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Cursed Pirate Girl is the tale of a young lady in search of her father, a dreaded Pirate Captain of the mystical Omerta seas. Collected Edition.
882 backers pledged $36,017 to help bring this project to life.

Ten days... and counting!

Posted by Thomas Negovan (Creator)

Ten days to go, and we're at 398 supporters!

Jeremy has promised that if we hit 500 pledgers, he will draw a special "Cursed Pirate Girl Thank You" which we will make into a special poster for all of the Kickstarter supporters!

"That sounds fabulous!!! How can I help make that happen???" You ask?

(1) Tell your friends, and share the Kickstarter link! will redirect there!

(2) Download the Kickstarter poster that we've plastered all over Chicagoland- let no coffeehouse in your town be safe from her terrifying visage!

Join our Facebook group if you haven't at

And we are SO excited that just did an interview with Jeremy about Cursed Pirate Girl! It's the best comic-related interviews in the universe. Seriously. Check out their archives and look up your favorite creators, but start with the Tuseday September 28 episode, it's downloadable, and Jeremy's interview is at the end of the episode!

Thank you all SO SO SO much, you've made this a fantastic experience!



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    1. Michael Matzat on

      Will all the Copys/stamped Copys be Numbered or only the first 75?

      I actualy never heared of this book before, some of the ebay prices are insane (do people actualy pay them?) but i don´t care about that to much... you got me interested and i hope i am on of your first but not the only reader in germany. :-)