SURPASSED OUR GOAL SO QUICKLY... the catalog is not sixteen pages... not thirty-two... but FORTY-EIGHT pages!!! Artworks by Gustav Klimt and old theater posters, rare images from Alphonse Mucha and Dave McKean, brand new images from Gail Potocki, Chris Mars, and Michael Zulli. This is sure to be a collectors item, an edition of only 1000.


EVERYONE WHO PLEDGES AT THE $49 LEVEL OR ABOVE (and if you're below this, you can raise your pledge if getting this book sounds good to you!) will receive as a GIFT a beautiful hardcover copy of "The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki".

Here's a nice quote about Gail from writer Grant Morrison:

"Brilliant occult portraits from the Symbolist underworld of the 21st Century. More than just paintings, Gail Potocki conducts seances on canvas..."

-Grant Morrison, visionary author, psychic revolutionary, and one of Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 Creative People in America

It's a thick $50 HARDCOVER BOOK with a deluxe French Fold dustjacket with gold debossing, absolutely beautiful. This is in addition to the Grand Guignol catalog, the Dave McKean/ silent movie poster catalog, the Freaks magazine, and whatever posters come with your pledge point!

Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol was founded in Paris in 1897. Its horrific shows were the inspiration for contemporary artists ranging from Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. (Think Blue Man Group... but with real blood being splattered on the audience! Brrrrrr!)

Three fabulous resources are here:

Not for the faint of heart, if you have any love at all for Horror or things macabre, you must learn about the Grand Guignol- and you must have this catalog!

Century Guild has been in business since 1999, and has placed artworks in museums and top collections around the world. Since our inception, we have built a collection of some of the most fabulous romantic and macabre art anywhere- including very rare and very special posters from the early years of the Grand Guignol theater, so rare they are not seen in any books! Most notable- and included in this exhibition- are special works on paper by Gustav Klimt that have macabre leanings: original lifetime prints of Judith, and The Course of the Dead.

We are opening a public space in Chicago, and for our grand opening- the weekend before Halloween- we have decided to do a show in honor of the legendary Grand Guignol theater.

In addition to the period artworks, we have major new works by contemporary artists Dave McKean (Neil Gaiman's collaborator on The Sandman comics, Coraline, and the 2010 Newbery Award winning The Graveyard Book, and director of the film MirrorMask), the Pre-Raphaelite inspired Michael Zulli (also an artist on The Sandman), plus Symbolist painters Gail Potocki and Chris Mars, and Italian poster art collective Malleus.

The situation is this:

We planned to make a 16 page exhibition catalog. In reviewing the artworks, however, we found that there are too many fabulous things to fit into such a small page count! So, we want to expand the page count to 32, and include all of these important and beautiful artworks that can't be seen anywhere else.

What you can do:

Pledge to help us raise the money to increase the page count, show us that people actually want to see these things, and we'll get you some cool things in return!

The catalog will be printed in North America, using recycled materials.


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    A copy of the 32 page catalog! Rare artworks from the Grand Guignol theater, period artworks by Gustav Klimt and many more, plus contemporary macabre works by Dave McKean, Gail Potocki, and more. The catalog will retail for $20 at the show and online, so you are getting a special consideration for your support!

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    Think this sounds great? Not only the Grand Guignol catalog... wait until you see the Freaks magazine (b/w, color cover by Gail Potocki)... AND the exhibition catalog Nitrate and Kinogeists (color catalog) of rare silent cinema posters plus new works by Dave McKean, held at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City last February! Limited quantities remain on this, so we have to cap this one.

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    All of the above... PLUS we are going to make a special limited edition poster print of the 1920s Grand Guignol poster in the upper left of the image above. This is the Holy Grail of Grand Guignol posters, and has sold for nearly $100,000. We're going to print these at a 13" x 19" size for this promotion with Kickstarter, and the HIGH RESOLUTION photo was taken FROM THE ORIGINAL, this is not an internet jpeg print!!!

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    EVENT PACKAGE. This is the BEST package! The three catalogs, the 13" x 19" poster, PLUS one of the limited edition Malleus silkscreen event posters (stunning silkscreen work, this is the image shown on the right above and is 20 x 28 inches.) This event is NOT open to the public, but patrons at this level will receive admission for themselves and a guest. Formal attire required.

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    SPECIAL EVENT PACKAGE. The three catalogs, PLUS one of the limited edition Malleus silkscreen event posters (stunning silkscreen work, this is the image shown on the right above and is 20 x 28 inches.) PLUS one of the fabulous $550 Transmission Atelier facsimile editions of the Grand Guignol poster on the upper left. (I must note that the Transmission Atelier editions were color-matched to the original and created with a massive digital file- these prints are almost completely indistinguishable from the $100,000 original.) This event is NOT open to the public, but patrons at this level will receive admission for themselves and a guest. Formal attire required.

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