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Cursed Pirate Girl is the tale of a young lady in search of her father, a dreaded Pirate Captain of the mystical Omerta seas.  Collected Edition.
Cursed Pirate Girl is the tale of a young lady in search of her father, a dreaded Pirate Captain of the mystical Omerta seas. Collected Edition.
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Books arriving...

Hey, everyone!

If you haven't received your books, please be patient. I know the Post Office was overwhelmed with holiday mailings, and with almost 900 packages en route from our offices here it's so hard for me to respond to everyone emailing asking about when to expect the books with anything other than this impersonal update- I apologize, we DO appreciate all your support! But only a handful of books have arrived, there's nothing to worry about if you haven't seen yours yet.

Please give it two more weeks to allow for Post Office delays, and if you haven't received a package by the 20th we will figure it out then! (Hopefully at that point the number not yet delivered will be only a handful instead of 800+!)

I'm headed to Los Angeles at the end of this week on a VERY special Cursed Pirate Girl mission, and can't wait to give you the updates! You will be VERY happy!!!

Thanks everyone,



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    1. Missing avatar

      Binx on

      I have not yet received my copy of the book. :( I was told that shipment would be in the works some weeks ago and I am still waiting for updates regarding this matter. I hope to hear from Thomas soon because this is quite worrisome. >__<

    2. Missing avatar

      Dr. Retriko on

      Are we still going to receive a free print? I think it was posted that the print would go out separately after the books. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      pasht0521 on

      I haven't received the book yet. Have all been shipped out or are there still problems?

    4. Geneviève LeBlanc on

      Hi! I pledged 62$ to get a signed copy plus an extra one - and I did receive the signed copy a while ago, but still no sign of the second copy. Is this normal?

    5. Chris Parker on

      I received my copy the other day and it made me yelp for joy. BTW, what is the best way to go about getting extra copies? I want to give them out as birthday gifts all year! Thank You and God bless all of you!

    6. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on

      Just got mine here down in Mexico. Looks amazing and the extra embossing in the orange cover is awesome!! Though the "r" and "l" of "Girl" in the mini poster got erased... but that doesn't matter!

    7. William Thomas on

      I got mine (could have has it earlier as I didn't check my po-box for a week.
      Unfortunately it got a little bent in international transport, but the actual art and story is fine :)
      Great job guys

    8. Lutz Albers on

      My book also just arrived here in Germany. It really looks wonderful. I'll read it tomorrow, when there is better light to enjoy it !

    9. Jason on

      Just discovered this fantastic site.
      Was wondering if there are any plans to print another run of this amazing work?
      I must have a copy.

    10. Michael Matzat on

      my book arived in Weimar, Germany, today. It´s in flawless condition. I love how you even put your mark on the Envelope. Can´t wait to read it later today. :-)

    11. John on

      I got my Cursed Pirate Girl stuff and I am very happy! But I noticed something weird. I have the Orange Logo Edition and inside, there are like 4 blank pages. Is this normal? Is it supposed to be like this?

    12. Michael Matzat on

      There are some very sexy /aaaand pricy) limited Editions and Prints over at ! (you do need to scroll down a bit, the waking nemo print looks amazing!!!)

    13. Susan Ator on

      Got mine and immediately sat down and read it! Lovely :)

    14. amy lloyd on

      Got my copy and love it- looks great! Thanks!!!

    15. Michael Matzat on

      I can´t wait! :-) But till it arives in germany it will take eeeeeeeeeven looooooooooonger... i hope i´ll get it before February, because than i´ll be two month away for the semester break. :->

    16. iheartpgh on

      Thank you so much. I gave the book to my sister as a gift - she loved it and has even saved the envelope too.

    17. Nina Savino on

      got mine a few days ago.... well worth the wait! Thanks so much and can't wait for more news

    18. Andrea Bergner on

      Received mine yesterday, but I should let you know that mailing it in just an envelope with no cardboard did allow it to arrive a little bent on the spine...

    19. Sylvia on

      Just wanted to note that I did receive my book in flawless condition. It's gorgeous, and I am savoring the incredible detail in tiny sips. Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Christine Fisher on

      Mine arrived yesterday! I have a tiny cluster-style condo box, and it was not damaged at all thanks to the boards backing the print. It's really lovely, and the embossing on the front was worth the extra effort! Thank you!

    21. thmazing on


      I'm about halfway through mine and I'm loving every square millimeter. Truly a beautiful piece of work.

    22. Lizard Robot on

      I ordered a second copy but only received one, is it being shipped separately?

    23. Andrea Dunlap on

      I got my book! It is lovely! Thank you so much.

    24. Cat Mihos on

      Hey Thomas,
      I am being super patient, BUT just wanted to let you know, we will be in town when you get here, please
      drop a line if you have time for a get-together--Drew is back from tour as well---love to see you!
      Kitty Cat